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   Chapter 6 No.6

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"He will not do anything! I don`t think that he would invade Siberia, risking a war outside his damn islands! Only to help Belarus? Such a small country? He just tries to play with his muscles, that`s all!", muttered the chairman of the Council of the 13.

The World President showed a self-righteous smirk and drummed his fingers on the tabletop. Then he said: "It`s time to talk about more important things than Belarus or Lithuania, my brothers. For example about the mass registration with our implantation Scanchips. What do you have to say to the development of the operation, gentlemen?"

The chairman of the council stonily looked at the other elders, waiting for answers. An old man in a fine suit requested to speak and raised his hand...

Artur Tschistokjow had temporary returned to Minsk to clarify some important political questions. He was still surprised that no GCF troops had mustered at the borders of his country so far. Moreover, the foreign media propaganda against him was not that aggressive as he had expected.

Meanwhile, Tschistokjow was ruling over Belarus and Lithuania since four months, but there was no sign of a military strike against his regime. The rebel leader wondered. Even a small GCF-army was able to crush his tiny country like a bug under a heel, but everything remained eerily quiet.

So the Rus just gave their best to restore order in Belarus and tried to carry the revolution into the regions beyond the borders of their tiny dominion. They went on unwaveringly. Just as they had always done it before.

Latvia was selected by the Freedom Movement of the Rus as the next target for a political overthrow. Frank, Alf, Sven and several thousand supporters flooded the country with propaganda material and joined a big demonstration in Liepaja. Here, 20000 people gathered under the banner of the dragon head and protested in the port city. The event ended without any major clashes with the local police.

Artur Tschistokjow`s next step was a march to Riga to bring down the vassal government. Now, the preparations for the coup were in full swing and the trooper squads of the Rus were equipped with more weapons from Japan.

The leader of the freedom movement was planning to come to Riga with about 30000 armored men. Before that, important strategic goals should be brought under control, as already proven in the Belarusian revolution. Wilden had meanwhile returned to Minsk and brought good news from the Far East. The Japanese president Matsumoto had assured to lend Belarus and Lithuania his support in the case of an GCF attack. But what he really meant with this was still vague. Neverth

eless, it sounded good and Tschistokjow hoped the best for the invasion of Latvia.

Step by Step

Frank pressed the receiver tighter against his ear and listened eagerly to the phone`s dialing tone. After about a minute, Agatha Wilden, Julia`s mother, answered. The wife of the foreign minister greeted Kohlhaas with some restraint and went then to the upper floor to call her daughter.


"Hello, Julia! It`s me!", said Frank excitedly, leaning against the dirty glass window of the telephone booth.

"Hi! How are you?", asked Julia dryly.

"Don`t ask! All our activists are working around the clock. We are preparing a big thing, but I`m not allowed to tell you any details. If someone listens, you know", explained Kohlhaas.

"Another big thing?"

"Yes, I`m near the border of Latvia. Alf is also here. Tomorrow we will...", said the young man and interrupted himself in the next second.

"Aha! Nice!", returned Julia.

"And what do you do?", Kohlhaas wanted to know.

The daughter of the village boss was silent for a moment, then she replied: "Nice, that you ask me about my life, Frank. I`m just reading some books about pedagogy. Incidentally, it is very remarkable what Artur Tschistokjow writes in "The Way of the Rus" about the education of the youth, isn`t it? But I`m also reading ordinary pedagogy books. It is an interessting topic."

"Education?" Frank was surprised.

"Yes, exactly!"

"Artur writes that all education has to serve only one purpose: The youth must...", recited Frank, but the young woman cut him short.

"I know, but I would like to deal more with other books at first. More general books, because I want to become a teacher."


"I want to become a teacher, Frank. Hence my interest in these topics. Maybe I`ll go to Vilnius to study there. That would be great, wouldn`t it?", said Julia and seemed to wait eagerly for Frank`s reaction.

"Why? What? To Vilnius?" Kohlhaas started to stammer.

"Yes, the university of Vilnius is a great institution. My father says the same. I think, I have the talent to be a good teacher. What do you say?"

Frank muttered under his breath. "Why don`t you just stay in Ivas?"

"Shall I hang around here forever? I want to do something with my life. You are gone, my father is gone and also all the other young people from our village. No, I have decided to become active now. I could imagine to go to Vilnius, in order to study there. During the semester breaks, I could help Mrs. de Vries. She is planning to build up a small village school in Ivas. I have already talked to my father and he likes the idea...", explained Julia.

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