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   Chapter 59 No.59

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 5625

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While B?umer was taking care of Viktor`s mother and tried to calm the crying old woman somehow, Frank was on his way to the southern part of Grodno. A taxi brought him to the hotel and he got out of the car in a narrow side street. Then he ran through some alleys and finally came to a large, dark building.

"Room 32, Floor 5...", he whispered under his breath and reached for the weapon under his jacket. Frank put on a black baseball cap, trying to hide his face as best he could, and went inside.

A young woman at the reception briefly smiled at him and asked something in Russian, but Kohlhaas just nodded and tried to smile too. Finally, he ran up the staircase. Meanwhile, it was 23.15 o`clock. An old man, dragging some cases down, met him on the stairs. Frank murmured a silent greeting and peered down the dimly lit corridor of the 5th floor.

Nobody seemed to be here. Somewhere behind the door next to him he heard a television. Kohlhaas remained pensive for a few minutes, standing in a dark corner.

"It must go quickly now!", he said to himself and screwed a silencer on his gun. A minute later, he crept to the door of room 32 and took a deep breath. The adrenaline shot into his head and his heart started to pound wildly. The young man closed his eyes, looked around for a last time and took aim at the door lock.

"Pffft! Pffft!"

Little splinters of wood flew around and he gained access to the unlit room with a powerful kick.

"Kto sdjes?", he heard out of a corner and a confused man in a brown leather jacket leapt out of the darkness. Frank shot him directly in the head and jumped forward. In the corner of his eye, he could see Julia who had been bound to a chair, staring at him with wide open eyes.

"Frank!", she yelled.


"Frank! Behind you!"

Kohlhaas turned around in a flash and recognized another man, coming out of the small shower room next to him. The GSA agent pulled a gun and tried to take aim at him with a terrified look. Frank stepped to the side and fired wildly around. A bullet hit his opponent in the shoulder and the man staggered backwards, screaming in pain. Frank continued to shoot at him until the GSA man slid down the bloodstained wall.

"There`s another one! He is out to fetch cigarettes and will come back in the next minutes. I can`t believe that you...", stammered Julia excitedly.

"We must take to our heels!", gasped Kohlhaas, cutting the fetters with his knife and dragging her out of the hotel room.

They hurried down the stairs and ran past some startled hotel guests. Then they disappeared in the dark streets of Grodno, while Frank called B?umer immediately.

Alf apologized to Viktor`s mother for the inconveniences and finally left her alone. During the night, Frank and Julia hid in a vacant building

and met him in the early morning hours.

They stole a car and drove back to Kaunas in Lithuania. Here, Steffen de Vries picked them up with his plane and brought them safely back to their snowbound home village.

Thorsten Wilden and his wife could not believe it. They were besides themselves with joy and totally upset, when they held their only child in their arms again. Frank had never seen Wilden that happy and joyful before. He was crying like a little child and could hardly put his gratitude into words.

Kohlhaas was once again the great hero for all, and the whole village paid homage to him - so much, that Frank was almost embarrassed at times. Julia seemed to idolize him now and he could rightly claim, that he had finally won her heart with this rescue mission. It was a strange feeling. Now he had conquered the pretty woman, but he still remained restrained and uncertain. The praise, coming from all sides, and Julia`s adoring glances, made him feel more confused than inspired. So he avoided to meet Wilden`s daughter in the following days, and did not really know why.

"Maybe I`m only suitable for combat. Peace and love are still foreign to me", he said to himself.

The month had come to an end. Cold and hunger were tormenting the people of Belarus like never before, while chaos and anarchy were spreading at breakneck speed in the big cities. Food stores were stormed by hungry crowds and sometimes the looters slayed each other for the last piece of bread. Artur Tschistokjow finally decided, that the time was ripe to risk everything.

On 01.02.2036, he gave the order to attack the government of the sub-sector "Belarus-Baltic", what should end with the overthrow in Minsk. On the following morning, his armed units began to form big combat groups and officially took over the most small towns of the country. The majority of police stations was occupied without bloodshed and the officers were disarmed. Often the Belarusian policemen even went over to the Rus.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the freedom movement mustered their supporters and organized protest marches and rallies, which propagated Artur Tschistokjow`s takeover. Administration buildings, press agencies, radio and broadcasting stations were captured at first in the smaller towns and cities.

Where the servants of the World Government tried to oppose, the rebels put them down with brute resoluteness, and showed that they were ready for anything now. In some small towns, even the local police helped the Rus to oust the political opponents. At the same time, the big cities of Belarus were shaken by riots and strikes. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of workers had laid down their work and banded together, either spontaneously or under the direct guidance of members of the freedom movement.

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