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   Chapter 60 No.60

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However, Artur Tschistokjow put his focus on Minsk. If it would fail to conquer the capital and to force Medschenko to resign, then the successes in the smaller cities would be effectless in the long term.

Tschistokjow finally sent his guardsmen units to Minsk and his men gathered in the vicinity of the capital. Countless Belarusians joined the great march, in spite of the freezing cold, and were now waiting for the signal to advance.

Frank commanded a combat group of over 3000 men, who had gathered in Zdanovicy. Alf remained steadfastly at his side - as always.

After an uncomfortable night of hungering and freezing, the guardsmen units started to move towards Minsk, in the gray of dawn of 04.02.2036. Meanwhile, Medschenko`s last loyal helpers, the GCF occupation troops and some police squads, had sealed off the capital and especially the government district. All in all, it were almost 15000 soldiers, and the policemen, who had not changed sides yet.

Thousands of rebels were marching across closed highways and access roads. They came by car, by foot, with trucks or even occupied trains. Many of them were equipped with modern firearms, others had just axes, iron bars or clubs.

On Wilden`s advice, Artur Tschistokjow had commanded his men to occupy some strategically important places, which were responsible for the water and electricity supply of the capital. Here, it came to the first firefights of the day, against GCF soldiers and policemen. Slowly the sun rose on the horizon, but just a few of his rays came through the thick, gray cloud cover. It was incredibly cold and lightly snowing. The merciless frost had tormented the men during the whole night. The most of them had not eaten something, because the rations were largely depleted. But Kohlhaas ignored his stomach growling as best he could.

The Belarusian troopers started to sing a song and some of them held Russia or dragon head flags in their frozen hands. Frank marched at the head of the column. Alf walked next to him and gave him a tired smile.

"I suggest to make the next revolution in the summer months!", joked the loyal companion. Frank just nodded and rolled his eyes.

From afar, he could see the outlines of Minsk in the twilight of the morning. The capital was still a fair way off. The marching column moved forward on a broad asphalt street. Several cars had been parked on the roadside and occasionally some people waved at them. Others joined the gray uniformed crowd and started to sing too.

Three big trucks drove past them. It were a few dozen Rus, who cheered loudly, holding their flags out the windows. On one of the cars was a stationary machine gun and a group of freezing men had crouched around it.

After an hour, they had r

eached the outskirts of Minsk. It was snowing heavily now, and some of the Russians started to curse. As they moved through a prefab neighborhood, hundreds of citizens joined the marching column and within a short time about 2000 people followed the guardsmen.

"If it goes belly-up today...", worried Frank.

"We must conquer this city. There is no more turning back now!", said Alf with stoic composure.

Shortly afterwards, Frank stopped the column and called Artur. Meanwhile, more and more people were joining the growing crowd, cheering and screaming loudly.

"Where are you now?", asked Frank.

"I`m in the south of Minsk. We are still waiting for some other groups", answered Tschistokjow.

"How many are you?"

"Maybe about 30000 people!"

"That many? Sounds good!"

"It`s still morning, Frank. Many thousands of people will still come. Everywhere are followers of me!"

After the phone call Frank felt a bit more confident. He yelled some instructions and the column continued to move forward.

"Today Tschistokjow will liberate our country!", chanted the crowd and still more people came out of their houses.

"The meeting point is in front of the security zone, near the presidential palace in the inner city. Artur says, that a great number of our men is still on its way", said Kohlhaas.

Now the citizens brought the rebels some food. Frank ordered a short rest, then they marched on. The guardsmen had still some kilometers to walk and it was exhausting and arduous, apart from the growing tension that slowly took over the minds of the men.

The column marched up a shopping street, crossed another prefab neighborhood and stopped at a large square, where it was awaited by thousands of screaming people. It took about two hours until they had finally reached the inner city. Meanwhile, Minsk was slowly awaking, while men and women were pouring to the streets, yelling, singing - and willing to end Medschenko`s reign today.

When Frank and his men arrived at the presidental palace, they came upon a giant crowd. Frank had never seen that many people in his whole life. It were tens of thousands.

"It`s 11.00 o`clock now. This looks encouraging!", said Frank fascinated.

"Somewhere in this mass must be Wilden and the others", returned Alf.

"Artur has told me, that the rally will start at 13.00 clock. We still have two hours."

Countless men and women were clogging the streets of the inner city of Minsk to the last corner. In the meantime, the GCF soldiers had planted themselves around the presidential palace and in some outlying districts. They were now facing not only the ordinary Belarusians, but also the renegade policemen, who had come in their uniforms to support Tschistokjow`s rebellion.

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