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   Chapter 52 No.52

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"Do you want to go with me to Steffen`s café tomorrow? Just to chat a bit…", asked Julia.

"Tomorrow? That`s difficult. Probably Artur will come to Ivas and we have to talk with HOK about some political things", was Kohlhaas` plain answer.

"Well, I would just be happy", said the daughter of the village boss and returned to the kitchen with a sad face.

Frank looked after her and stood around for a moment. Then he shouted: "If Artur doesn`t come, then we could go to Steffen`s café!"

"All right!", it resounded out of the next room.

Frank smiled to himself, while his inner self rejoiced mightily. Of course, he would never ignore this offer of the blonde beauty.

"Women are manipulative creatures from hell!", he thought with a broad smile. Finally he walked home, still chuckling to himself.

The leader of the Rus did not come to Ivas the next day. He was somewhere in Belarus and had also never said, that he would visit them today. Frank had gotten up early and stood now in front of the mirror in the bathroom, washing, combing, perfuming – since over one hour. Outside, he heard Alf ranting.

"You`re pretty enough! Now let me in, I`ve got to go to the loo!"

B?umer finally stormed the bath, pushed his friend to the side and occupated the room, while Frank left it growling.

"I go now!", shouted Frank from the hallway and disappeared.

He walked down the dusty street and feasted on the warm sun rays which gently caressed his face. For some minutes he sank deeply into his thoughts, musing about what he would say to Julia today. He turned at the next corner and saw the yellow and red flowers in front of the house of the Wildens. Julia's mother opened the door and greeted him warmly.

"Do you want to visit Thorsten?", she asked the young man. "He`s traveling with John Thorphy and will come back tomorrow."

Frank shook his head. "No, I want to visit Julia!"

The pretty blonde appeared in the hallway and smiled at him. "We go to the village, mom!"

Shortly afterwards they left. Mrs. Wilden threw a pensive look after them.

"I`m glad that you have still come", said Julia, walking beside her shy companion.

"Thus, Artur has suddenly cancelled his visit…", he muttered quietly.

"I understand! What a coincidence!", returned Julia with a grin.

They were silent for a while and finally came to the village square. Some ch

ildren were playing here and tried to climb up the memorial stone, which was overgrown with scrub.

"Let`s go to Steffen!", suggested the daughter of the village boss.

"Okay!", was Kohlhaas` short answer and he was still searching for a topic to talk about.

Julia was a true feast for the eye. She wore her blonde hair open and it fell down her wispy shoulders. Frank looked fascinatedly at the full red lips of the beauty, while she slowly walked in front of him.

"What are you waiting for? Come on!", she said and Frank followed her.

"She is like Loreley – leading the poor Frank against the rocks...", he thought to himself.

They crossed the square and went to the small patio outside the café of their Belgian friend. Frank sat down on a plastic chair and was silent.

"Ah, some rare guests!", exclaimed Steffen de Vries and hurried towards them. "What can I do for you?"

Julia smiled. "I would like to have a milkshake!"

"For me too!", said Frank.

The Fleming nodded and walked off. Kohlhaas looked thoughtfully at the old church, that the villagers had converted into a meeting house. He still did not really know what he should talk about with Wilden`s daughter.

"What`s about your political struggle?", she asked then.

"Well, anything runs smoothly at the moment", he answered.

"My father speaks of nothing else anymore. Revolution, revolution, revolution - here and there!", she remarked annoyedly.

"Has it ever been different?"

"No, to be honest!"

"And what`s about Viktor?"

She hesitated and stroke through her hair. "I don`t know. I haven`t heard anything from him since weeks."

"And is it really over?"

"So to speak. He didn`t mean it seriously!"

"I`ve always hated the guy!"

Julia opened her eyes. "I`ve already noticed that!"

Steffen de Vries came back with two milk shakes. Frank emptied his glass with a single sip and said nothing for several minutes.

"I thought that you would go to Grodno one day, and I would never see you again", said Frank then.

"You don`t have to worry about such things anymore", replied the young woman with a smile.

"Worry? I just have…", whispered Kohlhaas meekly.

"I understand, what you mean."

"What did he do?", asked Frank.

"He`s an asshole! Not very honest", meant the blonde.

"Did he cheat on you?"

"I think so. He just wasn`t the right one!"

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