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   Chapter 2 No.2

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 6009

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Frank craned his head. "Do you mean the bullet holes next to the window?"


"It`s a crazy world!"

Alf grinned. "It was not me!"

"And I`m innocent too. Maybe a few bullet holes on the east side of the palace are a legacy of my gun", joked Kohlhaas.

The two men drove back to their home village and enjoyed travelling through Lithuania without sorrows and fear. The revolution in spring of this year had been successful and the rebels had finally made it to force the vassal governments of Belarus and Lithuania to abdicate.

Frank and Alfred had risked their lives to free two tiny territories with barely 14 million inhabitants. Now these countries were independent again. Around them, the overly powerful World Government was ruling the rest of the planet - except for Japan and the Philippines. Meanwhile, it was the question how the World Union would react on their rebellion. Frank had days of unbridled euphoria behind himself. Yes, the prospect of life in a country that belonged to them, was still like a dream for the two rebels. A dream which could hardly realized. But beyond all revolutionary pathos, they had only won a tiny piece of land for themselves. What did Belarus and Lithuania count in this big world? Meanwhile, Alf had, unlike Kohlhaas, who was still enthusiastic, returned to the hard ground of reality.

"They can crush us at any time. So don`t dream too much of freedom and peace, Frank", he was telling his friend with increased regularity.

The hall of the lodge house, carried by adorned, red columns, was overcrowded with people. Today, the Council of the 300 had come together for its annual meeting in the central building of the lodge "The Shining Star" in the heart of New York.

No other than the World President himself, as the representative of the supreme body, the Council of the Wise, had visited his fellows on this day, to give them new instructions.

Multi-billion dollar company bosses, owners of telestations and many other influential persons looked forward to the dark-haired man in the black robe, who walked past them without saying a word towards a speaker`s desk. The World President scrutinized his audience with cold eyes, adjusting the big gold chain around his neck. Then he started with his speech.

"My dear fellows!

I greet you all in the name of the Council of the Elders. Today, I talk to you about some important decisions of the wise and there are a lot of other things to discuss too.

The last months have again been crowned by incredible successes, that have brought us one step closer to the sacred goals of our organization. But also some problems have appeared, which we have to solve in the near future! Before I recall the successes into our memories, I will start with the problems.

After Japan and the Philippines, also Belarus and Lithuania have made themselves temporarily independent. Furthermore, they have reestablished their old countries.

Anyway, the elders have given the uprising

in Belarus not much attention in the last months, but now, our internal GSA studies have made it necessary to take a closer look at the situation in eastern Europe.

Belarus is a small country of absolutely minor political significance. I think we all know this. Nevertheless, the revolution of Artur Tschistokjow is quite remarkable and gives us some cause for concern - up to a certain point.

This man has created a powerful mass movement in a few years and something like that could be dangerous on a grand scale one day. Tschistokjow knows us and our plans and has managed it in a brilliant way to gather millions of discontent people under his leadership. His so called Freedom Movement of the Rus is well organized and extremely militant.

Furthermore, he has given his followers more than just a rebellion. He has given them a new belief, a new ideology, and moreover powerful visions of the future. Tschistokjow`s propaganda is intelligent and addresses the patriotic and social instincts of the simple man. And his success is amazing! Not even Matsumoto has created a revolutionary movement like this out of nothing.

This Russian is fanatical, fearless and seems to be incorruptible, what makes it difficult for us to stop him with ordinary means. Apart from this, Tschistokjow fights our organization with a ruthlessness, as the GSA-reports show us, we haven`t seen since decades. Apparently, he is ready for anything and this makes him dangerous!

"Only a man who knows our plans and is able to speak to the masses can become a danger for us!" This is what the writings of the elders say.

And the Belarusian president is such a man. If he can expand his influence to Russia and the Ukraine, then uncomfortable times are waiting for us, my fellows!

The social situation in these regions is completely desolate, and accordingly millions of Russians and Ukrainians are also susceptible for Tschistokjow`s ideology.

Our GSA agents expect a revolutionary atmosphere in eastern Europe in the near future. If the Freedom Movement of the Rus is able to unite the impoverished masses against us in Russia, then this could have global political consequences.

Desperate and angry crowds have never been a problem for us, as long as they have remained leaderless. But under the banner of a hierarchically run organization and a man like Tschistokjow, they can become lethal weapons!

Above all, Russia must remain in our hands, because it is the key to Europe and one of the most important countries on earth. So the Council of the Elders will soon decide, when the GCF will invade Belarus and Lithuania to extinguish Tschistokjow and his regime. This should not be a problem. Belarus is not Japan!

Nevertheless, we have also a so called "Plan B" in our pocket. The risk that millions of frustrated people could rise against us one day, can not be banned only with GCF troops. No, we need something else: A revolutionary movement that has been created by us - and obeys us!

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