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   Chapter 58 No.58

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An elderly woman, walking with crutches, let him into her apartment. The young man welcomed her warmly and finally went inside. Frank and Alf stalked after him and listened at the door.

"It`s his mother. He has used the word "Matj", hasn`t he?", whispered Kohlhaas.

They hid in a dark corner in the hallway. After about an hour, Viktor left the apartment again. The old woman hobbled after him, still chatting loudly in Russian. Then Viktor walked down to the entrance of the house. B?umer had to retain his friend once more.

When they were back in the motel, Frank walked nervously through the room and Alf looked at him, shaking his head. "And now?"

"Great! Now we know, where Viktor`s mother lives!", growled Kohlhaas. "We should grab that guy and have another smalltalk. I swear, I will make him talk!"

"Use your brain, Frank!", moaned B?umer and sat down on his bed.

"What next?", grumbled Frank.

"I have a better idea. Mrs. Wilden has given you Viktor`s phone number, right?"

"Yes, she has! So what?"

"We`ll do another thing! It is mean, but we are dealing here with the GSA and therefore we also have to be nasty!"

Frank frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I`ll explain it to you...", said Alf.

Meanwhile, they were already sitting and waiting in the basement of the apartment building since hours. It was getting dark outside.

"What time is it?", whispered Frank.

"It`s 21.34 o`clock...", answered B?umer.

"Okay, let`s go!"

They hurried upstairs and looked around nervously, then they crept over the hallway of the third floor. Frank listened at the door of Viktor`s mother. Inside, they heard the noise of a TV. Kohlhaas knocked on the door and looked at Alf, while a quiet rumbling came out of the apartment.

"Kto sdjes?", asked the old woman.

Frank cleared his throat and tried to sound friendly. He explained in a few words, that he was a friend of Viktor and was searching for him. For half a minute the two men heard no sound, then the door was opened and a kind, old lady looked out. "Viktor nje domoi!"

She was interrupted in the next second. Alf came from the side, pushed her back into the apartment at full tilt, and pressed his hand on her mouth. Frank closed the door and held his gun under the nose of the terrified woman. She started to moan anxiously, while Alf dragged her into

the living room and told her to be quiet. Shortly afterwards, Frank dialed Viktor`s phone number and waited.

?Da! Sdjes Viktor!"

?Hello! It′s me! Frank Kohlhaas from Ivas!"

?Hey, Frank! What`s up?"

?Tell me where Julia is, Viktor! Where did the GSA men bring her?", growled Frank into the phone.

"What GSA men?", asked Viktor with surprise.

?Don`t tell me shit, Viktor! I know, that Julia has visited you!"

"What? She has never been here!", answered the young man at the other end of the line.

?Viktor, we know she has visited you. Tell me now, where she is!", barked Frank into the receiver.

"I don`t know, what you want, idiot! Fuck you!", nagged Viktor and replaced.

Frank called him again and this time the Russian was really angry.

?What the fuck do you want from me, Frank?"

Kohlhaas was fuming with rage. ?Do you hear that?"

"Pomogai me, Viktor! Paschalusta!", wailed the old woman, when Alf held the phone in front of her mouth.

?What the hell...?", stammered Viktor.

?We got your mother! Tell me where Julia is, or we will kill her! This is no fucking joke!", threatened Frank.

Viktor seemed to be shocked and whispered something in Russian. Then he was silent.

?If you hurt her, I will kill you, Frank!", he yelled then.

Frank stayed calm and answered: ?Okay, we make a deal. We know, that you are a traitor. But I give a shit on that. Just tell me, where the GSA has brought Julia. Then we let your mother go!"

Alf finally took the phone and gave it to the old woman who begged her son for help, moaning and crying all the time. Then Frank continued to talk with Viktor again und stressed, that he and Alf would immediately kill his mother, if he did not cooperate.

Suddenly the Russian started to wail too and told him, that the GSA had forced him to become an informer.

?They have forced you to do it?", said Frank. "I don`t believe a word. But I don`t care about that. You must live with it, not me. Now tell me where Julia is!"

Viktor explained him that the GSA men had brought Wilden`s daugther to a hotel in the south of the city. A few minutes later, Kohlhaas had all the necessary informations to strike off.

?If you lie to me, call the police or tell someone anything, Alf will kill your mother!", hissed Frank into the receiver, put back and left the apartment

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