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   Chapter 49 No.49

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 5613

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"About what shall they report this time? About the fact, that they can`t stop us anymore? That they have already lost a part of their power? Ha, ha!", laughed the village boss, slapped his thighs.

"You`re right!", remarked Kohlhaas.

The former entrepreneur stood up in front of Frank and Alfred. "This has been our greatest victory ever! The system has capitulated in Gomel. Do you really understand this?"

"Well, I guess you`re right, Thorsten", answered Alf. "Maybe they have really drawn in their horns in front of such a great mass of people..."

"The most important thing is, that the Belarusian police has ignored Medschenko`s orders. I agree with Artur in that point", added Frank.

This time, the village boss had assessed the situation perfectly correct. The mass demonstration in Gomel had been an unexpected success. While the last rally had ended in a bloodbath, the second demonstration had been held without bigger problems and with twice as many people.

All this let the rebels hope. Frank, Alf and Wilden discussed and drank until late at night. They implored the success of their revolutionary efforts and gave each other esperance and confidence.

Eventually, Kohlhaas and B?umer walked back home, totally drunk, loudly singing the hymn of the Rus. They fell blustering into the hallway of their house and crawled babbling into their beds.

"We…we…make it somehow…", muttered Kohlhaas, while Alf let out a thunderous burp. A moment after they slept.

In the darkness of the night, Frank`s mind showed the young man once more a strange dream vision. Before his inner eye he could see the picture of a giant spaceship. Its body of steel was only weakly illuminated by some starts in the distance, gliding silently through the endless black void.

Suddenly Frank could see the interior of the spacecraft. Hundreds of people huddled there. It were soldiers, wearing futuristic looking suits of armor of a metallic material. The faces of the men were full of fear. Some of them had closed their eyes and seemed to pray, others just looked nervously around, as if something terrible would wait for them. A tall man with a bionic arm, a scarry face and short hair came to the men and said: "Try to calm down! In one hour we will reach the orbit of Ryann III and the ship will start its final descent!"

The soldiers were silent, looking anxiously at him. The tall man, apparently the leader of the unit, remarked: "I see it in your eyes. You are afraid of the things which may expect us on Ryann III. I know, the Rachnids are terrible enemies, but they are not invincible. We must defend the capital of the planet at all costs. There is no other way!"

"Is it true that these Rachnids have creatures, which are bigger than an imperial tank?, asked a young man with a

trembling voice.

"Yes, my boy. But even these creatures can be killed!"

The man slapped on the young soldier`s back with his metallic hand and the blond boy nodded. After a while, the spaceship reached the orbit of the planet whose atmosphere was threateningly glowing in a reddish light. The men went into their drop pods and were ejected from the starship. They cut through the blazing red sky like hailstones, and finally hit the planet`s surface.

A steel door opened with a loud rumble and the frightened soldiers stormed across a desert plain. They had landed in the middle of a battlefield. Around them, countless dead soldiers, tank wrecks and alien creatures covered the dusty ground.

The outlines of a vast horde of insect-like creatures were looming on the horizon. Between the smaller aliens, giant monsters with scythe-like claws tramped forward, uttering fearsome screams.

"They are legion! How shall we defend this city against an entire swarm of Rachnids?", moaned a soldier, clutching to his laser gun, full of worry and fear.

"We will hold the line, together with our comrades from Ryann III. It would be a disaster if these aliens would ever conquer this planet. This is the junction of the whole space sector", answered the troop leader with a severe look.

The soldiers were waiting, while the veteran stared at them. Horror and fright marked the often youthful faces of his men and it became worse with each passing second. Meanwhile, the fearsome enemy was slowly coming nearer. It were thousands of creatures. Hissing monsters with spiky, gleaming teeth and razor-sharp claws.

?You can always win, if you have a brave heart! Remember our ancestors, soldiers! Remember Artur the Great and Farancu the Brave!", shouted the veteran and his men looked up at him.

"But Artur the Great had only to fight against humans, not against monsters like these", replied the blond boy with a cynical smile.

The troop leader walked towards him and looked deeply into his eyes.

?My boy, Artur the Great fought against a much greater number of enemies – many millennia ago. His foes were countless, like the stars of the galaxy. He saved the light-born people from extinction, in a dark age, when all hope seemed to be lost.

Only his strong will and his courageous heart gave him the strength to fight on, even in hours of deepest despair. And it was the same with his general Farancu the Brave, who always fought against a superior enemy."

"But I`m not Artur the Great or Farancu the Brave, I`m just an ordinary man", answered the young soldier.

?You can become like them, my boy! You all can become like them! If Artur the Great would not have had the courage of a lion, fighting with contempt for death, there would not exsist an empire of mankind today.

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