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   Chapter 36 No.36

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 5533

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Frank and Alfred hurried to the edge of the crowd and loaded their guns. Meanwhile, many of the Russian guardsmen knew their faces and treated them with respect and awe. After all, Frank had saved the life of their leader.

"Dawaj! Dawaj!", shouted Kohlhaas and signaled the armed troopers that they should follow him to the front ranks of the endloss line of men and women. The uniformed men obeyed.

Shortly afterwards, the crowd reached a large square, after they had passed a dreary shopping zone full of rundown department stores. Here, the Rus encountered a great number of policemen.

"I greet you, my Belarusian brothers of the police! Please behave peacefully and we will do that too! You can listen to my speech and I hope that you will finally understand, that we want to liberate all our compatriots! Even our brothers, who work as policemen!", shouted Tschistokjow into his megaphone.

"Shit! That`s a damn big armada, and they don`t look, as if they just want to let us demonstrate here!", said B?umer.

Three anti-riot tanks appeared from behind a wall, five more came out of a side street.

"This rally will last no longer than one hour! I only want to deliver my speech and then we will leave Gomel immediately – and in peace. I promise it!", yelled the leader of the Rus.

Now the policemen went in position behind some hastily constructed barricades and barriers, then the just waited. A tall police officer finally stepped forward, grabbed a bullhorn and gave Tschistokjow an answer: "Everybody has to leave this place immediately, or we shoot!"

"Hurry up! In position! Take your guns! Dawaj!", shouted Frank and waved the other guardsmen nearer. The Russians took their rifles from their shoulders and hastily formed a firing line.

"I knew that something like this would happen. Gomel is no tiny village...", moaned Alf, staring at the police officer with the bullhorn.

Only a few hundred of the more than 20000 demonstrators were members of the militant section of Tschistokjow`s organization. The biggest part of the crowd just consisted of ordinary citizens, and even women and children were among the people who had come the rally in Gomel.

The guardsmen in their gray shirts tried their to bring women, children and old people to the rear part of the mass.

"I ask you to give us only one hour. Then we will leave the city immediately!", yelled Tschistokjow again.

"You won`t get this hour from us, Mr. Tschistokjow! This rally will end now - or we will shoot your people down!", replied the officer.

"I`m sorry! But we will not go! I`ll deliver my speech and you will have to shoot me, that I keep my mouth shut! If you won`t give us this one hour, many people will die today! On both sides! Please think

about, if it`s really worth it!", threatened Tschistokjow.

A long minute passed and an uncanny whispering and murmur went through the large crowd which slowly became anxious. All guardsmen of the freedom movement had now positioned themselves. Frank and Alfred were lying side by side on the asphalt.

The police officer ran back behind his men and finally gave the order to fire. Some of the officers hesitated for a short moment, but then they started to shoot and the first protesters fell to the ground, screaming and bleeding.

"Fire!", shouted Tschistokjow into his megaphone after he had disappeared in the crowd.

A bloody firefight followed. Several dozens of police officers were shot down by the Rus, while hundreds of demonstrators were mowed down by the hail of bullets which came from behind the barriers. Immediately, even the anti-riot tanks joined the fight and returned fire with their gatling machine guns. Cries resounded from everywhere and full metal jackets cut through flesh and bones. Fountains of blood sprayed up in the crowd, while desperate outcries echoed in Frank`s ears and a tall man, whose chest had been ripped apart by a direct hit, fell on his back.

As a war-proven shooter, Kohlhaas killed two police officers with headshots and sent three more to the ground, then he rolled the dead men to the side and jumped up.

"Come on, Alf! We can`t win this fight!", he yelled, pulling B?umer with him.

Meanwhile, the demonstrators were gripped by sheer terror and tried to escape through the side streets. Hundreds of dead and wounded people already covered the square. Finally, the tanks rolled forward and continued to fire at everyone in their way. It was a massacre.

"In that street there!", roared Alf and Frank followed him.

Large swarms of people tried to break through a police barricade and the onrushing men and women ran directly into a deadly machine gun salvo. Then the first protesters attacked the policemen with iron bars, clubs or even bare fists. The armed guardsmen followed them and started to shoot, while all hell broke loose.

Driven by boundless terror, the people beated down some policemen who had blocked their way and finally jumped behind the barrier.

"You damn rats!", screamed Frank and shot his entire magazine empty. Then he threw the rifle away and pulled a hatchet from his belt. With a loud roar, he smashed the head of the policeman in front of him, and tore his weapon out of the bloodspattered helmet of the man. Then he hacked down another cop and finally lost the hatchet which stuck deeply in the shoulder of the screaming opponent. Meanwhile, the outnumbered officers retired from the side street, and many of them were shot or beaten to death by the raging mob.

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