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   Chapter 51 No.51

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"The GCF forces around the world have much more important things to do, than worrying about regions like Belarus. I leave it to you to stop that Tschistokjow by all available means. Clean up in the ranks of the police and put down this Rus scum. Arrest and liquidate anyone, who professes himself publicly to this ridiculous Freedom Movement of the Rus.

You have enough resources, if you just use them with more intelligence. We, the GSA command of the sector "Eastern Europe", demand results now!"

"I will do my best, Mr. Jewsonov!", promised the corpulent politician, gasping and falling back in his office chair.

"It will have consequences for you, if you fail! A lot of brothers are very dissatisfied, because of your policy. Think about it, and be happy that the World President or the Council of the Elders haven`t heard about the situation in Belarus so far!", grumbled Jewsonov and asked now for a glass of juice.

"Rely on me!", said Medschenko quietly.

"You know, we have a lot to do in Russia and the other regions of the sector. Your little Belarus or even the tiny Baltic countries are not very interesting for our leaders in Moscow.

Put this bunch of rebels down and finally ensure, that larger sums of money can be extracted from this country in the future", ordered the GSA man with a smug undertone.

"I will give my best!", promised Medschenko again.

"Do this, if you want to remain governor. My goodness, that ridiculous street preacher Tschistokjow and his rebel friends can`t be stopped by you? I can only laugh about that, Mr. Medschenko!", smirked Jewsonov and went to the door.

He nodded theatrically, then perked his eyebrows up and left the room without saying goodbye to the governor. The portly politician was left alone in his office, and was staring into space. Shortly afterwards, he grabbed a phone and dialed a number, but he let it ring only once. In a flash, he ended the call again and put the phone on the table. Medschenko stood up, leaned against his desk and drummed with his stubby fingers on the wood.

In the following months, Belarus and the Baltic countries were shaken by a wave of political agitation by Artur Tschistokjow`s movement, while Medschenko and his apparatus of power had more and more problems to impede the rebels. Especially in the rural regions of Belarus, in the villages and small towns, the Rus attacked the state authority of the sub-sector by all avialable means. Dozens of representatives of Medschenko`s regime were killed during a campaign Tschistokjow called "counterterror".

Local administrators and officials, journalists, attorneys, judges, a few unteachable

policemen, notorious Lodge Brothers and some more fell victim to this bloody operation. All had been organized by Peter Ulljweski and his special unit of troopers. The message behind all this was clear: The Rus were the new power in these regions and anyone standing in their way would be destroyed!

Frank and the others were constantly on the road until the end of August. Tired and exhausted, they finally allowed themselves a short vacation. Frank had found only rarely some freetime in the last months, time to think about his life outside the political struggle.

But today was such a day, and the young man thought that he meanwhile felt much better. Days like this were days of musing for Frank. He cracked his brain about this and that, and came to the solution that he was only successful in one thing – in fighting. Everything else was still some kind of unknown territory for him.

Today, Kohlhaas was once more at Wilden`s house and listened to the village boss in the study. The former businessman talked about new strategies and plans for another massive publicity campaign for the autumn and winter months. Meanwhile, the village boss was more than ever some kind of "PR-manager" for the movement, and his family only noticed him as an always babbling shadow in the background.

"Goodbye, Thorsten! Until tomorrow!", said Frank quietly and closed the door of the study.

He slowly walked down the steps to the lower floor.

Before he left the house, he went into the kitchen, where Agatha Wilden and Julia were sitting.

Kohlhaas muttered a silent bye and wanted to leave again.

"Wait, Frank!", he suddenly heard from behind.

Julia followed him and entered the hallway. "How are you? Are you all right?"

"Yes, thanks for asking!"

"What`s wrong with you in the last time, Frank? Why do you treat me like that?"

"Treat you like what?"

"You know, what I mean?"


"Yes, you mostly look right through me. Are you still angry?"

Frank frowned. "No, should I?"

"You are angry because of Viktor, aren`t you?", said Julia, beholding him sadly.

"I give a shit on that guy!", growled Kohlhaas.

"Me too. You should know, that I am no longer his girlfriend…", she answered.

"That`s your thing. Currently, I have more important things on my mind than your love affairs", he replied gruffly.

"Thus, I just wanted you to know…"

"I knew it anyway!"

Julia stroke through her blonde hair and was embarrassed. "It was a mistake. Viktor has behaved like an asshole!"

Frank paused briefly and smiled. "That`s no new information for me. He is an asshole. I knew it from the first moment I saw him."

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