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   Chapter 45 No.45

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"Alf also needs a woman, what do you think guys?", asked Frank into the round and clapped his tall friend on the shoulders.

"You should find a girl at first, buddy! And if you still have another woman left, you can give her to me", replied Alf.

"Mr. B?umer!", said Mrs. Weber with a chuckle.

"Leave me alone with that women thing!", hissed Sven.

At this moment, he became aware of the fact that every woman would try to run away, when she saw him. The Japanese war had reversed the former undoubtedly attractive face of the young man with a maimed grimace.

"My little boy, you`ll also find a nice woman one day. Every Jack has his Jill!", remarked Mrs. Weber and patted her son.

"I know what you mean. My Jill would look like Frankenstein`s bride", answered the young man with a cynic smile.

Sven`s father avoided any comments and his son seemed to be happy about it. Frank tried to turn the conversation to another topic.

"Have you seen these young boys again, who have done that spraying in our neighboring village?"

*"Cool blonde" = "kühles Blondes" (German slang term for a bottle of beer)

"They have been with us in Grodno", said Sven. "They are all right now, and very active. Really good boys!"

"Right, we must care for our young activists!", remarked Baumer and grabbed the next bottle of beer.

"But they`re still a bit scared of you", answered Sven.

"Damn, we were really pissed off on that day, because of the cops and...", muttered Kohlhaas.

"Anyhow, they have deserved some punishment! I have already talked turkey with them. Meanwhile, I can`t say any bad things about them anymore, to the contrary, they are good acitvists now."

It was getting dark. Sven brought some candles out of the house and put them on the plastic table in their midst, his parents had already gone to bed. Suddenly they heard steps. The outlines of a slender person, coming nearer, could be seen from afar. It was Julia Wilden.

"Ah, here you are! I`ve been looking for you everywhere. What are you doing?", asked Wilden`s daughter and smiled.

"Can`t you see it? We`re boozing!", said Frank gruffly and emptied his bottle with a single sip.

"What`s up?", Sven wanted to know then.

"Nothing! I just tried to say hello!", replied Julia.

Frank distorted his mouth and looked at the pretty blonde. "You have been a rare guest in the last time..."

"I know, but today I just wanted to stop by."

B?umer shrugged his shoulders, while Kohlhaas smiled sardonically.

"Your father has told me, that you have once again been in Grodno. With Viktor, the great rebel!"

"Thus, I`m back now…", she answered quietly.

"Do you want to drink a beer?", asked Sven and beckoned with a chilled bottle.

"No, thank you! I sit down, okay?"

"But it is nice that you delight us with your presence, madam!", quipped Frank, grinning ironically.

Julia was silent and looked down at the plastic table. Kohlhaas was irritated. "What`s about your pretty Viktor? Is he still active in the movement? Now, tell something!"

"I don`t know…", she whispered afflictedly.

"You don`t know, Julia? Is your Viktor still a member of the movement – yes or no? Or does has he meanwhile started a career as a male model?", sneered Kohlhaas.

"I do not know. He in the Grodno and I`m here", she said quietly.

"We already know that, Julia. Anyway, we can only see you, while Viktor seems not to be here. What has happened to Mr. Pretty?", teased Frank and grinned at her contemptuously. Sven was confused.

"All right, then I`ll go now", said Julia, stood up and walked away.

Frank drank another beer and seemed to be somehow irritated. Eventually, he went home and fell asleep immediately. Julia no longer interested him. At least, he tried to believe this.

Artur Tschistokjow sent some of his best men to Russia and the Ukraine to get in touch with other underground groups of dissidents to form an alliance. Peter Ulljewski traveled to Moscow and met some members of the "New Flag", a growing underground group of patriotic Russians who wanted to have their old country back, and had been quite active during the last months. Other proponents of the Freedom Movement of the Rus went to St. Petersburg, Kiev, Volgograd, Novgorod, Ryazan, Rostov, Tula and about two dozen other cities. Here they met other rebels of various kinds. In the most cases, the talks were successful and an initial cooperation could be organized. Tschistokjow had meanwhile realized, that Belarus would be nothing but a base for a far greater revolution in Russia and in the Ukraine in the long term, if they would ever make it to take over the power in Minsk. Therefore, it was necessary to find more allies beyond the borders of Belarus.

The hotbed, made of poverty, fear and ethnic tensions, was very fruitful in Russia. However, it lacked the numerous small groups of organization and leadership. None of the other rebel groups in Russia had achieved a political or even military power so far.

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