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   Chapter 41 No.41

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 5232

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The mummed young man had escaped into the woods near Ivas. It had been some nights ago, as the officer explained.

?Did you see any suspicious persons here in this village?", he probed again now. Wilden tried to smile.

?No, I did not see three suspicious young men!", answered Wilden angrily, playing the indignant man. "You have already asked me that…"

Suddenly one of the cops left the group and went into the kitchen, where Mrs. Wilden welcomed him with an anxious smile.

?You are okay?", asked the man and grinned at her.

?Yes!", breathed Agatha Wilden silently.

Then the officer walked around and seemed to watch out for something, while Wilden tried to start a harmless smalltalk with his colleagues. He spoke about the many interesting sides of farming, the lot of work in the village, seeding and harvesting and so on. Finally he told the policemen that Lithuania was a very beautiful country, full of nice people.

The two cops became a bit kindlier now and accepted Wilden`s offer to follow him into the kitchen to drink a warm tea. For some minutes, the village boss seemed to calm down.

?Oh, you have many books!", it suddenly resounded out of the library in the next room and Wilden looked like he had been stabbed in the back.

He stood up immediately, smiled at the officers and hurried into the library, where a cop stupidly googled at the countless books around him. Obviously, he could not understand the German book titles at all. Meanwhile, Agatha Wilden gave the two officers another delicious blackberry tea – and just smiled and smiled.

?Ha, ha! Yes, my hobby is history. Just a hobby. I like to read everything about history", said Wilden, stroking nervously through his gray hair.

"Are these books legal?", enquired the officer with a harsh undertone.

?Yes, of course. The books are all for historical studies. For my little hobby. You know?"

"Nietzsche?", the policeman stared at an old book and seemed to be overcallenged.

?Ha! Not very interesting. Just an old book!", laughted the village boss calmingly.

The officer put the book back on the shelf. Then he left the room. Wilden took a deep breath and wiped off some drops of cold sweat from his brow.

?I don`t read at all. Reading is boring!", grumbled the officer and finally went back to the kitchen.

After the policemen had enjoyed their tea, they left the house and shook Wilden`s hand with a friendly smile.

?If I see any suspicious persons here in this village, I will call you immediately!", promised the village boss. The officers just nodded approvingly and the police car dis

appeared again.

The policemen had come to Wilden, because the authorities knew him as the registered owner of dozens of houses in Ivas. Meanwhile, all the villagers had become more than upset, because this was the first time that a police car had come to the outlying and still abandoned looking village. This had changed today!

Fortunately, Wilden seemed not to had aroused the officer`s suspicions and had mimed the upright and harmless taxpayer once more.

Shortly afterwards, they knew who had made the silly spraying in the neighboring village of Rajazov. It had been three still very young teenagers, whose families had moved to Ivas with Wilden`s permission one year ago.

Frank, Alfred and Sven finally beat them up, while the village boss threatened their parents to banish them, if something like this would ever happen again. But after a while, all calmed down – even Frank and Alf, who had reacted on the incident with a tantrum.

"What?", hissend Frank, opened the front door and looked at three hardly 16 to 18 year old guys, whose heads were bandaged. Two of them had black eyes and a few scratches on their faces.

"What?", he yelled at them again. Now even Alf came to the door.

"We just wanted to apologize, Mr. Kohlhaas...and...uh...Mr. B?umer", said one of the teenagers quietly.

"Yes, all right! Accepted! The main thing is that you have understood, that such stupid shit can lead to a great disaster. Why have you done it that close to our home village?", huffed Frank menacingly, standing in front of the frightened boys.

A 17 year old boy named Ingo Moser nodded and stammered: "Yes, we are sorry. We will never do it again!"

"This is healthier! Believe me!", hissed B?umer and his eyes twinkled angrily. Meanwhile, Frank almost felt a bit sorry for the beaten up boys. They had come to the doorstep like some shy little dogs, and hardly dared to cough.

"Okay, we are sorry too. We didn`t want to beat you up that heavily, but you have just deserved it. This stupid action has endangered the whole village", said Frank, cooling off slowly.

"What do you think, the cops will do with us if they ever find out who we are?", added Alf.

"We just wanted to help the freedom movement. Sven always says...", stuttered a fat little boy with red hair and freckles sheepishly.

"I`m gonna talk to him. Maybe Sven will allow you to join his group, but you will follow his orders, okay? And here, in the proximity of our village, you will not spray or make any propaganda at all, otherwise I will eat you alive!", grumbled Kohlhaas and perked his dark eyebrows up.

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