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   Chapter 50 No.50

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Remember him, remember the Holy Kistokov, the savior of the light-born people, the forefather of the Aureanic caste, the Redeemer of the righteous! His successors led us Aureans to the stars, but without him, all light on earth would have been extinct – and the Golden Empire would have never been found.

Today, we rule over many planets and we will never surrender in front of an alien species. The Holy Kistokov has defeated hardship, fear and despair. And will can also defeat them!", shouted the man at his soldiers at the top of his lungs.

"Remember the heroics of our ancestors, if these beasts come over you. Be fearless and follow me!", roared the leader of the unit, waving his bionic arm.

"Why hasn`t Artur the Great brought peace?", asked the young soldier the veteran.

"Peace? In the grim darkness of this present, there is only war. Peace is nothing but an illusion, boy!", answered the squad leader and activated his laser gun, while the slobbering, snarling horde of alien monstrosities rushed forward.

Frank startled up like stung by a tarantula, jumping out of his bed, confusedly looking around. The strange vision had almost left his head again and only his shabby, dark bedroom was still there.

"General Farancu…Farancu the Brave…", he muttered quietly to himself. "What a nonsense!"

Then he hid his head under the blanket and tried to sleep, but weird thoughts disturbed him for the next hours and Frank found no more sleep in this night. Finally, dawn was breaking.

Vitali Medschenko, the governor of the sub-sector "Belarus-Baltic" looked out the window of his splendidly equipped office. His strained eyes wandered across the busy main street which was close to the government district of Minsk. Meanwhile, he was waiting for his guest since almost two hours. In a corner, an old, gilded clock ticked loudly and the penetrating noise interrupted the thoughts of the politician again and again. Eventually, he put the clock in a drawer, where he could not hear the annoying ticking anymore.

Outside the government building, a big black limousine appeared now and a well-dressed chauffeur opened a door to let out a middle aged man with shiny, dark curly hair. The visitor had arrived.

Medschenko scratched his broad forehead and stared with his bulging brown eyes at the office door. Then he could hear footsteps in the hall, becoming louder – the guest entered the room.

"Mr. Medschenko, I apologize for the delay", said the man informally and sat down with a cold smile.

"Yes, no problem, Mr. Jewsonov!", answered the governor.

"How`s your

wife?", asked the visitor then.

"Well, we have been in Rome three weeks ago. It`s really nice there. My son and my three daughters have also joined our trip", told Medschenko and offered a juice to his guest.

"No, thank you!", muttered Jewsonov and looked away.

"Have you been at the lodge meeting in Moscow?", asked the chubby governor grinning.

"Yes, of course…", replied his guest soberly.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Jewsonov?"

The black-haired man smiled sardonically. "Well, can`t you imagine, Mr. Medschenko? We demand an explanation concerning some incidents in your sector", returned Jewsonov and put on a frown.

"You mean the demonstrations of this crazy troublemaker Tschistokjow?"

"Yes, what else? We have heard, that this agitator can lead huge protest marches through the cities of Belarus…"

"Well, that's not true, Mr. Jewsonov…"

The guest folded his hands and interrupted the governor harshly. "No, it is true, Mr. Medschenko! Our GSA agents have told me about Gomel. About 30000 of these so called "freedom fighters" have just marched through the streets and the security forces haven`t done anything!"

Medschenko swallowed. "The behavior of the local police will be inspected. This was a unique occurrence. Such an incident will never happen again."

"An onetime thing, right?", Jewsonov gave the polititian a piercing look.

"Yes, there is no reason for any panic!"

"No reason? That`s an odd thing. I have a lot of GSA reports about incidents like that! How can you explain this, Mr. Medschenko?", hissed the guest.

"The police in Gomel had just been prepared insufficently, the last time", answered the governor, clutching at the arm of his chair.

"Insufficently prepared? Is it true that the police chief of Gomel has not supported our GCF units, that he has violated the order to fire, and that he has furthermore shaken the hand of that Tschistokjow? Is it true, that he has made arbitrarily agreements with these people, following the motto: "If you behave peacefully, then we do it too?"

Give me an answer that convinces me, Mr. Medschenko. I haven`t come all the way from Moscow to Minsk, to listen to some silly excuses!"

"Thus, it is not easy to smash this freedom movement overnight with our means. We need more support! Moreover, our coffers are empty", stammered Medschenko.

Jewsonov immediately stood up and pointed his forefinger at the governor like the lance of a tournament`s knight. For several seconds, he just fixed the corpulent politician with his oily, dark eyes, while Medschenko was holding his breath.

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