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   Chapter 43 No.43

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Today, both men wore old steel helmets which John Thorphy had bought for them somewhere in Russia. The helmets were some remainders of the former "peace troops" of the UN, that had finally become the "Global Control Force" after 2018. In addition, they wore bulletproof vests.

"Look at this!", said Frank with a grin, pointing at a hulking Russian trooper in front of him.

"This looks more than weird...", muttered Alf, because of the strange sight.

The Russian had a battered fireman`s helmet on his head and a steel plate, attached on his chest. He looked like one of the rebellious peasants from the Middle Ages, who went to war with a hastily clobbed together armor to fight their evil landlord.

"I don`t think that this will proctect him from any bullets!", joked Frank and Alf giggled.

"Nevertheless, it shows some goodwill!", laughed B?umer.

"Give all power – to Tschistokjow! Down with Medschenko!", resounded a loud chorus out of thousands of throats through the streets. The crowd marched across a large square, surrounded by beautiful old buildings, and moved then towards a long main street.

On the sidewalks, many citizens applauded and yelled. Meanwhile, the most Belarusians seemed to like the freedom movement. Only a bunch of non-Russians was screaming some insults in the background. However, this large crowd was an inspiring and impressive sight, without any doubt. The Rus finally reached another square in the middle of the city, right in front of the town hall of Grodno, the residence of the local administrator. Tschistokjow started his speech and greeted his supporters and the countless citizens. Meanwhile, the police had gathered around the crowd, but was still outnumbered many times over. Shortly afterwards, even some anti-riot tanks appeared.

"If you believe, that we are already many people, then just wait and see, how many we will soon be in Minsk, when the people of Belarus will finally rise against their oppressors!", shouted the blond man into the microphone.

Thousands cheered. Frank could see that even some policemen smiled pleasantly. Artur continued in his usual manner, accusing the World Government and Medschenko to promote the decline of folk and country. His voice resounded across the square and he electrified the mass around him once again.

"There! Look!", Frank pointed at the old town hall, where a man looked out a window on the upper floor.

"Look at him, my Belarusian brothers and sisters! Can you see him? That man at the window of this beautiful town hall? We all know this man! It is Jaron Kaminer, the administrator of this city, a minion in the service of the World Government! Yes, take a good, long look, Mr. Kaminer! Soon, we will send people like you packing!", yelled Tschistokjow.

The man disappeared behind the curtain and the angry crowd sent him a wave of insults and curses. Some troopers even po

inted their guns at the window and shouted threats, but Frank called them to order.

"To the policemen, I have the following request: I promise by my honor that there will be no violence today, if you just let me speak!", proclaimed the rebel leader.

The officers did not react and remained as silent as before. Some of them nodded until their superior yelled at them angrily. Apparently, also the policemen seemed not to be interested in another shootout. The police chief finally took a bullhorn and interrupted Tschistokjow. The crowd seethed.

"The next street fight starts in two minutes!", moaned Kohlhaas and took his gun from the shoulder.

The GCF soldiers, who all were no Russians, positioned themselves alongside the police and loaded their weapons. Frank gave some orders to the guardsmen who were also waiting for another firefight.

"This demonstration is illegal and all people have to leave this square immediately!", ordered the police chief.

"Let me speak for twenty minutes, then I will end this demonstration!", answered Tschistokjow.

"I have the orders to shoot at you, if you don`t stop this rally, Mr. Tschistokjow!", shouted the officer. "I don`t want a second Gomel. Even my men have families!"

"Well, I would like to speak for ten minutes, then we will leave this city – no riots, no violence. I promise it!

I also want no second Gomel and I regret it very much that we had to fight against our Belarusian brothers from the police. Don`t waste your lives for politicians, who are nothing but traitors, leading this country into chaos. They don`t care about your lives, you are their slaves, like everyone else. Do you really want to die for 500 Globes a month?", called the rebel leader.

"Please wait, Mr. Tschistokjow!", replied the squad leader and consulted some of his colleagues.

Artur exhorted his followers to remain calm and peaceful, while Frank, Alfred and Peter Ulljewski rebuked some aggressive, young Russians.

It lasted ten tense minutes until the police chief took his bullhorn again and answered: "All right, Mr. Tschistokjow! I give you ten minutes!"

"Thank you!", returned the leader of the Rus happily.

While Tschistokjow ended his speech in time, within ten minutes, and finally gave the order for an orderly retreat towards the eastern part of Grodno, chaos broke out on the opposite side.

The police chief of Grodno and the leading officer of the GCF occupation troops started to argue loudly and Frank heard the men insulting each other in broken English. Shortly afterwards, the Belarusian policemen just walked off the square, leaving the GCF soldiers alone. However, this was an outrageous scandal, and its ramifications should become clear in the following weeks. The march ended peacefully. Only some young Russian hotspurs had tried to start a brawl, but the guardsmen had immediately restored discipline.

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