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   Chapter 63 No.63

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Thorsten Wilden was now the foreign minister in Tschistokjow`s new cabinet. Frank Kohlhaas was solemnly appointed as a "General of the Volksarmee of Belarus". Piece by piece, the Rus took over the power in all regions of the land and after a few weeks they controlled the entire administration and the media.

Furthermore, thousands of servants of the fallen regime were arrested by Tschistokjow`s men. Although, many proxies of the World Government had already fled across the borders into the neighboring countries.

After his triumph, Artur Tschistokjow organized a huge mass rally in Minsk and announced the political goals of the new government. Other major events followed in all bigger cities across the country. Now it was time to act and to secure the won power by all available means. One important tool to influence the masses in the sense of the revolution, were the media, that repeated Tschistokjow`s principles again and again. In return, many journalists and editors of the past, who were viewed as treasoners, fell victim to a first execution campaign.

At the end of February, the Rus finally expanded the revolution to Lithuania. Tens of thousands of people besieged the headquarter of the Lithuanian government in Vilnius and forced the local administrator to resign too. The Lithuanian police went over to the rebels and the small number of GCF soldiers left the Baltic country without resisting. Artur Tschistokjow made Mikhail Gromov, the commander of the Lithuanian section of his organization, to the interim prime minister of the tiny land.

Soon after, the new rulers started a bloody crusade of revenge all over Belarus and in the southern Baltic. Special units under the leadership of Peter Ulljewski showed no mercy on those, who they regarded as collaborators and supporters of the World Government.

Tschistokjow did not talk much about these actions, but Frank and Alf knew that they were brutal and ruthless.

"We must destroy those, who wanted to destroy the future of our children!", he just said.

Tschistokjow gave his men free rein to start their retaliation campaign, if they only followed his orders.

?We must be hard! There is no more room for mercy and forbearingness in this struggle for the survival of our nation, because our enemy is much too dangerous to fight him half-heartedly!", preached the rebel leader in these days.

However, sub-governor Medschenko, his closest advisers and some other senior members of the fallen regime, had already fled to Russia.

Furthermore, Artur Tschistokjow expelled all the foreigners, who had been brought to Belarus and Lithuania by the lackeys of the World Government. In this context, there were still some riots in the bigger cities which were finally quelled by the police and Tschistokjow`s guardsmen. Those who did not leave the two countries vol

untarily, were forced to go if it was necessary.

"It`s done!", said Wilden, raising his glass, while the villagers in the old church of Ivas cheered at him. Frank had finally returned to his home village and enjoyed the short period of rest. Julia snuggled into his arm and Alf took another bottle of vodka from the table.

"My father will soon obtain another apartment in Minsk", said Julia.

"This will be necessary, he is our new foreign minister anyway!", answered Kohlhaas and smiled at her.

"I hope we will find some peace now...", groaned the daughter of the village boss.

"Peace? This must be a joke. Now, the real troubles begin! Don`t even think, that the World Government will just watch our little revolution, without doing anything", remarked Alf.

"Let`s forget all this crap for some hours, okay?", said Frank.

Without thinking twice, he kissed Julia and the young woman winced. Then they caressed each other, while B?umer shook his head.

"What a nice end, isn`t it?", he muttered and emptied his glass.

Frank and Julia did not pay attention to the grumpy giant. They just relaxed and banished all the policy from their minds. It was a wonderful evening.

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