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   Chapter 42 No.42

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"Yes...I course not, Mr. Kohlhaas", wailed the chubby redhead.

"Tell your parents, that we are sorry for the black eyes and stuff. But this lesson is better than everything that awaits us, if the cops or even the GSA will ever show up here", explained Frank and dismissed the teenagers.

"Thank you, Mr. Kohlhaas and Mr. B?umer", he could finally hear. Then the three boys walked off.

A few days later, Frank had arranged that the three teenagers could join Sven`s group. When he went shopping in Steffen de Vries` little store and met the mother of the redhead, the woman only greeted him with a silent "Hello!". Kohlhaas did not care, if she was still offended, because the boys had deserved the beating, as he meant.

In the following days, the village boss ordered increased security measures. HOK checked all the Scanchips of the villagers again and spent endless hours in front of his computer. He even revised the registrations of vehicles and planes once more.

Meanwhile, Julia had returned to Ivas. This time, Viktor was not with her. Frank just nodded silently, when he saw her in the village or in Wilden`s house. The young woman had immediately noticed that he was still angry about her and sometimes she tried to start a smalltalk with him, but Kohlhaas openly ignored her and was not willing to change his behaviour.

Furthermore, Artur Tschistokjow had planned another rally at the end of the month. This time he had chosen Lyepyel. The situation in the country had become even worse in the meantime. The economic and social decline had taken an alarming course, and now there were spontaneous outbursts of anger and indignation in many parts of Belarus.

In Pinsk, workers of a production complex had started a strike to enforce higher wages. In other cities it was the same. The police had always to intervene, and the strikes ended with several dead and wounded people.

Medschenko`s regime was under increasing pressure, while Tschistokjow`s movement got a massive inflow of new members.

After a football match in Minsk, there were heavy conflicts between young Belarusians and immigrants from Georgia and Kazakhstan, who lived in the north of the city. The rival groups attacked each other with baseball bats and knives and many people ended in hospitals. Two Belarusians and one Kazak were killed. In the following days some Belarusian youths threw a self-made bomb at a group of foreigners and the riots escalated, while the local police tried to quell them with sheer brutality. But the feuds between Russians and immigrants still continued, and four Kazaks were finally shot by an unknown man in front of a pub. Meanwhile, some parts of Minsk resembled a powder keg and the situation in the country stood close to a giant explosion. However, this was the condition Artur Tschistokjow was waiting for.

Mood of Crisis

"Are you ready to die?", yelled Frank and waved a sq

uad leader nearer. The man grinned cynically, while Kohlhaas gave him some instructions in broken Russian. Shortly afterwards, the armed guardsmen flanked the demonstration at a distance of five meters.

Meanwhile, most of the Russians seemed to respect him. After all, they had not forgotten that he had saved Tschistokjow`s life. A huge crowd of people had gathered today in the eastern part of Grodno, near a abandoned shopping street. Frank looked around and saw vacant shops and rubbish on the street in front of him. This city was slowly dying, like the rest of Belarus too.

Hundreds of unemployed and homeless people came from everywhere, welcoming the Rus with loud screams and cheer. Artur had allowed some of them to join today`s rally, if they behaved properly. But a few of them were already much too drunk and the guardsmen had to send them back home, because Tschistokjow did not accept any boozy squallers. Finally, over 20000 people had come to Grodno today, including many citizens from Gomel. Obviously, the massacre had not broken their will, to the contrary, now they had nothing to lose anymore and viewed Tschistokjow as their last hope. Frank was curious, what was awaiting him today.

Julia had not come with him. And for good reasons. If there would be bloody street fights like in Gomel, it was better for a young woman to stay in. However, her heartthrob Viktor was here somewhere. The handsome, charming Russian had led the group of Grodno over a longer period, but a few months ago, he had stepped back into the second rank and had left the leadership to another man. Perhaps this change of heart had something to do with Julia, as Frank thought. He still mused about this since the early morning hours, searching the crowd for his hated rival.

Around noon, the protest march began. Hundreds of dragon head and Russia flags waved above the heads of the demonstrators. Half a kilometer away from their meeting place, the police and even GCF soldiers were waiting for the Rus. So far, they just observed everything.

At the top of the long human worm, Artur Tschistokjow walked beside some bodyguards with assault rifles in their hands. The Russian stared at the policemen with a black look and waited. Frank and Alfred finally came from behind, while Wilden stayed in the rear of the crowd. Meanwhile, the two German guardsmen had mummed.

"It was better to watch these cops, who had come to Ivas, from the distance. At first, I wanted to go to Thorsten to ask him what they wanted, but this would have been the wrong decision", said Frank.

"Maybe they already know our faces. I`m still worrying about that whole thing", returned Alf.

Although the two men from Ivas had once more hidden their faces behind broad sunglasses and black scarfs, they had been a bit too careless at some other rallies in the last months. Any camera had already recorded their faces for sure, meant B?umer.

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