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   Chapter 61 No.61

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When the Russian rebel leader finally started his speech at 13.00 o`clock, he stood in front of more than 400000 people.

"How may he feel now?", thought Kohlhaas and held his breath.

The GCF soldiers behaved quietly at first, and tried to encircle the huge mass as good as possible. Thunderous applause and chants let the asphalt shake, countless flags were waved, while Tschistokjow stared at the boiling mass in front of him. Then it began.

?Belarusians, compatriots!

Today, I have come to Minsk to disempower the traitor Medschenko and his servants. And you will help me to end his tyranny!"

The crowd screamed and bawled. Artur Tschistokjow went on with his ardent speech and accused the government with cutting words. He demanded, that the GCF soldiers should lay down their weapons immediately, to give him access to the presidental palace.

"At the end of this day, our country will finally be free!", he shouted into the microphone.

The protesters screamed even louder, while more and more people came from everywhere to see Tschistokjow. Then the fanatic revolutionary gave the sub-governor an ultimatum to resign, till 15.00 o`clock.

"Give me the power now, Mr. Medschenko! Otherwise, the enslaved people of Belarus will storm your residence to get their freedom! Don`t challenge us anymore. Your time is over, Mr. Medschenko!", called Tschistokjow at the top of his lungs.

?Tanks!", Alf pointed at some of the scary vehicles which were coming toward the crowd from afar.

"At 14.30 o`clock, our unit will attack the GCF soldiers in the restricted area at the east side of the palace, got it?", said Frank.

Kohlhaas called the leaders of the guardsmen squads together. They should wait for his sign, apart from the crowd.

"We have some bazookas, if tanks or Skydragons appear", he explained.

"What`s about Peter Ulljewski?"

"He leads the other assault force that will attack the palace from the west. The rest comes from the front. If Medschenko doesn`t give up, we will have no other choice than attacking the GCF troops."

After Frank had uttered these words, he felt the anxiety growing inside him. The young man became aware of the fact that everything had to go smoothly today, otherwise the revolt would fail in the long term.

"We`ll put down these rats – they or us!", hissed Alf and clenched his fist. Then he went to the troopers, in order to give them further instructions.

While Artur brought the mass into a revolutionary frenzy and preached about the coming age of freedom and justice, the minutes passed without mercy. Nobody could tell anymore, how many people had meanwhile gathered around the security zone. During the last hour more and more had come, and many of them had armed

themselves with everything they could grab. A bloodless victory in today`s fight seemed to become increasingly unlikely.

As the clock showed 14.30, Frank, Alfred and 3000 armed guardsmen moved in a wide arc towards the eastern area of the presidental palace.

From a distance, they could hear Artur Tschistokjow`s angry voice, heating up the crowd which responded with loud cheers and screams. When Frank and his troopers moved through a side street, they came upon about 200 police officers, who raised their hands up and lay down their weapons. Frank ordered 50 of his men to guard them, while the rest of the unit marched forward. Now, his watch showed him that the ultimatum had expired.

"Mr. Medschenko! We all hope, that you are sensible enough to come out of the presidential palace now, to give me the rule over Belarus. I`ll give you another quarter of an hour. Resign now and this day will end without bloodshed. I also promise to spare you, though you do not deserve it!", shouted Tschistokjow defiantly.

But even these minutes passed without any reaction of Medschenko. The sub-governor had already escaped from Minsk two days ago, and had left it to the GCF and the police to protect the presidential palace. Meanwhile, he was in Moscow to seek asylum at his fellows.

"The time is up! Now, the people of Belarus will take their freedom by force!", heard Frank the leader of the Rus call in the background. The crowd roared and shots were fired. It became bloody.

"Follow me!", shouted Frank and waved his men nearer. They ran forward and started to fire immediately, while the first GCF soldiers became visible behind a barricade.

The rebels attacked them with a loud scream and some hand grenades detonated. Frank and Alf jumped behind a car. The numerically superior Russians swarmed out and charged the GCF soldiers behind the barricades from two sides. Frank crawled to a battered car, while he heard bullets hitting the sheet of the vehicle.

B?umer hurled a hand grenade and ripped a hole into the barricade in front of him. Some GCF soldiers ran screaming out of a cloud of smoke.

With a loud warcry the troopers in the gray shirts rushed forward, fired at their enemies and slaughtered them in a brutal shooting and stabbing. One of the rebels even had a flamethrower on his back and unleashed a fiery jet on the soldiers behind the cover.

"They`re trying to backtrack towards the palace!", shouted Frank and shot a GCF soldier in the back.

Kohlhaas looked around. A few dozen rebels were dead or wounded. The rest rushed forward, screaming loudly. Suddenly a heavy machine gun salvo pounded through the mass of the charging guardsmen.

"Damn! Four of these tanks!", shouted Alf and hit the dirt.

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