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   Chapter 38 No.38

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Tschistokjow`s men were silent and just stared at him. The resentful speaker waved his forefinger and the burning gaze of his blue eyes touched the faces of his followers.

"If we march through the streets of another city, then our enemies will see, that they haven`t broken our spines. Then they will see our petrified glances and our steely will.

And we will scream at their faces: "Shoot! But don`t think that you can stop the revolution anymore! Although you tear bloody gaps into our ranks, we will come back, with even more comrades, again and again, and come back and bleed and bleed! Until your tyranny has fallen!

I have seen many of my faithful comrades in Gomel, dying in the streets, and I have held their hands until their eyes were cold and dead. You all have it too!

Now you must be strong, my brothers! Now, right now, you must be faithful, grim, hard, fearless, because now fate will prove us!

If we give up now and don`t save our people, then our nation will be extinct. Then, all fighting has been futile and pointless. If we give up today, then all freedom fighters around the world can give up too, because they also have to risk their lives and have to suffer and die for the new morning!

If we fail, the world enemy will wipe out our nation in the next decades. Then all the sacrifices of our ancestors had been in vain. The nations of Western Europe are close to their total destruction and Russia is the only hope, our mother Europe still has in this dark age. If we fail, Europe with all its great nations will die a cruel and painful death. And if Europe dies, the rest of the world will become a bleak desert. Then, the light will leave this planet forever – and will never return!

So this is the most important war which has ever been fought in mankind`s history! Therefore, we have only to care about our fight, not about our little lives! We have no right to surrender in this battle, in front of our children and grandchildren and world history!"

Artur Tschistokjow screamed it into the ears of his comrades, and he was shaken by anger and energy. Soon, his men felt moved as by an electric shock and the courage returned to their hearts again.

Only a few doubters remained among them, after the speaker had finished his preaching. The next demonstrations and rallies were already planned, despite the carnage of Gomel. And Tschistokjow`s followers finally took heart. What had these outcast and neglected men to lose anymore?

While the situation in Belarus escalated, also other parts of the world were shaken by discontent. Frank and Alfred saw it on television on 24.03.2035: There had been a rebellion on the Philippines. The regime of sub-governor Oquino was overthrown by a successful insurrection. Rebel leader Michael Arroyo took over the power, founded the former Philippine state again and finally allied

with Matsumoto`s Japan. Overnight, another fire had broken out in the Far East. Four years ago, when Japan had fought its great struggle for liberation, there had been some first riots in many parts of the country. Now, the Philippine rebels, supported by Matsumoto, had actually managed it to break their chains and had conquered the city of Manila. Frank and the others were beside themselves with joy. A second revolution had been successful and another state had resisted the power of the World Government. Within a few hours, all eyes focused on the Philippines and the international media were boiling mad. The Lodge Brothers had another enemy.

"That`s a true sensation!", shouted Wilden and jumped up and down in front of the TV.

Frank, Alfred and Sven clapped their hands. The latter tried it anyway, because three fingers were missing on his left hand since the Japanese war. Nevertheless, also Sven`s remaining eye lit up with confidence and hope.

"When can also do it!", said Kohlhaas smiling and raised his fists.

"Now the Philippines! This is another kick in the butt of the World Government, ha, ha!", cheered Alf.

"Matsumoto has his first official ally!", returned the village boss and looked triumphantly at the screen, where a concerned reporter commented the pictures from Manila with a sardonic undertone. Thousands of people were demonstrating in front of the presidential palace, while Arroyo was delivering a speech.

"Let`s see, when the GCF will march in there!", remarked B?umer and stroke over his dark beard.

"They won`t attack the Phillipines. After all, the Japanese stand behind Michael Arroyo!", answered Wilden.

"Do you think, that Artur has already heard the news?", asked Sven the others.

Frank looked at him and nodded. "Well, I`m sure about that. It is on the news since hours..."

"It`s going on in Asia! And it is time that we give the Lodge Brothers another kick in their balls, in Europe!", called Wilden.

Now the World President was interviewed and appeared visibly confused and worried. The four men in Ivas laughed, however, uttering spiteful remarks.

In the course of the day, Artur Tschistokjow called them, completely beside himself with excitement.

These great news from a distant part of the world had significantly increased his morale and the Belarusian politician sounded more optimistic than ever, and told Wilden that he had planned a major offensive, full of publicity campaigns and protest marches for this year`s summer and autumn. It was only a matter of time for him until Belarus would fall into anarchy.

Apart from that, Tschistokjow had just a lot of luck, because the powerful did not pay much attention to his movement, turning their views at more important regions of the world, and left the fight against his organization to the regional authorities and Medschenko.

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