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   Chapter 40 No.40

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"Yes, something like that. Well, not exactly, I mean...", stammered Frank.

"Don`t talk Chinese, Frank!"

"If she would be my girlfriend, she wouldn`t be in fucking Grodno, okay?"

Alf just grinned and asked for details. "Now, tell uncle Alf the whole, sad truth!"

"Fuck you, Alter!", ranted Frank, giving B?umer a slight nudge with his elbow.

"Let`s go!", he suggested strongly and rose from his seat.

Alf could imagine that Frank had probably a bid exaggerated a few months ago. The reality of his "successful advance" towards the heart of Julia Wilden was apparently much more disillusioning than his euphoric "reports of victory".

"Nevertheless, we have kissed. Even though, it has probably just been more amicable", thought Frank and melancholically looked at the treetops, which slowly filled with fresh green leaves.

For a while, they walked through the beautiful forest that surrounded the village, and were silent. Perhaps the revolution which they all hoped for, was just an illusion, like Julia`s love. Frank should still find it out soon enough.

Meanwhile, Wilden dealt less with his daughter and more with strategic preparations of political campaigns. Today, he had risen early in the morning and was now sitting in front of his computer. The village boss designed a new flyer for the freedom movement, which was directed against the proposed "approximation of energy costs" in the sub-sector "Belarus-Baltic".

This so called "alignment" meant nothing else but a massive increase of prices for natural gas and petroleum, which Medschneko`s government had announced for October.

Wilden had seen a report about this newest raid of the regime last night on television. The prices for oil and gas should be increased with not less than 60%, as the media told the people. Perhaps this was another turning point in the lives of millions of Belarusians and could finally become the last straw that would break the camel`s back.

While the country still had its own oil reserves, oil and gas were nevertheless imported from other regions now. Moreover, the population of Belarus had suffered under the constantly increasing prices for almost everything. This new "approximation" finally shook the people to the core and made them angrier than ever before. Apart from that, the steady reduction of the manufacturing industry and various tax hikes had driven countless Belarusians into a black hole of hopelessness and despair. Now the Medschenko regime tried to pull even more money out of their already empty pockets.

"Equalization of prices...", whispered Wilden quietly to himself, staring angrily at the screen of his c

omputer. "Those damn bandits!"

He went on to formulate the new leaflet and admired his meanwhile thorough knowledge of Russian. Then he looked thoughtfully out the window, typed around on the keyboard again and suddenly startled up. Somebody had knocked on the door.

Frank tried to hurry up. The house of the village boss was already behind the next street corner. Thorsten Wilden had rung him up this morning and had excitedly explained, that he had an important message for him. The young man rushed past a row of empty houses and finally turned left. Now he was almost there.

Some seconds later, he abruptly interrupted his run, gaped and gasped quietly. A police car was parking on the street and he could see the village boss, who asked three officers in, in order to close the door behind them in the next moment. Frank scurried to the side and hid behind a wall.

"What the hell do these cops here?", it flashed through his mind. His heart started to pound like crazy, then he sprinted back home.

"Alf, Alf! Damn, where are you?", he yelled through the hallway.

B?umer came down the stairs from the upper floor and slowly rubbed his eyes.

"What`s up?"

"The cops! There is a police car at Wilden!", shouted Kohlhaas with a horrified expression.

"What?", Alf was suddenly wide awake and almost fell backwards.

"The cops? What?"

"Yes, come with me and take your gun! Now!"

The two men ran down the street, reaching Wilden`s house after a few minutes. Moments later, they hid in the yard of an vacant house behind a shed and waited. The police car was still there.

"This can`t be true! There has never been a cop in Ivas! What does that mean?", whispered Frank softly, peering past the shed.

"I don`t know...", muttered Alf nervously. The two were silent, while Martin Brenner and his wife, Wilden`s neighbors, came out of their house and stared at the police car which was blocking their gateway. What had happened?

?The most of you are farmers?", asked the policeman with the globular face.

Wilden had both hands in his pockets and tried to evade the views of the cops as good as he could.

?Yes, this is a village of farmers!", he returned.

"But you are njemez? German?", probed the other policeman.

?Yes...nemez...Tej hotschesch goworitch pa russkje?", answered Wilden with a smile and hoped that his offer to talk Russian would bring him some sympathies.

?Njet!", grunted the officer. ?We talk in Englisch!"

Shortly afterwards, the policeman told the village boss that they had pursued some teenagers, who had sprayed an antigovernmental slogan on a wall – "Down with the World Government!"

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