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   Chapter 7 No.7

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"A school in Ivas? Yes, that`s a good idea. But you don`t have to study in Vilnius to become a teacher, Julia", said Frank not very enthusiastic.

"Anyway, I think I should do that. Actually, I am already studying, because education has always been an interesting topic for me. One day I will work in a big school, maybe in Minsk..."

"Well, you don`t have to study, Julia. You are the daugther of the foreign minister and you can get every job you want", grumbled Kohlhaas.

"Nevertheless, I will study pedagogy. I think, it is also good for the revolution if Artur`s ideas and visions are given to the young generation by dedicated teachers, isn`t it?", retorted Julia.

"Of course, this is extremely important. The children of today are the fighters of the freedom movement of tomorrow. This is what Artur always says. Incidentally, it is very commendable that you have read "The Way of the Rus". It is the duty of everyone to intensively put up with Arturs ideology, because only then there is a basis for the fight...", said Frank, when Julia started to moan quietly.

"All right, Sir! Enough political training for today. When will you come back to Ivas?"

"I can`t say it exactly. We have much to do in the coming days. No one can foresee how the situation will develop in the near future", answered Frank.

"Be careful, my dear! Don`t forget your own life among all these great revolutionary visions. Even though Artur`s great book tell us, that the sacrifice of the individual is one of the highest virtues, I would be happy anyway if I see you again - alive!", said Julia with a slight hint of irony.

"Don`t worry, I won`t be killed or something...", gave Frank back, trying to laugh.

Julia hesitated for a few seconds with her answer, then she replied: "You can hardly impress me with all that talk. I prefer a living Frank to a dead hero of the revolution."

Iran had become a place of rebellion and civil war in the last months and the situation was escalating more and more. The Islamic rebels had captured the cities of Mashad and Esfahan after weeks of street fighting and were now driving the loyal troops of sub-governor Kerman back to the south. In return, the World Government ordered the immediate support of its vassal with more GCF troops and sent tens of thousands of soldiers to the Middle East.

Many units, which had been stationed in southern Russia, were brought to the north of Iran in order to smash the Islamic rebellion.

In other regions of the Middle East, for example in Palestine, it also came to street fights and riots what forced the Lodge Brothers to react. So the World Government and the international media gave all their attention to the Iran and the Arabic world, a region that was a war zone since decades.

On the other hand

, Belarus and Lithuania were temporarily spared from an invasion of the Global Control Force, what gave Tschistokjow and his comrades a little more room to breathe.

After three weeks of tireless work in Latvia, Frank was summoned to Minsk, in order to assist during the preparations of the march on Riga. Artur Tschistokjow had gathered not less than 40000 armed men in Silaulai in northern Lithuania and finally gave them the order to invade Latvia on 01.07.2036. At dawn, many trucks started moving and brought the first trooper units across the border of the neighboring country. Shortly afterwards, the first targets in eastern Latvia were occupied by the Rus. The rest of the men followed an hour later and marched directly towards the Latvian capital.

When the rebels reached the outskirts of Riga, countless cheering citizens joined the crowd, following the marching columns of the rebels. And even whole police squadrons defected to Tschistokjow`s armored units, strengthening their ranks.

Frank looked around and beheld the shouting people that came out of the side streets, cheering and applauding at the trooper units of the Rus. It were thousands of men and women and their number was growing with each passing minute. Chants echoed through the city and countless dragon head flags were waving above their heads.

"Hurry up! Dawaj!", screamed Kohlhaas and urged his men to advance faster.

Alf followed him, trying to keep abreast with his impetuous friend. Meanwhile, the center of Riga was only a few kilometers away from the rebels.

"Do you think we`ll bring home the bacon today?", asked B?umer and seemed to become nervous.

"No resistance anywhere! All police officers, who have appeared, have joined our marching columns so far", replied Kohlhaas confidently.

The general smiled and calmed B?umer down. Now the growing crowd was marching toward the government building, singing and shouting. In the inner city, the Rus were awaited by even more screaming people.

"No GCF troops! No resistance at all!", remarked Kohlhaas with surprise and scratched his head.

"Presumably they have withdrawn. I haven`t expected this", said Alf in surprise.

And the crowd was still growing. Finally, Artur Tschistokjow appeared, waving his hands. He was greeted by the Latvians with resounding cheers. When he started his speech, tens of thousands of people had gathered around him.

"I declare, that Latvia is free! Furthermore, this country will leave the World Union today", he shouted, while a wave of enthusiasm was rolling through the streets of Riga.

The troopers of the freedom movement occupied the abandoned government building after Tschistokjow`s speech. Other trooper units took strategically important targets throughout the city in the meantime.

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