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   Chapter 57 No.57

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Viktor looked at him thoughtfully and scraped with his fingers on the leather of the armchair. Then he answered sadly: "Yes, Julia wanted to visit me, but she never came. Where is she?"

"She did not come to you, Viktor?", asked Alf.

"No! I`m still waiting for her, my friends. I wanted to talk to her. We are no couple anymore, just good friends..."

"Just good friends!", muttered Frank and nodded, staring at the ceiling.

"I`m full of sorrows!", remarked Viktor.

"Same here!", said Frank.

The handsome young man waved his hand and made a sad impression. "I can not help you, my friends. Sorry!"

Frank and Alfred looked at each other and did not answer him.

"Shit!", hissed Kohlhaas.

Then Viktor talked with them about all kinds of unimportant things and asked them to tell Julia, that she should immediately give him a shout, when she would reappear. The Russian suddenly stood up and went to the toilet. His two guests remained on the sofa, totally frustrated.

"Do you think, that he is telling the truth?", asked Frank his friend.

"Why should he tell us crap?"

"I don`t trust the guy!"

"You hate him, because Julia still seems to like him!"

"Well, maybe you`re right. Anyway, he can`t help us. We should go..."

Meanwhile, Alf had put is forefinger in a narrow gap between the seat cushions of the sofa, moving it back and forth absentmindedly. Suddenly he sensed a tiny piece of paper and pulled it out. Frank had closed his eyes and looked tired.

"The disaster takes its course. It was all in vain", he thought to himself and let out a sigh.

In the meantime, Alf tried decipher the Cyrillic text on the piece of paper which he had pulled out of the gap between the seat cushions. It was a receipt of a gas station, from 06.01.2036.

"Vladimir Zolinski, gas station, Prienai", he read out quietly.

Alf crumpled up the little piece of paper, without thinking.

A toilet flushing resounded, while B?umer put the receipt into his coat pocket. The Russian came back into the living room again.

"Thanks! We have to go now!", explained Frank and they went to the door.

?Okay! I hope Julia is all right!", returned Viktor and shook their hands.

After a few minutes, they had almost reached the entrance door of the apartment block. Frank kicked angrily against the banister and Alf seemed to muse.

"What a mess! We`ll never find her!", muttered Kohlhaas and looked at his friend.

Suddenly B?umer stopped, took a deep breath and hastily scrabbled in the pocket of his coat.

"What are you doing?", growled Frank.

"Hold up!"

Alf finally pulled out the crumpled-up piece of paper and stared at it. He breathed heavily.

"Today is the 10th of January, right?"

"Yes! Why?", returned Frank. "What`s up?"

"This is a receipt of a gas station. It is dated on 06.01.2036 - three days ago. I have found it between the cushions of Viktor`s sofa..."

"So fucking what? Don`t waste my time with this crap?"

"Somebody has tanked up his car at the gas station in Prienai. This is the first gas station you reach, if you come from Ivas and drive further towards the highway!"

"Yes, I know that gas station, but...?", replied Kohlhaas casually.

"But why was this receipt between the cushions of Viktor`s sofa?"

Frank winced and stumbled against the banister. He looked at Alf with mouth agape and was dumbfounded.

March on Minsk

The two had gone back to her motel room and Alf was trying to calm Frank, who was raging like a mad bull.

"I`m going to beat the shit out of this guy!", clamored the young man.

"Start thinking, Frank! We need another strategy!", said B?umer.

"That bastard is a traitor! He is working for the GSA. I gonna kill him!"

"Now stop this shit! Get a grip! We must keep a cool head!", meant Alf, touching Frank`s shoulder.

Kohlhaas growled quietly and muttered some curses. Alf suddenly came to him and said: "We lie in wait and shadow Viktor. Perhaps we will find out something."

"Shadow him? I gonna cut his treacherous throat!", hissed Frank.

"Yes, run around, scream and shoot – idiot!", replied Alf.

They finally left the motel and positioned themselves in a doorway near Viktor`s apartment block. Several times, B?umer had to stop his hot-blooded friend who wanted to kick in the entrance door and attack the Russian. Both men waited until the evening and were freezing. But Viktor did not show up.

On the next day, they had more luck. The Russian came out of his house around noon and the two men followed him quietly through some streets. Eventually, Viktor stopped and went into another apartment block. Frank and Alfred scurried after him and tried to keep him in sight.

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