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   Chapter 55 No.55

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"They got Julia!", he said and ran into the kitchen. "Do you understand? They know everything!"

Frank and Alf looked at each other, not knowing what to say. "Thorsten? Are you okay?"

"They have my little angel, the GSA!", stammered the gray-haired man, gasping for breath.

"What are you talking about, Thorsten?"

"Julia has driven to Grodno - three days ago. She wanted to meet that Viktor, I don`t know any details. This morning, a call, the GSA! They got my Julia!", lamented Wilden.

Frank spat a big splash of coffee on the table and almost fell out of his chair. "What? You`re kidding…?"

"The GSA has called me this morning, telling me that they have kidnapped Julia. They know about me and my influence on Artur Tschistokjow. They know everything about us - and Ivas! Damn!"

B?umer eyes almost fell out of his skull, Frank was chalky white and puffed quietly. "I hope you are kidding, Thorsten! This can`t be true!"

"No! This is not a stupid joke! It`s the truth! I swear it!", cried Wilden.

His facial expression did not look, as if he was joking, not at all. Wilden`s eyes stared around with sheer horror, then he began to wail. Frank and Alf offered their guest a chair and the man sank down, totally exhausted. Finally he started to cry and incoherently stammered something. Frank had never seen him in a condition like this before.

"This is a fucking nightmare! God!", muttered B?umer, holding his head.

After a while Wilden was able to describe the situation, more or less understandable. Apparently, Julia had driven to Grodno three days ago, after Viktor had asked her to forgive him and had further invited her to some kind of "peace talk".

In spite of the dangerous weather, the pretty daughter of the village boss had accepted Viktor`s offer and had immediately driven off. Since then, Mr. and Mrs. Wilden had not heard anything from her. Until this morning, when Wilden had taken a disturbing phone call. Someone, who had introduced himself as a GSA agent, had told Wilden, that they had kidnapped his daughter. He had described her appearance in detail, and a few minutes later Julia had been allowed to talk to her father.

"That`s the truth!", wailed the old man and tore his hair. "I haven`t forbidden her to drive to Grodno. God, I`m such an idiot! This weather is dangerous enough…God!"

"Why Julia?", asked B?umer with confusion.

"These swines know about me!

They observe us since some months, and they seem to know everything about Ivas – and, above all, about me. That guy from the GSA has told me that they know about my big influence on Tschistokjow. Furthermore, they are informed that Artur is planning an assault on Minsk…"

"And what shall you do for them now?", asked Frank.

"I shall dissuade Artur from the march on Minsk!", cried Wilden, banging on the table.


"Artur mostly heeds my strategic advices, you know that. I shall confuse him, make him indecisive and tell him that the attempt to conquer Minsk is madness. Moreover, I shall stop the financing of the freedom movement immediately. I have managed it with a lot of secret accounts yet!"

"I can`t believe it!", stammered Frank, holding his head totally overwhelmed.

"If I don`t cooperate, they will kill Julia!", said Wilden.

"Those bastards!", growled Alf and smashed his cup against the wall.

Frank tried to think clearly and nervously scratched his back of the head. "How do they know all that?"

"To hell! I don`t know it!", lamented the village boss.

"She wanted to visit Viktor?", muttered Frank, while his face contorted itself in rage. Then he hissed: "More exactly please, Thorsten!"

"How many times has Viktor actually been in Ivas?", inquired B?umer.

"Several times! He often stayed with us. He wasn`t very interested in politics, this was my impression. Anyway, we didn`t talk very much", answered Wilden.

"But he still leads the group in Grodno, right?", said Kohlhaas in wonder.

"More or less, he has quickly given the leadership to another man and finally retired into private life. At least, in the second row. I just don`t know it! Shit!"

"I thought, that Julia and Viktor had agreed to part ways?", grumbled Frank and seemed to fume with rage.

"Yes, I thought so too. I have no idea, what is going on in Julia`s head. These GSA men must have observed her for a while…", replied Wilden and continued wailing.

B?umer angrily looked at Frank. "Do you suspect Viktor? This is nonsense! He isn`t responsible for all this!"

"I haven`t said that!", said Frank and turned round.

"What shall I do now?" The village boss broke out into tears again.

"Where does Viktor live? Do you have an address?"

"Oh, Frank! Yes, somewhere at home. I think, Agatha has his address. After all, he has visited us several times. Yes, we must find…"

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