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   Chapter 9 No.9

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 5638

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Our archivators tell of the Great Age of Technology when the Aureans even topped their own genius and their artificial servants turned against them.

Then came the era of the Hyperspace Storms. After the times of interstellar colonization, our ancestors finally reached the borders of the galaxy and the Empire of Men was founded.

The galactic civil war initiated the next era and its aftereffects lasted for centuries and still torment us today. About 2000 years have passed since then. Perhaps even more - or less. Who can say this with certainty? Much of what the archivators believe to know about the previous millennia is often little more than legend, Sylcor."

"But now we are here!", exclaimed the boy, laughing and sitting down on a little rock.

The grandfather stroked through his soft, blond hair and had to laugh as well.

"Yes, today we are here! That`s a fact!", he said and sat down next to his grandson.

When Frank woke up on the next morning after ten hours of sleeping, he had to chuckle because of his funny dream. Nevertheless, he did not attach all too much importance to it. When Kohlhaas came into the kitchen, he recognized that Alfred was still in his room.

The young man drank a cup of coffee, went into the living room, turned on the TV and sat down on the old, shabby couch with a silent yawning. Then Frank zapped through the countless television channels. Most people in Belarus and Lithuania were only allowed to watch the official television programme, but Frank and other prominent fighters of the freedom movement had some kind of exceptional permission.

Suddenly he paused and wondered. On the screen, he saw a bearded man who was interviewed by a pretty reporter. Frank paused, sharpening his ears to understand the English speaking woman. She smiled into the camera and said: "So, you are a revolutionary philosopher, Mr. Mardochow, aren`t you?"

"Yes, I am!", answered the man.

"Could you give us a view into your ideas, Mr. Mardochow?"

The bearded man nodded. "Yes, of course! The social injustices around the world have prompted me to think about a better future society. A society without social distinctions, guided by justice and equality!"

"Do you have any specific suggestions to remedy the social injustices around the world, Mr. Mardochow?"

"Yes, not only suggestions. I have a concept – and its name is collectivism."

"Could you please explain collectivism for our viewers?"

"Yes, no problem, madame! The collectivist society is a society without social differences. Collectivism means the overthrow of capitalist exploitation mechanisms and the transfer of all private property into the hands of the people. It means, that poverty and injustice could not exist anymore in a society like this", said the philosopher.

"How do yo

u want to implement something like that?", asked the reporter.

"If there is no other way, then revolutionary actions will be necessary! The poor and exploited people must unite to overthrow their oppressors. The property in our world has to be redistributed for the benefit of all. I promise a world, where everyone is rich, a world without any class distinctions and mechanisms of exploitation.

Apart from that, all the different cultures, races, religions and values have to be resolved definitively, because they prevent people from being equal and lead to wars and mechanisms of mutual exploitation by the various groups.

In a world, where differences between human beings no longer exist, there will be no more room for social injustice. Collectivism is therefore the only sensible response to the terrible social crises of our time!"

"Are you a philanthropist, Mr. Mardochow?", asked the woman.

"From the bottom of my heart, madame! I have developed the collectivist idea of a world of justice and human sensitivity to help the underprivileged people. For many years, I have traveled around the world and the ubiqitous misery has touched me deeply.

For years I had only one question on my mind: How can I help these millions of poor people in all parts of the world? So I have developed the revolutionary idea of collectivism!", told Mardochow, stroking his gray beard.

The pretty reporter looked into the camera and smiled, then she said: "Ladies and gentlemen, this was Theodore Mardochow and his idea of collectivism. More and more people across Europe and around the world believe, that this man has actually found a way to overcome hunger, poverty and misery with success. Some celebrate him, others regard him as a visionary. Anyway, "Channel Triangle" thanks you for watching the show. Now, have fun with the following movie!"

Frank turned off the television and was baffled. "This guy is supposed to be a revolutionary and they give him the chance to talk about his ideas on TV? They even promote and don`t shoot him? This whole thing stinks like a dead fish!"

Kohlhaas went into the next room, booted up the computer and searched on the internet. There was a lot to learn about Theodore Mardochow and his "new" ideology. Now, Alf came down the stairs, but Frank hardly noticed him and was eagerly studying some texts.

"The International Declaration of Collectivism", he muttered quietly and read a writing of the philosopher. Then he read some newspaper articles which reported very favorably about Mardochow and his ideas.

Apparently, numerous collectivist groups had already been founded, shortly after the publication of the declaration, in the most bigger European cities. Especially in Russia and the Ukraine, collectivist organizations sprang up like mushrooms.

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