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   Chapter 12 No.12

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Like hunted dogs, Frank and Alf raced through an avenue and turned then into a side street, where they met the next opponents. A screaming horde of collectivists jumped out of a dark corner, brandishing clubs and baseball bats. It were scary looking men, eager to smash some of the hated Rus. Dirty, unshaven guys, incited from head to toe. One of them just missed Frank`s face when he tried to crush his head with a crowbar. Finally he hit the shoulder of the rebel and the young man screamed out in pain.

In return, Kohlhaas slammed him to the ground and kicked him against the skull with full force, while Alf mowed down two roaring collectivists with his rifle. The rest of the enemies ran away after B?umer`s shots.

"Give me the DC-Stick!", shouted Frank and pulled the data carrier out of Alf`s hand. With trembling fingers, he typed through the menu and opened the city map of Smolensk.

"Follow me!" He waved B?umer nearer and they turned into another street.

After half an hour, the two had reached their car and drove away with screeching tires. At the roadside, a few supporters of Uljanin were shouting at them, while they throw some cobblestones in the direction of the car. Frank suddenly rolled down the window.

"What are you doing?", asked B?umer.

"I send our friends a volley of gunfire!", snorted Kohlhaas.

"No, put that rifle away, man!", hissed Alf nervously.

But his friend did not listen to him, the adrenaline had already whipped him up like a wild animal. As the collectivists saw his assault rifle behind the window, they ran away screaming, but Frank fired at them, sending five of them to the ground.

"Greetings from Belarus, assholes!", he yelled.

"Let`s get out of here! You are totally crazy. I have enough for today!", muttered Alf and accelerated the car.

Finally, the two found a feeder road to Orsa and reached the Belarusian border after a perilous journey.

What had happened to their comrades, they did not know at that time. However, they could imagine that the rally had ended in a giant debacle.

In fact, the demonstration in Smolensk had been a disaster and a total defeat for the Freedom Movement of the Rus. Several members of Tschistokjow`s organization had been killed or heavily wounded.

After the rally, the collectivists had chased the scattered groups of their rivals through the streets of Smolensk till the morning hours of the next day. They had ambushed Tschistokjow`s men at the railway stations or had waited for them in dark streets to beat them up or even murder them. Artur Tschistokjow had escaped a raging horde of his enemies and had even been wounded in the upper arm.

The media in Russia reported about the riots in Smolensk in their usual way, and made the rally of the freedom movement to an "Attack of the Rus on the peaceful demonstration of the collectivists".

"Each state has arisen from the need to suppress the eternal conflict between ric

h and poor. Moreover, each state has arisen under the influence of the constant struggle of rich and poor people. Hence, every state is always the state of the moste powerful economic class, which is also the ruling political group.

This ruling, economic class is always thinking up new methods to put down the poor masses. The state and its regulations are therefore the base of the capitalist exploitation system, what means that the natural character of each state is exploitation…"

Artur Tschistokjow crumpled up a piece of paper and threw it into the middle of the big conference table. The other members of his cabinet shook their heads.

"Well, well! This is Mardochow`s great philosophy! Silly talk and lies! We all know the global state, that his Lodge Brothers have created in reality. And we know its character: Brutal Oppression, destruction of cultures and nations and slavery of all mankind. This agent of the World Government can not fool me with his cheap lies!", grumbled the Belarusian president in German, while Frank and his foreign minister were staring at him.

General Kohlhaas was back in the presidential palace in Minsk and rolled his eyes, when Tschistokjow talked about the collectivist ideology.

"Mardochow can not fool us, but he can fool most of the people. This concept has already worked many times in mankind`s history, because the mass is credulous and stupid!", remarked Wilden angrily.

Artur Tschistokjow held his injured arm, swore under his breath and told his ministers a few things in Russian.

Then he applied the attention to the foreign minister again. "I have seen on TV, that the collectivists now are driving with cars full of bread through the country to feed the poor. Understand?", said the leader of the Rus in German.

"I have seen it too. The collectivists get that a lot of sympathy from the people with things like that. A rolling Suppenküche!", muttered Kohlhaas.

"Suppeküsche? What is that?" Artur was puzzled.

"A rolling soup kitchen - in English. Anyway, the problem is, that the collectivists apparently have never-ending reserves of money to finance such actions. Feeding the people is the best method to recruit new members for the CASJ. And then, they can instigate them against us", remarked Wilden.

"But it is nothing but a giant fake! A fraud!", complained Tschistokjow. "We are the real revolutionaries and we will be the only ones, who can free the Russian people and solve the social problems!"

"We know this, but the mass of the people does not!", said Frank and shook his head.

Economy minister Dr. Gugin and the other participants of the meeting were getting a bit grumpy and Artur apologized for having previously ignored them. He repeated everything of importance in Russian and the audience nodded, smiling at Frank and Wilden. Then, the German foreign minister added some things in perfect Russian, and talked about a few additional details.

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