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   Chapter 3 No.3

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 5548

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What we have successfully accomplished in the past, we will now do again. Where the masses are poor and desperate, threating to rise against us, there will be our own revolutionary movement, in order to absorb and redirect their anger!

We will preach a new idea to the malcontents, in order to defuse their revolutionary energy in our sense: We will give them collectivism!"

A whisper went through the audience and many Lodge Brothers seemed to be confused. However, the chairman of the World Union continued with his speech, outlining the main ideological principles of "collectivism". Shortly afterwards, he earned thunderous applause.

He still spoke for several hours about all kinds of aspects of world politics and explained the next steps of the global brotherhood and the goals of the elders. The devilish ideas and plans stayed behind the closed doors of the lodge house and no ordinary man got to hear them.

A loud female voice sounded in Frank`s shabby living room. The young man had come back to his home village for a few days and enjoyed the daily idleness.

Now, he was watching a report on Lithuanian television about the Belarusian president, it had the title: "Artur Tschistokjow saves our country".

For more than an hour, the revolutionary policy of the Rus was introduced in all its particulars. The blond rebel leader was shown at the reopening of an industrial plant in Minsk and happy workers thanked him for their new jobs. Shortly afterwards, Frank saw Tschistokjow laughing and joking with some little children in a Belarusian primary school.

Then, some citizens of Minsk were interviewed, thanking the president for banishing the foreigners, that the Medschenko government hat brought to Belarus and Lithuania. They said, that the crime rate had significantly declined in all bigger cities since then. At the end of the report, the head of state himself was interviewed and talked about the current situation, promising all Belarusians to do everything for a better future.

Frank smiled and said to himself: "Well, Artur, there is still a lot to do for us. Nevertheless, we`ll make it somehow. Yes, we can!"

Artur Tschistokjow and Thorsten Wilden walked down a long corridor in the presidential palace. Outside, a thaw had set in and the huge pile of snow in front of the window was slowly dissolving under the warm rays of the spring sun.

"Japan is our official ally now. I have phoned with foreign minister Mori yesterday. Matsumoto has promised to support us with a bigger sum of money", explained Wilden.

Artur seemed to be lost in thought. He just nodded and remained silent for a moment. Then he returned: "Sounds good..."

"You`re worried, aren`t you?"

"Yes, the World Government will destroy everything

we have built up with a single strike. The GCF will come soon, I`m sure, Thorsten", grumbled the rebel leader in German.

"But what can we do against them, Artur? We don`t have the ghost of a chance against the Global Control Force!"

"The revolution must go on in Russia, the Ukraine and the Baltic countries. This is our only way to survive", replied Tschistokjow.

"Yesterday there has been a famine riot in Prague. Several thousand people have made an illegal demonstration", said the foreign minister.

"I`ve seen it on television", answered Artur Tschistokjow.

The new president of Belarus looked at his German friend with sad eyes. Then he ran into his office and Wilden followed him. Tschistokjow showed him some papers.

"Here! I will go to Russia and make the Freedom Movement of the Rus bigger. Some of my people are already there, preparing demonstrations and rallies", said the blond man in German, while he tried to smile.

"But at frist, we have to establish the revolution here in Belarus to rebuild the country. We still have so much to do, Artur!", replied his grizzled friend.

"This will be your task, Thorsten. I must bring the revolution to Russia and Ukraine. If we stop now, they will quickly smash Belarus down with their military. You understand?"

Wilden seemed to be confused, but he quickly realized that Tschistokjow was right. It was impossible to defend a small country like Belarus if the GCF would attack. So the revolution had to be expanded to the east with one goal: Keeping the Lodge Brothers in Russia busy and win the masses for Tschistokjow.

Without doubt, Russia was full of millions of poor and desperate people, but a confrontation with the system in would lead to an unspeakably long and hard fight.

"If we go now just in defense, then we will soon be destroyed", remarked Tschistokjow vigorously. "We have to attack! There is no other way!"

Wilden nodded. The joy about the successful coup in Belarus had already been displaced by the concern for the preservation of everything the rebels had achieved in the last years. But Belarus and Lithuania were nothing but two unimportant and tiny countries, compared with Russia.

A few days later, Tschistokjow started his work and drove to Smolensk, in order to call his men together. Meanwhile, his supporters had already begun with the distribution of leaflets in the regions near the Belarusian border.

At the beginning of April, there was a frist rally with several hundred Rus in the small Russian town Klincy. The police behaved reservedly and just observed the demonstrators from the distance. The media in Russia reported in the usual manner about the rally and slandered Tschistokjow`s supporters as "political lunatics" and "terrorists".

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