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   Chapter 37 No.37

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 5639

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"They have tried to encircle us! Fuck!", shouted B?umer and picked up the pistol of a wounded policeman from the ground. He shot him in the chest and cursed.

The other people tried to escape through the now vacant street, dragging Frank and Alf with them. It was a giant chaos. The two men and a some Russians ran through an alley, strewn with garbage and rubble, and attacked anyone who got in their way.

"We must get a car somewhere!", yelled Frank and turned into another street. Some demonstrators followed them.

Finally, they reached an intersection, where a car was waiting in front of a stoplight.

Frank immediately ran across the street, shot the side window to pieces and shouted something in Russian at the driver. A terrified man stared at him and did not dare to open his mouth.

"Get out of your car or I kill you!", hissed Frank and pulled the scared driver out of his car. He started the vehicle and sped off with squealing tires.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!", moaned Kohlhaas and raced like a madman through the streets.

"There! Highway! To Minsk!", Alf pointed at a rusty sign.

Some minutes later, they had left the inner city. When they saw Gomel becoming smaller in the background, they sent a short prayer to heaven.

"My nerves are still raw! Bloody hell!", gasped B?umer, taking a deep breath.

"Those fucking cop bastards!", growled Kohlhaas, slamming his fist against the windshield.

The two men drove past Minsk, refueled and finally arrived at Ivas a few hours later. They had survived a terrible day.


The Belarusian police had shot down more than 2500 demonstrators, and hundreds more arrested. About 400 police officers had also been killed or wounded in the bloody firefight and during the following riots, that had lasted till the morning hours of the next day. The media reported several days around the clock about the civil unrest and the street fights, mentioning the civilian casualties with no word. They accused Artur Tschistokjow, that he had incited his followers to attack the police and turned around the facts in the usual way. The leader of the Rus was still shocked, because he had never expected a bloodbath like this. But his first rally in a bigger Belarusian city had finally ended in a disaster, and there was no more room to put a gloss on it.

Furthermore, the Scanchips of all persons, who had been identified as protesters, had meanwhile been blocked. It meant that all these people lost their jobs and became homeless in the long term. After a while, they were not even able to buy a sandwich anymore.

But these merciless terror measures had not the desired effect, because now still more people had nothing to lose anymore and looked up to Tschistokjow like to a savior. Apart from that, more and more discontent spreaded am

ong the Belarusian policemen, because of the fact that an increasing number of civil servants and officers got their salaries irregularly or had to accept wage cuts. Therefore, many policemen were no longer willing to risk their lives in bloody street fights or riots against Tschistokjow`s supporters.

The leader of the Rus had meanwhile disappeared again, after he had escaped from Gomel, accompanied by a group of heavily armed guardsmen. A little later, he tirelessly continued his struggle, driven by growing hatred and fanaticism. In his eyes, the massacre in the streets of Gomal had been another indication that the revolution would come in the near future.

Wilden and most of the other men from Ivas had escaped from the chaos, because they had decided to leave the city early enough. Nevertheless, two young men from the village had been killed by the police during the riots in the night.

Today, Artur Tschistokjow had come to Minsk, where a few dozens of his lieutenants were waiting for him in a dingy restaurant in the south of the city. The demonstration in Gomel and its bloody consequences had paralyzed many of his followers, leaving them in a state of terror and insecurity.

One or two had already asked Tschistokjow, to refrain public meetings and rallies in the future, but the rebel leader was boiling inside and did not want to hear things like this. Now he demanded perseverance from his followers. Tschistokjow walked to the end of the room, looked angrily around and started his speech...

"My dear comrades!

Bloody battles are lying behind us. Some of you have broken bones or have been shot. More than 2500 supporters of our freedom movement have soaked the streets of Gomel with their blood. The police has just shot us down, just slaughtered men, women and children - because they have claimed freedom!

But our eyes are still glowing with excitement, because we stand now closer together than ever before. The blood of the fallen soldiers is the glue, which sticks us together. We have finally realized, how determined our enemy is and now we have to show him, that we are still a hundred, a thousand times more determined. We have to show them, that we will sacrifice without complaining. No guns, no tanks can stop us anymore. If we have to die for the survival of our nation, it is our duty. We do not want to ask, what`s good for us, because our lives are unimportant.

It is only important that our nation survives and our country will be freed from slavery! Like the old Rus, we want to be strong and don`t want to fear death. We will do the necessary things, endure all the pain with a smile, and even die the martyr`s death for the future of our children. If we have reached this state of inner freedom, then we can and will win the external freedom too!"

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