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   Chapter 47 No.47

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"Legatzk! I have already said it many times!", answered John Throphy annoyedly.

"How far is it?", asked Wilden

"Maybe three miles!", muttered the Irishman and accelerated the car.

"Why hasn`t Artur invited me to the meeting? I will ask him that!", murmured B?umer with a questioning glance.

"I don`t know. He will probably have a reason", meant the village boss and fumbled on the collar of his trench coat.

The car jolted over an old cobbled street and turned left. Finally they reached a rundown village. Except for an old woman who was slowly hobbling across the muddy road in front of them, they did not see anybody. After about three hundred meters, the car stopped and a man in a gray shirt waved at them from a side street. They had reached their goal.

Wilden got out first and looked around. Dilapidated houses, some vacant, were on both sides. The men from Ivas followed the Russian.

"Come in!", said the guardsman, greeting briefly and leading them into a house.

Everything here seemed to crumble and the building looked more like a ruin. Then they went up some stairs and finally entered a large room. About twenty men were waiting here, and Artur Tschistokjow hurried to meet them.

"I greet you, my friends!", he said with a smile and shook their hands.

The men in front of them sat at a long wooden table and Artur made some remarks in Russian. Frank could not understand everything, because the blond man talked rapidly and indistinctly. Shortly afterwards, he came back to his German friends and the Irishman.

"We are talking today about the new government of Belarus, after the revolution", he said gravely.

"A new government?", asked Kohlhaas with surprise.

"Yes, if we make revolution and it works, then we need a new government in this country!"

"Aha?", Wilden wondered.

"Is this the reason for the meeting?", asked B?umer dizzyingly.

"Yes, right!", answered the Russian rebel. "I want Mr. Wilden and Frank in my government, okay?"

"Well, I understand…", returned Alf easily offended and took a glass of mineral water.

Artur Tschistokjow told his Russian colleagues again, what Wilden had achieved for the freedom movement with his journey to Japan. The village boss earned admiring glances, while some of the men applauded.

They knew Frank as well. He had saved Artur`s life and was meanwhile the commander of the most important trooper squads of the organization.

The leader of the Rus looked at Wilden and said: "I want you to be the "minister of foreign things" of Belarus in my government!"

"Foreign minister – we say in German", explained Frank.

"Yes, the for

eign minister of Belarus", stressed Tschistokjow.

The village boss smiled and thanked the Russian for the honorable offer.

"Frank, you will be the commander of the army of Belarus. Do you agree?"

Kohlhaas was initially confused and paused. He briefly looked around and nodded then thoughtfully.

"All right!", he returned and smiled at Artur.

"Well, I`m happy. You are good fighters", said the Russian and seemed to be pleased.

"And these are the other members of your cabinet?", asked Wilden, looking at the men at the table.

"Right! This is Dr. Gugin. Previously he has been at the university in Minsk. He was a lecturer. Dr. Gugin is minister of economy!"

An elderly man with a shrunken face, a bald head and bright gray eyes, rose from his seat and shook their hands.

"Peter Ulljewski is the commander of the new secret service", explained Artur, pointing at his oldest friend. Frank gave the sturdy street fighter a wink and grinned.

"A good idea!", meant the village boss.

"Mr. Juri Litschenko from Vitebsk, he will be minister for the interior. Mr. Gregori Lossov will be the minister of defense…"

Two middle-aged men stood up and bowed. Now Tschistokjow introduced also the rest of the men to his German friends. They all should play a major role in the new, revolutionary Belarus, as the leader of the Rus planned.

"Well, congratulations!", Frank heard from the side. It was Alf.

B?umer seemed to feel like a fifth wheel in this illustrious round of revolutionaries and Frank felt visibly uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he was proud that Tschistokjow had made an offer like this to him.

"If there will ever be a revolution, then I`ll give you an important position", Kohlhaas appeased his best friend.

"Yes, yes, do what you want, great master!", grumbled B?umer and turned round.

"Shall I ask Artur?"

Alf interrupted Frank rudely: "No! Forget it!"

After an hour they left the Russians and drove back to Ivas. Frank was thinking about the future, while Alf stared out the window, and Wilden lectured about his first measures as "theoretical foreign minister" of the new Belarus.

Kohlhaas could feel the boundless enthusiasm of the village boss, because of Artur Tschistokjow`s plans. But he still was sceptical concerning all these revolutionary dreams. Maybe it would be nothing but a figment in the end.

The rebels spent the sunny July of 2035 with ceaseless agitation. Artur Tschistokjow made three smaller demonstrations in the west of the country. It came to no significant conflicts with the local police and Frank grew more and more in the role of the guardsmen`s leader.

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