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   Chapter 53 No.53

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"Anyway! That is not my affair…"

"No problem!", said Julia, smiling again.

"Well, it`s nice, that you`re back in town!"

"I would have never left Ivas. I like our village far too much…"

Frank examined the church again, then he looked at the bottom of his glass which was covered with frothy milk. They chatted about some superficial stuff. After an hour, the two left the cafe and wandered around aimlessly.

"See you later! It was really nice. We should meet more often. What do you think, Frank?", she asked and gave Kohlhaas a wink. Then she walked down the street.

"Yes, sure!", answered the young man and went back home too. Soon he had reached his house, opened the door and disappeared inside. He finally went into his bedroom to muse about his life.

A few days later, Kohlhaas drove to Belarus and stayed there for some weeks. He tried to forget Julia and all the other private things, and distributed newspapers and leaflets, together with the other young men from Ivas. At the end of the month, the Rus demonstrated in Bresk in the south of the country. Tschistokjow had mobilized about 15000 people. Before the rally, violent clashes between Belarusians and immigrants from Asia Minor had shaken the city for days. Two men had died and several dozens had been wounded. However, the demonstration itself ran smoothly. The local police did not disturb the Rus and GCF soldiers did not appear on this day.

Obviously, Medschenko and his advisors had meanwhile realized, that pressure and terror were not the right means against Tschistokjow and his followers. In October, the Belarusian government finally announced the increase of the prices for oil and gas. A wave of anger swept across the country and the Freedom Movement of the Rus reached an unknown degree of popularity among the people. Moreover, there were spontaneously organized strikes of steel workers in Minsk and Nowopolozk, and Medschenko had to make concessions for the first time. He finally accepted some minor higher wages for steel workers.

"Wait, until it is really cold. Then the boiler will explode!", predicted Artur in these days again and again.

And Frank and the others waited. Meanwhile, the young man also believed, that the situation in Belarus might make an uprise possible in the near future.

Abnormal System End

At the end of October, the Freedom Movement of the Rus made its first major rally in Lithuania. Artur Tschistokjow had chosen Vilnius, the political center of the country. At the same time, there were also some smaller demonstrations in five other Lithuanian cities.

About 10000 men and women marched through the streets of Vilnius, where they encountered a much more aggressive police than in Belarus. After just half an hour it came to heavy riots

and firefights. The roughly 500 armed troopers, who were led by Frank and Peter Ulljewski, had a short shootout with the Lithuanian security forces and thirty guardsmen and several officers were killed.

Artur Tschistokjow eventually stopped the rally, before they had reached the inner city and Frank and his friends from Ivas fled to Vitebsk. This time, the media of the administration sector "Eastern Europe" reported about the failed demonstration of the Rus with their usual scorn. The newscasters spoke of "criminals", "terrorists" and "rioters". The agitation lasted almost two weeks. Nevertheless, Artur and his followers were not discouraged. After all, the smaller rallies in the other Lithuanian cities had ended peacefully. After the rally in Vilnius, also Igor, the leader of the Lithuanian section, was arrested by the police and a little later executed, because of "breach of the peace". The media extensively reported about it again.

"That was big shit!", hissed Frank, picking in the mashed potatoes on his plate which Alf had cooked.

His tall friend nodded and replied: "I won`t join another demonstration in Lithuania, this is too dangerous for us. We will only attract the attention of the authorities to our village!"

"It has been Wilden`s brilliant idea – once more!", Grumbled Kohlhaas.

"If we would really take over the power in Belarus one day, we can also liberate Lithuania", returned B?umer and brought the next pot of mashed potatoes.

"How old are they anyway?", inquired Frank, pointing at the steaming metal pot.


"The potatoes! How old?"

B?umer scratched his head. "They are from our stock in the cellar!"

Frank made a disgusted face. "They even taste like this…"

His roommate waved his hand and left the kitchen. "You find luxury elsewhere!"

"Will you come with me to Linda?", asked him Frank.

"Another rally?"

"No, we want to distribute newspapers!"

"Yeah, sure!", replied Alf and came back into the room.

"Anyhow, I play some "Doom 8" now, buddy!", said Frank, putting the half-empty plate aside. Then he went into his room and booted the computer.

Thorsten Wilden was again in Belarus and discussed with the inner circle of the Freedom Movement of the Rus his plans and ideas. Guardsmen units should occupy important strategic aims in a large, nationwide action, when the day of revolution had come. These aims were police stations, town halls, television stations, radio stations and press houses. Furthermore, several factories and supply centers for food, water and electricity. Tschistokjow himself propagated the march on Minsk, and planned to lead his armed troopers and tens of thousands of people to the presidential palace in the inner city, in order to force Medschenko to abdicate.

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