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   Chapter 54 No.54

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In the meantime, Frank, Alf, Sven and thousands of other Rus spreaded Tschistokjow`s propaganda in all parts of the country. For meetings with Julia, Kohlhaas had no more time in these days.

Some of Tschistokjow`s men also prepared a general strike of the Belarusian workers and infiltrated numerous production complexes and factories. At the beginning of November, there were further demonstrations all over the country, which were organized by the local group leaders. Meanwhile, the police mostly avoided confrontations with the rebels.

Tschistokjow himself had also ordered his followers to use violence only in emergency situations. This brought the Rus a lot of sympathies among the frustrated policemen and the local administrators, who slowly realized that something had to change.

Finally, the winter of 2035 came over Belarus, Lithuania and the surrounding countries like an angry nemesis. Already in December, the land was assaulted by a harsh wave of ice and snow which was wrapping everthing in an unbearable cold. Hundreds of homeless and poor people froze to death within a few days in the cities and villages in the Baltic countries and in Belarus. Right now, in the days of massive price increases for oil and gas, the people were haunted by cruel, freezing temperatures, causing a state of wrath and despair in millions of households.

Many Belarusians feared not to survive the cold period. In addition, the rest of the still intact domestic economy collapsed, and also the transport system broke down, as a result of the first massive snowfalls. It was that state of hopelessness and despair, which Artur Tschistokjow and his followers had always hoped for. The rebel leader called the upcoming cold snap, with a certian cynicism, a "gift of God".

Hundreds of thousands of people who had so far behaved quietly, and had not shown their displeasure with the government, were now driven into the arms of the Rus by freezing temperatures and social hardship. The winter whipped them out of their lethargy and literally forced them to show their colors.

At first Artur Tschistokjow went to Moghilev, where he held a mass demonstration of more than 50000 people, who mostly came from the city and the surrounding villages and small towns. The freezing and starving crowd besieged the city hall and attacked the police. This time, the armed guardsmen had a lot of problems to maintain peace, but finally prevented a bloody street fight.

Some Belarusian policemen even joined the march at the end, because they suffered more and more under the lack of salary payments and the rising prices for food, oil and gas. In the middle of December, the situation became still worse. This onset of winter was so extreme that the food supply collapsed in some parts of Belarus.

Frank, Alfred and all their comrades took this opportunity to spread the propaganda of their political leader even more vigorously, hammering the slogans of t

he revolution into the heads of the despaired. Armed units of the Freedom Movement of the Rus took over the power in many villages and small towns in the north of the country - with the connivance of the local police and the authorities, that partly joined the rebellion.

The local administrator of Vitebsk was lynched by an angry mob in front of his house, a few days before Christmas. One week later, Artur Tschistokjow came to the city and spoke in front of almost 30000 people. The local police accepted his march through the streets and avoided any conflicts. Meanwhile, Medschenko had already lost control over the situation. In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and other cities in Russia and the Ukraine, it also came to riots and hunger revolts, which could be quelled by the security forces after a few days.

Any Christmas parties and the New Year`s festival were cancelled in Ivas this time, because the most inhabitants of the village were helping the Rus, supporting their nationwide propaganda campaign. Now, the Belarusian capital of Minsk had to be taken. The time seemed to be ripe for the great march on Minsk, Tschistokjow was dreaming about since years. However, the preparations were in full swing.

"The new year must end with the victory of the revolution!", repeated the rebel leader incessantly.

So they took up all their power, their hate and their hope, to begin the all-important, large-scale attack on the wavering enemy in January 2036.

Frank yawned and crawled out of his bed. Since two days he was back in Ivas and tried to enjoy some free days. Last night the snow had covered the small village with a giant white sheet. They were completely snowed in.

"Damn!", whispered the young man to himself, looking out the window. Ice flowers studded the glass and blocked the view at the small garden behind the house, which had been smothered by a thick blanket of snow.

"Now we are trapped in this dump!", he heard a voice behind him.

It was Alf. The tall man was shivering from cold and trudged to the old wood fired oven in the living room.

"What a mess! I`ve never seen so much snow in my whole life. Hopefully, our roof won`t crush down sometime", muttered Frank and entered the kitchen.

The two men drank some coffee and slowly awaked. After a while they felt the upcoming heat, which was crawling from the living room to the still cold kitchen, giving the room a tolerable temperature.

"The revolution must start without us!", joked Frank and looked for something to eat. Suddenly he startled up. Someone was knocking on the door.

"Yes, we are already here. Take it easy!", roared B?umer annoyedly and hurried down the hallway.

"Alf, thank God, you are at home! Let me in!", Frank heard a familiar voice behind the front door.

It was the voice of Thorsten Wilden. The village boss was exhausted and confused, his clothes were wet and he was staring into space, while Kohlhaas came nearer.

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