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   Chapter 10 No.10

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 5675

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When Frank and Alfred came back to Minsk, this new movement ruled every talk in the presidential palace. Artur Tschistokjow was totally confused and tried to develop a strategy against the new menace. As an expert of the global political background, he had quickly realized, who was the driving force behind the alleged social revolutionary idea of collectivism.

Nevertheless, this new ideology was a brilliant move of the Lodge Brothers, because now more and more people joined the rival movement. The teachings of equality, freedom and justice fell on a fertile soil in Russia and at the beginning of July, collectivist groups and associations had already been founded in every small town in eastern Europe. Furthermore, the media supported this new movement, never reporting in that hateful way as in the case of the Rus. To the contrary, the collectivists were always depicted as reformers and philanthropists.

Soon it came to a first mass demonstration in St. Petersburg, led by the collectivist leader Vitali Uljanin from Moscow. The police behaved lethargically and was finally attacked by thousands of angry demonstrators.

Uljanin declared war not only on the entrepreneurs and capitalists, but above all on the Freedom Movement of the Rus and all other non-collectivist groups. He called Tschistokjow a "traitor of the workers" and a

"reactionist". The leader of the Rus was overwhelmed and had to admit, that he needed some good advice now.

"It will not last long until there is a collectivist group in every little village. Even some of our own men seem to fall prey to this Pied Piper Uljanin!", grumbled the Belarusian president, looking at his friend Peter Ulljewski with a scowl.

"Not if I can help it!", snorted the sturdy Russian and banged on the table. "Those bastards won`t course through our country, Artur!"

"Uljanin has brought more than 100000 people on the street at his last rally - and the police did nothing. I have seen all the reports on television, Peter.

At our next demonstration there won`t be just clashes with the Russian police, but also with incited masses of collectivists. They will attack us!"

Peter hissed a curse and uttered wild threats. "That`s worse than the GCF! I did not expect something like this!"

"Our enemies are much more cunning than we have thought...", muttered Tschistokjow.

"Every collectivist agitator, who dares to come to Belarus, will be hanged!", shouted Peter.

"Yes, this will be necessary!", added Artur.

"And now?"

"We will go on with our fight - as always! I`m working on a new law to promote the Russian families. Moreover, Wilden has signed an export agreement with Japan and the Philippines, so that we can strengthen our economy, at least a bit!"

"Shall we continue with our activities in Russia?", Peter Ulljewski wanted

to know and seemed to become extremely nervous.

"Of course!", said Tschistokjow and was fuming with rage.

"On the 1th of August, we will make a demonstration in Smolensk!"

"In Smolensk?" Peter gaped and stared at his best friend.

"Yes, exactly! Our group there is already at work since weeks to prepare the rally. There is a lot of poverty, what means big potential for us, Peter. We must not rest now!", shouted the rebel leader.

"This demonstration will end in a giant street fight", groaned Artur`s oldest companion.

"Yes, it will!", remarked Tschistokjow grimly.

Frank and the others drove back to Russia and spent their days with distributing leaflets and data discs in the villages around Smolensk. They rarely met any supporters of the collectivist movement, only one time some mummed persons threw stones at them. The few police officers in this region just ignored them.

At the end of July, they returned to Vitebsk and Julia visited Frank there. Kohlhaas hadn`t seen the young woman all too often in the last weeks, because he had always been on the road. But now, he was glad that she had come. The pretty daughter of the foreign minster was still his big love and Frank had a guilty conscience, because he hadn`t spent much time with her. Meanwhile, Artur Tschistokjow had stabilized his reign with the help of television and radio and was travelling through Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia to organize his followers for the new propaganda offensive.

Vitali Uljanin, whose real name was only known by his closest aides, walked through his office in the headquarter of the Collectivist Association for Social Justice (CASJ). Since the early morning hours, he was already dictating instructions and now he had called some section leaders into his office.

The little man with the dark goatee and the brown cunning eyes beheld his fellows and said: "Meanwhile, the Freedom Movement of the Rus has taken Latvia and Tschistokjow builds up structures there. Hence, we must prevent its expansion to western Russia by all means! Our organization needs a militant arm, gentlemen."

"The preparations for it are in full swing. But we need a punchy name, Mr. Uljanin", answered one of the section leaders.

"I have chosen "Collectivist League of Justice", diminutive CLJ", remarked the head of the CASJ.

"Sounds great!", came from the side.

"I know!", answered Uljanin, grinning broadly.

"Tschistokjow is planning a rally in Smolensk, as I have heard yesterday. On 1th of August!", said a plump man in the background.

Uljanin slowly walked towards him and raised his index finger. "Our CASJ section there is already preparing a demonstration too. This time, the Rus will face our men. Wherever they occur, they will be confronted with the revolutionary power of collectivism from now on!"

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