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   Chapter 8 No.8

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Not a single shot was fired at that day. Latvia had been liberated without any bloodshed. No resistance, no GCF soldiers - nothing!

A few days after the successful takeover, they learned, that the Latvian sub-governor Maximilian Feinbergow and his cabinet had already left Riga the day before Tschistokjow`s invasion, while the few GCF soldiers had withdrawn to Russia.

Artur Tschistokjow appointed Lukas Alanin, the leader of the Latvian section of the freedom movement, as the new president of the country. Then he ordered measures to overcome the social crisis and left it to Peter Ulljewski and his units to smash the remaining power structures of the World Government.

On 10.07.2036, Tschistokjow announced the preliminary conclusion of the Latvian revolution in front of a huge crowd in Riga. A great victory celebration followed a little later in Minsk. After the celebrations in the Belarusian capital, Frank and Alf went back to Ivas and looked forward to some days of peace and relaxation.

"What did Wilden want?", groaned Frank and let the sun shine on his face.

Alf turned off his cellphone and put it on the table. He was annoyed too.

"Next week, we have to come back to Minsk. There is much to discuss", moaned B?umer.

"Even the best fighter deserves a break!", said Sven on the other end of the table, sipping on his beer bottle.

Frank was holding his head and said nothing. Then he stood up. "I`m going home now. Are you coming with me, Alf?"

"No! I will still stay here for a while. Sven and me want to play skat."

"All right! See you tomorrow!", said Kohlhaas and left his friends alone.

The young man strolled through the already dimly lit village and finally entered his house. Totally exhausted, he went to bed and immediately fell asleep.

With a blissful countenance, Frank was lying on his back and looked sapped, but nonetheless happy. Soon the general had found a restful sleep, while his mind showed him another strange dream vision...

An old man and a little boy walked across a sun-drenched plain full of strange plants and grasses. Above them, there was a purple sky and the silhouettes of three moons could be seen in the distance.

"Grandfather, how long do humans already live on this world?", asked the boy the white-haired man.

"Here? On Sakar IV? Well, about a hundred years ago, the first human colonists have come to this planet..."

"And from which planet do we come at all, grandfather?", the boy wanted to know, looking at the old man with a questioning look in his eyes.

"From which planet?" The white-haired man smiled. "Well, Sylcor, we humans are from the holy planet Terra. It is the cradle of our species and it`s far, far away from here

in another part of the galaxy!"

"How far, grandfather?"

"Very far, Sylcor! Thousands of light years stand between Sakar IV and Terra. It is incredibly far. A journey to Terra would last a long time..."

The little boy perked his eyebrows up. "When did the first humans leave Terra to fly to the stars?"

"Ha! This little boy wants to know everything!", said the old man and scratched his beard. "It is a long time ago. No one knows this exactly anymore. It was the time, when a great man has saved the light-born people from extinction, initiating the age of their rule."

"The light-born people?", repeated the astonished boy.

"Yes, our ancestors. The men and women of the Aureanic caste who call the force of mind and invention their own", explained the old man.

The two walked towards the horizon and beheld the sky above their heads. Then the little boy suddenly stopped and took the hand of his grandfather.

"Who was this great man?", he asked.

For a short moment, the grandfather was looking for an answer. Shortly afterwards he said: "Nobody really knows who it was, my little friend. This man has received many names during the ages. Some people call him Artur the Great, others have named him the Holy Kistokov. Still others see just a legendary figure in him and claim that he has never existed. And there are also some people who say, that another man has laid the foundations for that, what we call the civilization of the Golden Men.

Since his death, if he has ever existed, several ages have passed. There are hardly any relicts from that prehistoric era, because it lays in the dark depths of the past.

Anyway, I believe that this man has been there, a long time ago. After the Holy Kistokov, the light-born people traveled to the stars and spread out in the planetary systems around Terra. Eventually, they learned to fly through the hyperspace and created likenesses and servants of artificial material. One day, they have found other beings of extra-terrestrial origin who struggled with them for power and life-space between the stars - and still do it today."

"You mean the aliens? The Grushloggs, the Elban, the Necthan, the Rachnids and all the others?", asked the child with an astonished face.

"Yes, and the rest of them! Exactly!", answered the old man smiling.

"Please tell me the whole history of mankind!", demanded the boy, pulling on the robe of his grandfather.

"Oh, my little boy! This would last far too long. Moreover, I don`t know the whole story, Sylcor. Nobody knows it. Much is only legend and myth. Often, the timelines are incorrect and the records are full of contradictions. There were many eras and the prehistoric ages still lay in darkness.

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