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This is the English version of the fourth book of Alexander Merow`s "Prey World" series. The novel was translated by Thorsten Weber and the writer.

It is still no professional translation and the translator is still no "native speaker" or English teacher. He is just a guy, who loves science-fiction and dystopias. So try not to laugh at some of the translated phrases, or the wrath of a real freak will come over you! And Mr. Merow and his friend are really some kind of "freaks".

The author has already found a lot of interested readers all over Germany, and we hope that he will also find some new readers in the English-speaking countries. Furthermore, we would be glad, if a "real" mother-tongue speaker would edit this English version one day.

Now the fight against the World Government and the New World Order goes on. By the way, soon the fifth part of the "Prey World" series will be published in Germany. And we will also translate "Prey World V - Civil War 2038" in the next months. Anyway, have fun with this book and start thinking about the world we live in. We are sure, that you will find a lot of similarities to reality.

And always remember...

"Only a fool would think that "Prey World" is nothing but fiction!" Alexander Merow

Alexander Merow and Thorsten Weber, Berlin 2011


"It is the task of the Defense Section of the Rus to be sword and shield of our movement. The DSR shall protect the people of Belarus on the one hand, but on the other, it shall destroy the forces of decomposition and treason inside our nation by all available means!"

Artur Tschistokjow, "Speeches and Writings", Volume XIII

"The forces that oppose us have already taken over the so called "Western Civilization". That means, they have taken over everything our ancestors have invented and created. Meanwhile, they rule over our technology and use it against us. From television to the computer, from the rifle to the warplane - they haven`t invented these things, but nevertheless, today they belong to them.

And the "Western Civilization"? Can it be rescued anymore? No! Not at all! Because this civilization is already rotten to the core, it is infected and there is no more chance to heal anything. Furthermore, the "Western Civilization" of today is not the European civilization. Never compare these two totally different things!

So the death of the ugly chimera, that is called "Western Civilization" in our days, is the basic requirement of our mother Europe`s rebirth."

Artur Tschistokjow in: "The Way of the Rus", chapter IX, "Rising from the Ashes"

"Countless young men of the Aureanic caste have been inspired by the ancient myth of the "Birth War". The age-old tales of Artur the Great and Farancu Collas are a some kind of cultural artifact – even today!

But has the legendary Artur really existed? And what is with his general Farancu Collas, the mythological hero of prehistory? In our times, we don`t know much about the ancient period of the so called "Birth War". Renowned historians, archivators and archaeologists of the Golden Empire are nevertheless sure, that there must have been a great war in Hyboran (known under the name "Europe" in the ancient ages) and in other parts of Terra about 13000 years ago.

Was this the mythological "Birth War"? Was this the time of Artur the Great and his brave general Farancu Collas?

Many historians still insist, that the saga of the "Birth War" has a true core. They tell us, that our ancestors, the forefathers of the Aureanic men, have been saved by Artur the Great, as the old legend says. But in reality, we don`t know enough about prehistory to come to a satisfying result. So the question remains: Are these men just products of imagination or have they really lived?

Dronax von Asaheim, Higharchivator and Magister of Prehistory in the year 3981 after Malogor*

* 15231 A.D.


Frank looked up at the dark, cloud-covered sky for a second. Then he stared ahead again and recognized some dark shadows behind the veil of pouring rain in front of him. The heart of the rebel was pounding with excitement and fear, while Frank felt how the panic started to strangle him. Adrenaline shot through his veins, burning in his limbs like a corrosive acid. Now, the shadows came closer.

Besides Frank were dozens of other men, who were paralyzed with fear of death just like him. In these few seconds, he thought of Julia and tried to remember her beautiful face. He would never see her again, because today his life would end. The shades stepped forward.

"Firing squad ready!", it echoed through the rain.

In this moment, Frank wasn`t able to think anymore. Finally, the noise of a volley ripped the silence and agonizing pain seized Frank`s body. He broke down and fell headfirst onto the rain-soaked meadow...

Foreign Minister Wilden grabbed Frank`s shoulder, when the young man jumped up from his chair as if stung by a tarantula. A loud rumbling followed.

"What? What`s up?", stammered Kohlhaas confusedly, while a lot of heads turned around.

"I should ask you that, Frank! What is wrong with you?", whispered Wilden, feeling awkward. Artur Tschistokjow and the other members of the Belarusian government were puzzled.

"All right...just got frightened...", explained Frank meekly in Russian. The rest of the men was still staring at him.

The Belarusian rebel leader cleared his throat and tried to suppress a grin. He had already noticed, that Frank had dozed off during the conference.

"Is not interesting what we are talking

about?", asked Tschistokjow in German and tried to look strict and authoritarian again.

"All right, sorry!", whispered Frank, looking a little embarrassed at the ceiling.

Thorsten Wilden shook his head and muttered: "I don`t know what to say..."

The leader of the trooper units of the freedom movement just yawned quietly and took a small bottle from the table. Then he drank some orange juice and looked around.

Frank was sitting at a magnificent, long wooden table in the presidential palace in Minsk and around him were the members of Artur Tschistokjow`s new government and the president of Belarus himself.

Thorsten Wilden, the head of the village community of Ivas, briefly smiled at Frank, then he shook his head again and examined some documents. Artur Tschistokjow, the leader of the Freedom Movement of the Rus, that had come to power in Belarus and Lithuania, cleared his throat once more and said to the two Germans: "The political enemies in our country are defeated, my friends. All important positions are in the hands of our men. Now we can use television, radio and the newspapers to educate the people in the sense of the revolution."

"The Japanese want to form an alliance with us. Likewise, the Philippines. Yesterday, I have talked to the Japanese foreign minister Mori", returned Wilden.

"Well, I will sign the contracts tomorrow!", assured Tschistokjow.

Wilden nodded and studied the documents in front of him. Meanwhile, the President explained the current situation and spoke Russian again.

"In the coming months, we will use all tax receipts to overcome the social crisis and to create new jobs. The Global Trust Fond will no longer get a single Globe from Belarus and Lithuania - but that is obvious anyway. In addition, the days of the Globe are counted in our country. We will reintroduce the Rouble as an independent currency, and also establish an own state bank", explained the president to the members of his cabinet in their mother tongue.

"I am currently working on a concept to rebuild the heavy industry of Belarus. Furthermore, we must help the collapsed middle class. I will give you the documents tomorrow, Mr. Tschistokjow!", said Dr. Gugin, the minister for economic affairs.

"Remember what I have told you. We will resettle a part of the population in the rural areas as farmers, so that they can look after themselves. About the nationalization of the banks, we will speak in the next days", replied the leader of the Rus.

"Just as you wish, Mr. Tschistokjow", muttered Dr. Gugin and nodded approvingly.

Frank looked at his smart uniform. He had become a general. However, in a time of slow reconstruction of a crisis-torn country like Belarus, there was fortunately not much to do for him. Currently, everything seemed to be peaceful and the 33 year old man hoped, that this peace would last.

"What`s about the support of the Belarusian youth? I have thought about a national youth organization", remarked the minister for families and youth, a sturdy, brown-haired man named Ivan Morozow.

"Come to my office tomorrow. Then we will talk about everything. This topic is very important and must not be ignored!" Tschistokjow raised his forefinger and his blue eyes were shining.

"What does international press say to our revolution?", asked the president in German, looking at Frank and Wilden with a smile.

"You already know most of the reports, Mr. President. The reaction of the international media was reserved – more or less. Apparently, they give Belarus not more attention than the Philippines. And the situation is stable in Eastern Asia, as Mr. Mori has told me. Japan has sent about 50000 soldiers to the Philippines to support the revolutionary government", expounded the foreign minister.

"Well, no big reports about us from our friends of the international media! Nevertheless, they agitate against me, but it is not as bad as the campaign against Matsumoto before the Japanese war", said Tschistokjow and leaned back in his chair.

Meanwhile, Kohlhaas thoughtfully beheld the conference room and admired the old frescoes at the ceiling, which was covered with dark oak wood. Then he looked out the window and suddenly grinned to himself.

Thorsten Wilden called his good friend Artur Tschistokjow in this official round "Mr. President". Frank had to smile occasionally because of that. An elderly Russian, the minister for transport, Maximilian Lebed, looked at him quizzically at each grin and shrugged his shoulders.

The Belarusian head of state was now talking about the next steps to consolidate his political power, the elimination of unemployment and the boosting of the domestic industry.

The conference should still last for hours.

Finally, Tschistokjow pointed out that the minister for health should organize help for all citizens of Belarus, who had already been registered with the new implantation Scanchips of the World Government. It was important to remove these dangerous chips as soon as possible. About 200000 Belarusians hab been registered in the time before Tschistokjow`s takeover.

"So what? How was it?", asked Alfred B?umer, Frank`s best friend, when the young man slowly came down the numerous stairs which lead to the main entrance of the presidential palace.

"Artur is planning a lot. He is just a fascinating person. Wilden is still in his office", answered Kohlhaas.

"He wants to stay in Minsk today?"

"Yes, he will drive to his apartment after the meeting!"

B?umer pointed at the front wall of the presidential palace and smiled: "Look at this!"

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