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   Chapter 39 No.39

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Frank, Alfred and the rest of the other young men from Ivas returned to Belarus in the following week to support the Russians in their tireless publicity campaigns for the freedom movement. For several nights, they were even active in Minsk.

In early April, the Rus organized five concurrent demonstrations in small towns in the east of the country, each with about 1000 people. They were successful and except for some minor clashes with the police, it all ended without bigger problems. Sometimes the officers simply looked away, leaving the demonstrators alone.

Today, Frank, Alfred, Artur and about hundred leaders of the guardsmen squads from all parts of Belarus had met on a large meadow, far out in the country. It came down in torrents, but Frank ignored the ugly weather.

"Frank and Alf, I will make you the leaders of my men with weapons. I have already told you!", said Tschistokjow.

"Thanks!", answered Frank, feeling honored.

"Most of them can speak English. You can talk to them, no problem", explained the Russian. "These men are the leaders of all my guardsmen units. I already told them, that in future you will give them the orders."

Kohlhaas perked his eyebrows up. Then he grinned to himself. "Am I some kind of general now?"

"Yes, exactly! You are the general of the guardsmen! Right!"

"And Alf?"

B?umer looked annoyed and felt ignored by Tschistokjow. "What`s about me?"

The rebel leader mused for a minute, and finally he said: "Frank gives the orders to the northern units and Alf to the southern units, okay?"

Alf shook his head. "You can leave this honorable task to Frank. Shall he lead all these troopers. Meanwhile, I can watch his back..."

Kohlhaas laughed and winked at B?umer. The blond Russian mused again.

"Well, Alf, as you will!"

"General Frank Kohlhaas!", said Tschistokjow while he clapped on Frank`s muscular arm.

"Your guardsmen need bulletproof vests, Artur!", meant Frank now, pointing at the troopers behind him.

"Bulletproof vests?" Artur was baffled and looked for his German dictionary.

"I can explain it, I mean armor, helmets and so on", said Kohlhaas with a grin.

"Ah, I see...", Artur seemed to brood and scratched his head.

"In Gomel, our men hadn`t head any protection against bullets. But the cops had helmets and bulletproof vests."

"You`re right!", Tschistokjow raised his hand and gazed pensively at the sky.

"Try to get this stuff, all kinds of armor, helmets...", said Frank to Artur and let the guardsmen muster.

Then he told them that they ha

d to equip themselves from now on. Each trooper should get a helmet and any kind of body protection till the next rally.

They spent the rest of the day with firing practices and Frank tried to teach the young Russians some basic military tactics. He loved his new role and enjoyed the respectful attention, he recieved from his new "soldiers".

At the next demonstration in Luninyets, a bizarre sight was offered to the numerous inhabitants of the town who were witnessing the spectacle. About 300 troopers had come with their partly self-made armors. Some of them had strange looking vests of iron plates, others wore bulletproof vests which they had bought on the black market somewhere in Russia. Many guardsmen had some old helmets of the former Soviet army, the NVA and even the old German Wehrmacht!

Frank could not help grinning, but the main thing was that the helmets, which were partly already many decades old and often rusted, would protect the men.

"Better a weird looking helmet on the head, than a bullet in the head!", said Kohlhaas to himself and grinned again.

And even the sparsely represented police reacted confusedly on this sight. Tschistokjow delivered a fiery speech against the outsourcing of Belarusian factories and production complexes to low-wage countries and earned thunderous applause from the people, who were afraid of losing their jobs.

Otherwise, everything went smoothly and some police officers even greeted the 3000 demonstrators friendly. Artur seemed to be content. One day later, Frank and Alfred drove back to Ivas.

It was at the beginning of May. Meanwhile, Kohlhaas and B?umer were "on vacation", as they formulated it. They spent their time with hanging around in the living room or sitting in the kitchen, and took some long walks in the woods, enjoying the first warm sunrays of the year 2035.

"Have you seen Julia in the last days?", asked Kohlhaas his friend.

They went deeper into the forest and finally sat down on a fallen tree. Alf shrugged: "She seems to be away. No, I haven`t seen her. Perhaps she is in Grodno, with Viktor."

"Yes, could be...", muttered Frank.

"I know, it annoys you..."

"Yes, could be...", returned Kohlhaas sadly.

"Nevertheless, she likes you, Frank!"

"Pah! Of course! And why does she constantly visit that Russian?", hissed Frank angrily.

"You have told me, that you have already..."

"Already what?"

"Well, you have..."

"Just forget about that!"

Alf looked at his friend in wonder. Then he said: "You have kissed her...and then?"

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