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   Chapter 4 No.4

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Shortly afterwards, Artur`s followers systematically infiltrated the villages and small towns along the eastern border of Belarus, and distributed tens of thousands of pamphlets in only a few days. During this campaign, the Rus got a lot of support among the people in the rural areas, who suffered from poverty and unemployment. After a brief stopover in Minsk, Tschistokjow traveled to Velikie Luki and met some of his Russian comrades.

Meanwhile, the men of the Belarusian government continued to implement the political instructions of their leader. Several million Roubles were used to create new jobs. Moreover, a makeshift social insurance system was established. Tschistokjow`s ministers rescued some industrial complexes from collapsing and numerous jobs could be saved. The promotional machinery, that was now in the hand of the Rus, did its work too, carrying the ideas of the new government into the minds of millions.

The majority of the people had a lot of sympathies for Tschistokjow and his social measures, which improved the living conditions of hundreds of thousands. Despite everything, all this did not alter the fact that Tschistokjow could fight the social crisis only rudimentarily. His land was diplomatically and economically isolated, and Japan and the Philippines were the only countries which gave Belarus the possibility to export goods.

"To Russia?", groaned Frank. "You must be joking!"

"No! Of course not! Artur has already asked for Alf and you. The struggle continues!", answered Wilden seriously.

"Demonstrations, flyers and fights again?", huffed Alfred B?umer indignantly.

"Yes, what else! Did you really think, that the fight is over? What do you think will happen if we sit back here and take things easy?", asked the foreign minister of the revolutionary cabinet.

"Hey, Thorsten, we are still exhausted from all this...", moaned Frank.

"No! Absolutely out of question! Either we go on with the political struggle in Russia or the GCF will invade Belarus and our little revolution is over! We have to go on with our assault on the system!", exclaimed Wilden excitedly. "We can relax enough one day - in our coffins!"

"Yes, but..." Alf was stunned, while Wilden was staring at him with a glare.

"Our next goal must be Moscow", declared the gray-haired man then.

Frank smiled contemptuously. "Moscow? Are you nuts, Thorsten?"

"No, I am not! Artur and me have already analyzed the situation meticulously. There is no other way for us. Belarus alone is nothing. Don`t think, that we live in a mighty fortress that can`t be touched."

Kohlhaas rolled his eyes and looked out the window. Wilden banged on the table.

"I see you all in Vitebsk - tomorrow! I have to drive back to Minsk now! Call Sven and all the others, Frank, we need every man!"

The village boss turned around, closed the kitchen door and disappeared. Alf was swearing silently and Frank didn`t say anything at all. On the next day, they drove with the others to Vitebsk. Aft

er their arrival, Frank and Alfred were sent to Veliz, together with about fifty Rus. Here, they had to spread propaganda material of the freedom movement till the southern border of the Russian city Velikie Luki. Subsequently, they were sent to the east of Latvia to do the same.

Frank was repeatedly ranting against these "coolie jobs", but he knew that they were necessary, because without an "intellectual preparation" of the people, they would never revolt in the future.

In the meantime, Artur Tschistokjow had organized a rally in Jelgava. About 5000 of his followers came and Kohlhaas led the trooper units once again. During the demonstration, there were a few clashes with the local police, but all in all, the security forces reacted cautiously, because they were outnumbered. However, the ordinary people cordially welcomed the demonstrators.

The quality of life of the inhabitants of Latvia and Estonia had increasingly deteriorated in the last months. Everything had become more expensive, from sandwiches to electricity. In return, joblessness was meanwhile the general state among the younger men.

Tschistokjow`s television propaganda from Belarus could also be watched in the neighboring regions – although it was illegal - and reached a lot of desperate people who were hoping for a political change. So the Rus found a fertile hotbed for their ideology in the regions beyond the borders of Belarus.

At the end of the month, Tschistokjow led more than 30000 people through the Latvian city of Daugapils, marching with them to the main building of the municipal administration.

Riots and street fights with the police followed, about 300 people got wounded or even killed. At the end of the day, the Rus had prevailed and the local security forces were forced to give up the city. Frank and Alf had stood in the front row once again, but they finally left Daugapils unharmed.

Some days later, they continued their propaganda campaign for Tschistokjow. Day and night they were on the road, until total exhaustion.

In the first week of summer 2036, foreign minister Wilden flew to Japan to talk to president Matsumoto about some important questions of a future alliance policy. His family remained in Ivas and had not seen the former business man from Westphalia since weeks.

With a loud snort, Frank sat down on the battered plastic seat of a dilapidated bus shelter in the outskirts of Roslavl. He threw his backpack, which was filled to the brim with leaflets and newspapers of the freedom movement, into a corner of the bus shelter of gray concrete. Alfred B?umer and some Russians came and positioned themselves in front of him with questioning looks.

"We still have to distribute leaflets in some streets, general Kohlhaas", said a young man and smiled timidly.

"Damn! I`m not a mailman, I fed up with all this! Throw your leaflets into the next garbage can, boy!", grumbled Kohlhaas and put the young activist off. Alf scratched his beard, looking down at Frank.

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