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   Chapter 44 No.44

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"This is no adventure holiday for knuckleheads who want to make trouble. Those who can`t behave, have to leave this demonstration. I have promised the police, that this day will end without another fight and you should thank me for this!", explained Tschistokjow his supporters again and again on the way home.

"It has simply been an unbelievable success, hasn`t it?", said Wilden.

The men, who were walking on this sunny day beside him across the village square of Ivas, agreed. However, only a few of them did really understand the full meaning of the incident in Grodno. But as always, the head of the village community lectured and tried describe the whole political situation, omitting no detail.

"Instead of a bloody streetfight, the Belarusian police has cooperated with us", avered Frank.

"Now you exaggerate! Cooperated? Well, they just haven`t been in the mood for murder and manslaughter again - as little as we!", answered Alf.

"Anyway, some of the cops have shown sympathies for us", remarked Sven.

Kohlhaas looked at Wilden. "The system has avoided a confrontation, and finally lost a big part of its authority. The Belarusian policemen have violated their orders to safe their lives, in an important city like Grodno. This is, without any doubt, a huge success and shows that the freedom movement is meanwhile a political factor!"

"Frank is right! I have already discussed it with Artur. We will conquer the rural areas now, develop improved structures and recruit more guardsmen units in every village and every smaller town. They are no longer able to stop us!", said the village boss.

"What is the sense of this?", asked one of the young activists.

"The sense? Well, the great day! When the government in Minsk bites the dust", Frank told him emphatically.

The group sat in Steffen de Vries` cafe which was almost overcrowded with so many guests. The thick Belgian hastily came to their table and took some orders.

"Today, we are cafe house revolutionaries!", joked Wilden.

Some of the others looked at him with questioning glances and the village boss laughed and said:

"All right, folks! I`m just kidding!"

Then he rubbed his hands, grinned and drank a delicious milkshake – Steffen de Vries` speciality.

The media in the administration sector "Eastern Europe" almost hushed up the big demonstration in Grodno. In some news reports the protest march was only mentioned with a few words. On television, they spoke of "several hundred anarchists and extremists" and simply ignored all other facts. Meanwhile, heads started to roll at the Grodno police depa

rtment. The squad leader and his entire staff were removed for disobeying an direct order from the government and the Scanchips of some policemen were blocked for an indefinite time. Now, many of the despaired officers openly complained about the situation in Belarus, what meant even more drastic measures against them.

The GSA, which had paid little attention to Belarus so far, sent now a small special unit to Minsk that should analyze and monitor the behavior of the local police. But all in all, the Lodge Brothers did not expect a serious uprise in the small Eastern European country with its population of hardly a dozen millions. No further GCF units were sent to Belarus, because they were needed much more urgent elsewhere. The GSA was more concerned about Russia and the Ukraine, where poverty and discontent were spreading like a plague, and also could become explosive one day.

While rebellious underground groups played no significant roles in Russia and were furthermore hopelessly fragmented, Artur Tschistokjow had formed a powerful movement under his leadership. Nevertheless, the GSA did not take him all too serious – and this was his great luck!

It was a warm evening and a mild wisp of wind blew across the meadow in front of Sven Weber`s house. Frank and Alfred had returned to Ivas a few days ago, after they had met with Tschistokjow and other members of his organization in Slonim.

While the Russian politician let no day pass without expanding his freedom movement, laying the groundwork for a rebellion of the masses, led by him, Frank and Alfred had decided to enjoy some free days in their home village. This evening, they had gone to Sven and were sitting with him and his parents in the garden, drinking a cold Lithuanian beer.

"Artur is planning a nationwide strike in Belarus and Lithuania in the middle of October. If his plan is successful, we`ll have good chances", said Frank.

Sven`s remaining eye looked at him annoyedly and his disfigured face betrayed that he did not want to talk about politics today.

"What`s up?", asked Kohlhaas.

"Let`s choose another topic!", suggested Alf.

Frank put him off. "Okay!"

"Yes, may Tschistokjow do whatever he likes. Another cool blonde*?", said Sven, reaching into a small cold box on the ground.

With a faint clicking sound, he pulled a beer out of it. Alf`s eyes gleamed. "Good idea, bring it on!"

"Cool blonde? Cool blondie! This rather reminds me of Julia Wilden!", muttered Frank. Mrs. Weber grinned and winked at him.

"Here we go again! Now, it`s Julia time!", moaned B?umer, rolling his eyes.

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