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   Chapter 62 No.62

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 5962

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The rolling monsters came from behind the presidential palace and shot at everyone in their way, while Frank jumped like a cat behind a barricade. One of the tanks was destroyed by a bazooka, but the other vehicles unwaveringly rolled forward, mowing down a group of guardsmen.

"Who has anti-tank mines?", yelled Frank at some Russians.

The young men anxiously shrugged their shoulders. Kohlhaas dragged one of them behind the barrier and rummaged his backpack.

"Look! This is an anti-tank mine!", he hissed and held a limpet mine under the nose of the Russian.

Another armored vehicle detonated a few meters away from him, after another bazooka hit. Nevertheless, more and more guardsmen tried to escape from the dreaded vehicles. Frank jumped behind one of the armored beasts and heard a machine gun salvo sweeping over his head. He fixed the mine at the rear part of the tank, which exploded shortly thereafter with a loud bang.

Then the bazookas destroyed also the last enemy vehicle. They had finally taken the eastern part of the security zone.

Shortly afterwards, the rebels occupied the barricades, the GCF soldiers had built before. Now they had even conquered some heavy machine guns. During the next hour, they stopped a counterattack of the GCF and finally drove the enemy back towards the palace.

While Frank and his comrades struggled through the curtian fire of the defenders, Peter Ulljewski`s men, at the opposite side, were in a bloody firefight too. In the meantime, the large crowd tried to storm the presidential palace from the front. Tens of thousands of roaring, frenzied Belarusians clashed against the GCF soldiers in front of the huge building, while hundreds of men and women died in a murderous hail of bullets.

It was a slaughter. Within minutes, the first attackers fell down, screaming, bleeding and dying, while the onrushing crowd behind them was in such a frenzy, that they could not be stopped anymore.

The greatest part of the Belarusian policemen, who had followed the commands of the sub-governor so far, was seized by panic in the face of this carnage and fled or surrendered. Many of them were lynched by the raging citizens or shot down by Tschistokjow`s guardsmen. Finally, the remaining GCF soldiers ran back into the palace or fled too.

Frank gave his men the order to get through the side entrance of the huge building and the rebels stormed forward with a loud war cry. Some GCF soldiers fired out the windows in panic, and killed a lot of charging troopers.

"Give it to me!", yelled Alf, pulled a bazooka out of a guardsman`s hand and fired a thunderous shot at the front window. A deafening bang followed and concrete parts rained down on the heads of the men, while other guardsmen attacked the GCF soldiers in the building with grenade launchers.

Finally the Rus stormed the eastern part of the palace and mowed down everyone in their way with furious bursts. Frank jumped over the dead body of

a comrade, who was riddled with bullets, and threw a hand grenade into a side room. After a deafening detonation, three heavily wounded GCF soldiers staggered out of a cloud of smoke, tumbling directly in front of the muzzle of Kohlhaas` weapon.

He shot them down and looked grimly around to seek further enemies. Now he heard shots and screams, coming from the entrance of the presidental palace, while his guardsmen struggled through the chaos, trying to reach the next corridor.

Meanwhile, the angry crowd streamed through the magnificent entrance hall of the building and overpowered a group of enemy soldiers. Then they smashed everything around them to pieces in their unbridled fury.

Artur Tschistkjow stared at scenario in front of him. Dozens of dead and wounded men were lying everywhere in the hall. Suddenly, a soldier at the end of the ornate staircase, which led to the upper floor, was waving a white flag.

"Okay! We give up!", he shouted.

Some armed troopers pointed their guns at him, but Artur held them back.

"Everyone of you, who stops fighting now, will not be killed!", replied Tschistokjow.

The GCF soldier and a great number of his comrades finally came down the stairs and took the opportunity to surrender. Many raging citizens spat at them or tried to beat the soldiers, and the guardsmen had a lot of problems to stop the angry crowd from lynching the hated occupiers.

Frank and the survivors of his unit rushed into the hall and finally found Tschistokjow. The blond man smiled and embraced Kohlhaas with tears in his eyes.

"We have done it!", he gasped wearily.

"Yes, the presidential palace is taken!", yelled Frank and raised his fists. The people around him cheered in a flush of victory.

Artur Tschistokjow let the surviving GCF soldiers herd together and guard by his troopers. Then he walked up the stairs and walked down a long corridor, adorned with wall hangings and old paintings, right to the office of the sub-governor. His men followed him and started to sing the hymn of the freedom movement. Now Tschistokjow took a dragon head flag from one of his guardsmen, opened the window and waved it in front of the huge screaming crowd below him. He enjoyed this moving moment and closed his eyes. Tens of thousands of men and women were shouting his name – again and again.

Frank and Alf stood beside him and looked at the endless sea of people, covering the whole inner city of Minsk. Shortly thereafter, Wilden, who had a laceration on his forehead, entered the room too. The gray haired village boss was weeping for joy, and for a short moment he looked like a happy, young man again.

Dawn of Hope

Artur Tschistokjow was worshipped by the people like a newly crowned king and proclaimed the refoundation of the Belarusian state. Meanwhile, his men controlled the most important newspapers and TV stations in the country and spreaded the message of the revolution to the last corner of Belarus.

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