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   Chapter 56 No.56

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Kohlhaas put on a coat and dragged the whining Wilden out of the house on the street, Alf ran after him. "Come on! We will need you!"

B?umer wondered and did not really know, what he should do now, while Frank and the village boss trudged through the high snow towards Wilden`s house.

It took over an hour until Agatha Wilden had calmed down a bit, and again and again she sobbed and whimpered silently. Fortunately, however, she had kept the address of Viktor.

"I need to go to Grodno!", said Frank, while Wilden was wailing quietly.

"To Grodno? How do you want to reach it? There is a whole meter of snow on the roads which lead out of Ivas. Since last night, nobody can leave this village anymore!", snivelled Agatha.

"Maybe by plane!", answered Kohlhaas and waved Wilden and his wife nearer.

"Maybe...", muttered the village boss desperately.

"Follow me!", said Frank and opened the front door. Then he walked down the snow-covered street. Wilden was trudging after him.

Steffen de Vries, the good-natured Fleming with the reddish beard, looked a little baffled, when he had to leave the breakfast table, because Frank and Wilden had yelled something in front of his house. He surly opened the door.

Kohlhaas explained the situation with all necessary urgency and the horrified Belgian followed his remarks. Thorsten Wilden was silent and just whimpered quietly.

"Flying? In this weather? This is more than dangerous, Frank", meant Steffen.

"I know that, but it doesn`t snow right now, this might be a chance to get out here. You just have to bring me out of the village, then I will get to Grodno on my own", said Frank, and also tried to reassure Steffen de Vries now.

"This is risky!", muttered the Fleming.

"You will do it!", shouted the village boss and the thick Belgian cringed.

"I will call Alf and get my gun and my cell phone. See you soon!"

Frank raced through the deep snow as fast as he could and finally came back with B?umer, who was still overwhelmed with the situation and only mumbled away to himself.

Shortly afterwards, Steffen de Vries brought the two men to Varena. When Alf told him, that the village community was no secret anymore, the Flemish family father was horror-struck and remained silent for the rest of the flight. From Varena, Frank and Alf finally continued their trip to Grodno by train. They arrived at the city in the early evening and found a place to sleep in a small guesthouse.

"Basically, that stupid cow hasn`t deserved anything else!", growled B?umer and went to bed.

"I`m mainly doing this for Thorsten and the revolution!", answered Frank and yawned.

"A likely story, Kohlhaas!"

"Do you want to start an argument with me, before we go to sleep?", grumbled Frank angrily.

"Thus, I`m doing it only for the revolution and not for that stupid bimbo!", scolded Alf.

"She is no bimbo!"

Alf grinned cynically. "Nevertheless, your beloved valkyrie behaves like one!"

"Anyhow, the revolution must come now, otherwise we are all fucked up", said Frank with concern.

"I know. This is nothing but a nightmare."

They talked for another hour and had to force themselves to sleep. Much to deep, the fears and sorrows stuck in their minds. Today they had learned, that their warm and safe nest, the little village of Ivas, was no longer secret. And troubles with the GSA were no fun at all. It was a disaster.

"This is the Staraya Ulitsa!", said Frank, pointing at a rusty street sign.

"Viktor lives in number 117. Finally, Grodno is pretty big - and ugly", answered Alf and fetched his DC-stick.

Some minutes later, they reached a gray apartment block. A huge load of snow had piled up on the edge of the sidewalk and a lof of blue garbage bags stood in front of the exterior wall.

Frank pressed a bell button and waited for a short moment, then the entrance door opened with a hum. They went up the stairs to the fourth floor. Now, someone was yelling in Russian in the hallway. It was Viktor. Frank ran towards him. The athletic man looked a bit puzzled at first, but then he put on a smile.

"Hey, Viktor! I`m Frank. Can you remember me?"

Alf came from behind and welcomed the young man too.

"Yes, hello Frank! And hello Alf! What are you doing here in Grondo?"

"We have to ask you a few things. Can we come in?", said Kohlhaas and Viktor stared suspiciously at him.

He hesitated for some seconds and looked around. Finally he nodded. "Yes! Sure! Come in, my friends!"

They followed him and sat down in a beautifully furnished living room. The young man disappeared into a side room.

"Do you want to drink something?", they heard.

"No, thanks!", answered the two in unison.

The Russian came back, sat down in a chair and lit a cigarette. "What can I do for you?"

"We are looking for Julia! Her father, Thorsten Wilden, has told us that she has gone to Grodno - to visit you", said Frank.

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