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   Chapter 11 No.11

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The section leaders nodded and looked at Uljanin with admiration. The chairman of the CASJ went behind his desk and pulled a DC-Stick out of the drawer. Then he smiled at his staff.

"Tomorrow I will speak at the rally in Kursk, and then we will smash Tschistokjow and his fascist scum in Smolensk!"

"But the Rus are not harmless and can become very aggressive", said a worried-looking functionary.

"The police in Smolensk will be on our side. In addition, the media will pin any outrage on Tschistokjow`s organization and furthermore drum up business for our event, that our supporters will come in superior numbers."

"However you do it, Mr. Uljanin...", muttered one section leader thoughtfully.

"Smolensk will become Tschistokjow`s nightmare!", hissed the collectivist leader, clenching his bony fist.

Conflict in Smolensk

Frank and Alfred had driven from Orsa to Smolensk in the early morning hours. In the southern part of the city, they had joined a group of their comrades and now they were waiting for the beginning of the rally. Meanwhile, it was already 11.00 o`clock and more and more Rus came from everywhere. After a while, the crowd started to move and marched flag-waving and singing in the direction of downtown, where even more Rus were waiting for them.

Hundreds of citizens came out of their houses and followed the marching columns of Tschistokjow`s men. Two hours later, about 30000 enthusiastic supporters welcomed the leader of the freedom movement with loud chants.

Shortly afterwards, they had reached the city center of Smolensk. A huge crowd had already gathered there - the police talked of more than 100000 people - who had come to the rally of the collectivists. Police helicopters circled above the heads of the demonstrants, filming everything the Rus did.

When Tschistokjow`s supporters had arrived in Smolensk, there had already been clashes between them and Uljanin`s followers. Three Rus had been attacked by a masked horde of their political opponents. One of them was killed with a knife. An atmosphere of violence and hatred had meanwhile seized the whole city and Frank expected the worst for this day.

"What shall we do now? The large square in the inner city, the Mesto Tschelabeki, is packed with collectivists! It`s a great mass! Uljanin himself leads them!", said Kohlhaas and his heart was pounding with excitement.

Artur Tschistokjow stared at him grimly and growled in German: "Yes, I know. These pigs knew about our demonstration. We will march from the Novaya Ulitsa to Mesto Smolenski - then I will start with my speech."

"You want to march through Smolensk in the direct proximity of Uljanin`s rally? Only two streets are between the Novaya Ulitsa and the Mesto Tschelabeki. They can probably even see us!",

said Frank, holding the electronic map of Smolensk on his DC-Stick under Tschistokjow`s nose.

The leader of the Freedom Movement of the Rus nodded and replied: "We must have no fear, Frank!"

They still waited for some stragglers, while Kohlhaas became more and more nervous. Finally, Frank called the trooper units together and gave them the order to advance. More than 30000 demonstrants followed.

"Russian workers come to Artur Tschistokjow!", shouted the protesters at the top of their lungs. The long worm of people slowly made its way through the streets and finally turned into the Novaya Ulitsa, a broad side street near the large square in the city center.

Frank heard Uljanin`s voice in the distance. Shortly afterwards, the first collectivists and policemen appeared. Immediately, the men on both sides started to shout insults, while more and more collectivists blocked the way of the Rus.

Frank took his gun from the shoulder and the trooper next to him did the same. Alf peered nervously around and loaded his rifle, while Uljanin`s supporters were raising their fists in the distance, screaming and howling.

"Traitors of the workers! Reactionists! Fascists!", they yelled full of hate.

A few minutes later, they attacked. Hundreds of collectivists rushed forward, poured out of the streets and a hail of cobblestones came down on Tschistokjow`s men. Frank quickly put on his helmet. Somewhere he heard a shot, then the chaos was complete. A few dozen men of the CLJ opened fire from a side street, and the Russian policemen started to shoot too.

"Come on!", screamed Frank, pushing Alf to the side.

With a loud cry, the furious collectivists assaulted the Rus and beat them down with iron bars and clubs. Frank smashed his rifle butt into the hateful grimace of an attacker, while a Russian trooper behind him was hit by a bullet.

Tschistokjow`s followers retreated, some of them jumped behind garbage cans and cars, in order to find cover. Then the collectivists came even from behind, attacking the Rus like angry beasts. Finally, the men of the freedom movement were seized by panic and many of them desperately tried to break out of the encirclement.

Frank jumped out his cover behind a burning car and fended an opponent off. After his well-aimed stroke, the collectivist staggered backwards and Frank rammed a combat knife right into his throat. Blood squirted into his face and the man fell to the ground with a short death-rattle.

"Come on! Get out of here!", roared B?umer and fired at a group of approaching police officers. They two rebels ran towards a big park and tried to regroup the other troopers, but they failed. Most of them were already fleeing, running for their lives and trying to escape through the narrow side streets.

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