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   Chapter 13 No.13

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Shortly afterwards, defense ministers Lossov said: "It would be the best for us, if the collectivists would make their revolution in Russia. After a while, all the people would recognize, that their economical concept is just nonsense."

"That`s right!" General Kohlhaas chuckled quietly.

Wilden came a bit closer to him and whispered: "It`s amazing how the collectivist movement has virtually appeared out of nowhere, and how it has become a force like this within only a few months. It must be a new strategy of the Lodge Brothers to put us down. The media support Uljanin with all their might and have already unleashed a collectivist revolution hype.

Who is that Uljanin at all? Where does he come from? He was there at once! The media made him famous - overnight! And it is the same with Theodore Mardochow."

Frank grimaced and stared into space. "We can only go on, Thorsten! There is no more turning back!"

While Uljanin and his followers made several rallies and demonstrations in several Russian cities, winning more and more ground, the revolutionary zeal of the Freedom Movement of the Rus began to stagnate. The aftereffects of the defeat in Smolensk had heavily damaged the morale of many Rus.

Until the end of the month, the Belarusian president and his cabinet concentrated only on domestic things. Tschistokjow initiated his new settlement and agriculture program to give young families a future in the rural areas of Belarus. Apart from that, Dr. Gugin desperately tried to end the economic crisis and did everything to create new jobs.

After an incubation period of intense frustration, Artur Tschistokjow was again ready to fight. Meanwhile, a lot of his supporters in Russia and the Ukraine had left the movement and some of them had even changed sides. Now they were members of the much more successful CASJ.

Almost everywhere in western Russia, the collectivists had build up structures, worked with a good organization and did everything to put down the Rus. Soon they used intimidation and terror to keep their enemies calm.

They collected the names of their political opponents, sought out their addresses, raided their meetings points, burned their houses and beat them up.

In September, Tschistokjow went to Pskov, where he founded a new chapter. Frank and Alfred drove again, together with hundreds of their comrades, to northern Russia and distributed newspapers and pamphlets. In Ostrov, at the Latvian border, they were attacked by a small group of young collectivists. However, the attackers did not know that Frank, Alf and the other troopers were no ordinary Rus, but experienced street fighters, and finally ended in the hospital.

But ultimately, these actions were only a drop in the bucket. It was time for a successful demonstration to eradicate the humiliation of Smolensk and to regain the lost pride.

Hence, Artur Tschistokjow eventually chose the city of Roslav at the Belarusian border and led a crowd of 10000 people through the streets. The local police wasn`t able to stop the Rus and the rally blindsided the collectivists

. The few hundred of them, who had gathered for a spontaneous demonstration, were beaten down by Tschistokjow`s troopers. This was some kind of success, and it was more than necessary after the defeat of Smolensk. However, Belarusian television glorified the protest march in Roslav as a "great political victory".

Shortly afterwards, the Rus went on with their actions in the small villages along the border. They went to the poor and the desperate, giving bread to the people like the collectivists had done it before.

In the meantime, Peter Ulljewski and his DSR men raised a collectivist underground group in Vilnius and several men were arrested.

The GCF invasion of Belarus, originally planned for September 2036, was postponed again. More and more soldiers of the Global Control Force were transferred from Russia to Iran, where the rebels were slowly driven back into the mountains.

Furthermore, it was heading towards a crisis also in other countries. In India, above all in the larger cities, there were riots in the course of water shortages, which had to be quelled by the GCF. Once again, the World Government recruited new soldiers for the international force, because they were needed to keep millions of discontent people under control.

For wars against secessionist states like Japan or Belarus, they were currently not available. But with the collectivists and the Russian security forces, the Rus had more than enough enemies. Moreover, it was improbale that Tschistokjow`s movement was able to resist Uljanin`s organization in the long term.

Despite everything, Tschistokjow`s men continued to infiltrate the northern part of the Ukraine and western Russia. The confrontation with the collectivists steadily increased, but this did not impress most of the Rus. Minister Dr. Gugin had meanwhile stabilized the economy of Belarus, up to a certain point. Nearly all inland revenues flowed back into the domestic industry and agriculture as subsidies, or were used for various reconstruction activities. In early October, Artur Tschistokjow finally abolished the Scanchip and reintroduced the cash. All banks in Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia were nationalized, while the international press reacted with a fire of hatred and slander. The money value was now connected with the manpower of the people - a revolutionary act, which caused the Global Bank Trust a lot of headaches.

Frank had barely had time to return to Ivas. So Julia was still far away from him. Furthermore, she had ignored his offer to rent an apartment in Minsk. No, in these days, Frank lived only for politics…

Outside it was dark and Frank was sitting in an almost empty apartment in the center of Gomel. He was already here since three days, but tomorrow Kohlhaas would drive to the Russian border again, in order to go on with the propaganda campaign for Tschistokjow. Alf and five other Russians from the trooper units lived here too, sleeping on old mattresses or uncomfortable cots. At the moment, Frank was alone, because B?umer and the others were somewhere in the city to buy food.

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