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   Chapter 48 No.48

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Meanwhile, tens of thousands of pamphlets and newspapers flooded the land, and virtually the entire village youth of Ivas and thousands of Russians were active in Belarus and Lithuania day and night. Tschistkjow had preached his men that the revolution still had to come in this year.

A growing number of people had now open sympathies for the Rus, while the state authority was crumbling more and more in many regions of the country. Often, the cops just looked away, left the streets to Tschistokjow`s men and let them distribute their propaganda material. This was already a huge success.

At the same time, the situation in Belarus deteriorated further. In August, the food prices climbed upward again and there were strikes and riots in the bigger cities. Furthermore, the feared increase of the prices for oil and gas was still coming. It was planned for October. During the cold winter months, this hated new measure could finally cause a revolutionary mood. However, Artur Tschistokjow and Wilden believed this, and the rapid growth of the Freedom Movement of the Rus seemed to prove them right. Once, this organization had been nothing but a small group of discontent people, but now thousands of Belarusians poured towards the dragon head banners. In August, the Rus finally planned to return to Gomel.

It was a beautiful autumn day. The bright rays of the sun warmed the city of Gomel, that Belarusian city which had seen a bloody massacre, no Rus would ever forget. Frank, Alf and Artur could not believe their eyes. They stood in the midst of a giant sea of people. The rebel leader told them, that today almost twice as many people as at the last demonstration had gathered in the city center.

"This is incredible. What a crowd! I think between 30000 and 40000 people", marveled Frank.

"The necessity is driving them to us", said Wilden soberly, eyeing the crowd.

"If they don`t shoot us down again today, the Medschenko regime will lose its face!", meant Kohlhaas and stared at some belligerent policemen in the distance.

"Come on!", said Alf and pulled his friend on the sleeve of his gray shirt.

Then they went to the Russian guardsmen. Frank gave them some orders and the men walked off.

He turned to B?umer and remarked: "Today we have more than 3000 armed troopers here. This time, the cops will get some really bloody feedback if they attack us again. A few hundred guardsmen are waiting in the side streets, in smaller groups. Now we can encircle them too. But I hope it won`t end in another bloodbath."

"Good idea! I hope the same. Meanwhile, both sides have become more cautious and I can`t imagine that the cops will risk another shootout", speculated Alf.

Shortly afterwards, the mass started to move and headed towards the town hall of the city. Defiant chan

ts resounded through the crowded streets and hundreds of flags and banners were waved.

Today they were more than just a mass of discontented demonstrators. This was a small army that could meanwhile withstand the police forces. All the officers who were stationed in the east of Belarus, had been sent to Gomel by the Medschenko regime today, what showed the importance of this second rally.

The protesters marched about five miles through downtown and finally reached a large square. Here was the town hall.

Artur Tschistokjow delivered a speech which lasted almost two hours and shouted out his usual accusations against the government in Minsk, while he promised the people of Belarus a bright future under his leadership in return. The policemen behaved restrainedly.

"They do nothing. Despite their anti-riot tanks and the whole stuff!" Frank was surprised and pushed up his steel helmet.

"Maybe this all will end in peace today. The cops will also think twice before they start to shoot at us again", said Alf.

After a while, a police officer came towards them and made his way through the crowd, while many demonstrators yelled insults at him. Nevertheless, the man walked straight to Artur Tschistokjow and started to talk with him.

"What's happening?", asked Kohlhaas and looked in the direction of Alf. B?umer came to him.

They pushed some men to the side and could finally see something. The two rebels from Ivas paused and did not trust their eyes anymore. The policeman shook Artur Tschistokjow`s hand, smiled and went back to his men. Then the leader of the Rus shouted something into his megaphone.

"What has he said?", asked Alf.

"Artur has given the command to march off. The demonstration is over!", translated Frank.

"What do you mean?"

"We`re going home! Closing time for today!"

"Huh?", Alf was puzzled.

"No shooting, no killing, just going home, B?umer!"

The huge crowd peacefully left the inner city with amazing discipline. Some police units followed them and almost looked like companions this time.

Eventually, the crowd dissolved and the protesters went home. Except for some quarrelsome young people, who started some brawls on the way home, everything went smoothly. Finally Artur Tschistokjow departed with a satisfied smile at the end of the day. The second protest march through Gomel had been a triumph.

"Why haven`t the GCF soldiers done anything?", wondered B?umer and fetched something to drink.

"Simply because they have been far too few. The Belarusian police has denied to support them anymore. Alone, they wouldn`t have had a chance against 3000 armed guardsmen", said Wilden.

"On television they have almost hushed up the rally in Gomel", replied Frank and sat on the old office chair in Wilden`s study like a king.

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