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   Chapter 5 No.5

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"Just a few streets, then we will drive back home...", said B?umer, while his friend gave him an angry glance.

"No, I do not want to! For today, it`s closing time! Call the rest of our men together and then we will go to our cars. Back to Belarus, to hell with this ugly Russian city...", hissed Frank annoyedly.

Alf, also tired and unenthusiastic, tried to tell Frank something about discipline and perseverance, but the general remained on the plastic seat like a stubborn mule.

"General Kohlhaas with the burning feet capitulates now!", he moaned.

"Artur Tschistokjow has said that every man is needed for our propaganda campaign. Even the men of the trooper units", said B?umer.

"Good night, buddy!", answered Kohlhaas with a tired smile and closed his eyes.

After a few minutes, Alf and the other activists of the Rus walked away to distribute some more leaflets. Frank just ignored them and finally dozed off.

Roslavl was a dreary looking city in the immediate vicinity of the eastern border of Belarus. Out here in the suburbs, the men met only a few locals in the streets. Everything looked ugly and depressing, like the cloudy sky, which reminded Frank on a gray wall, keeping the sunrays away from earth.

About an hour later, B?umer came back with the other men. Now, even the rest of the Rus fed up with running through the streets and distributing leaflets.

Meanwhile, Kohlhaas had fallen asleep and was lying on three plastic seats. From a distance, he looked like a homeless man who had settled in a bus shelter.

"Get up, you bum!", whispered Alf softly into the ear of his friend, while the Russians started to laugh.

Frank stood up, growling and ranting. Then he rubbed his eyes and grinned broadly.

"I could just sleep and sleep and sleep", muttered Kohlhaas, when they were on the way back to Minsk.

"I don`t like this too, but we must keep up our discipline", admonished B?umer.

"Shall we distribute these fucking leaflets till Siberia, Alf? I thought we are troopers of the movement and no paperboys..."

"Without an intellectual groundwork, there won`t be a revolution here. At first, the Russians must know what Tschistokjow wants, Frank. Artur has explained this several times."

"Yes, but Frank does not want to do this crap as well, Frank is in fact not a robot with a giant battery in his ass", moaned Kohlhaas.

"But Artur has said..."

"Artur is not my daddy!"

"But something must be...", returned Alf energycally.

His friend shook his head and grumbled: "I just want some free days, some holiday, B?

umer. Artur is crazy, if he really believes that we could liberate a land like Russia. It is the biggest country on earth!"

"Artur and Thorsten have told me, that our first strategical goals are the cities in western Russia. Moreover...", said Alf, but he was interrupted by Kohlhaas.

"Shut the fuck up, you big baby from Dortmund.

General Kohlhaas wants to make a nap now!", muttered the young man, leaning his head against the window of the passenger door.

"But I thought the invasion of Belarus and Lithuania was scheduled for the end of the month?", said a gray-haired man at the end of the large table.

"Yes, but we had to redispose", answered the chairman of the Council of the Elders.

"Iran stands close to a civil war! Our sub-governor in Teheran is increasingly under pressure, because of the Islamic rebels", added the World President.

"And what does that mean now?", he heard from the side.

"It means that we have to redeploy GCF troops from Russia to Northern Iran, brothers. An escalation of the situation there could torch the whole Near East and these Islamic franctireurs in Iran can`t be compared with a horde of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who throw some stones at our people", grumbled the head of the World Union.

The chairman of the council nodded approvingly. The World President continued and said: "We can smash Tschistokjow and his bunch of ridiculous revolutionaries even in the next months. In addition, we have already talked about this topic at our last meeting.

The most powerful weapon against all kinds of rebellion will nevertheless be the ideology of collectivism, especially in Russia, but also in other countries, where it will be represented by our agents - members of our organization!

This will quickly steal Tschistokjow`s thunder. Moreover, it will minimize the danger of a real revolution in Russia."

"And you expect that this tactic will be successful, brother?", asked one of the elders thoughtfully

The president looked at him with a blank expression and replied: "I think that this method will be much more effective against men like Tschistokjow, than GCF occupation troops and police forces.

We will incite the poor people and the different classes against each another, so that they fight with all their hatred among themselves. It has already worked in the past and this time it will work too!"

"What`s about Matsumoto? This morning he has threatened us to occupy the island of Sakhalin and other parts of Siberia with his troops if we attack Belarus", remarked one of the gentlemen.

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