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   Chapter 35 No.35

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"No more money for the clerks, the administrators, the police and so on?", marveled Frank.

"Yes, yes!", said Artur excitedly. "Only in this month there is still money. From next month, there will be perhaps no more money."

B?umer grinned. "Well, then the cops will think twice, before they risk their lifes against us..."

"At least, the ordinary Belarusian cops. The GCF soldiers, however, are paid by the World Government itself", added Frank.

"We must use the situation. Many people are still very poor and now the system in Belarus crumbles still faster. Over 1, 5 million Belarusians have no more jobs, no more money. Over 800000 people are homeless. It is like a boiler, the whole land is a boiler! You understand?"

?Belarus is fuming with rage!", spoke Kohlhaas and winked at the Russian.

"Fuming?" Tschistokjow looked baffled.

"Boiling! Whatever…"

?It is fuming with rage everywhere. Yes!", shouted the Russian.

They had not misjudged the situation in Belarus. Apart from that, Artur Tschistokjow thought that he had meanwhile reached a remarkable popularity among the people. The Russian dissident had almost become a prominent person, and was thereby also more vulnerable than ever before.

At the beginning of the year 2035, the freedom movement was no longer an underground organization, because it had grown far too much in the last time. Hundreds of thousands of Belarusians sympathized with the Rus, and among these people were no longer just the poor and disaffected.

Even more and more clerks and policemen secretly hoped for a change in their country. They had finally realized, that the policy of Medschenko was leading Belarus into chaos.

Furthermore, the Freedom Movement of the Rus had recieved larger sums of money from anonymous donors. Artur invested the money in building up a better organization, in propaganda material and in weapons which were often bought in Russia or in the Arab countries.

The power of the occupational regime in Minsk was wavering, and fortunately the World Government paid so far only little attention to political rather unimportant countries like Belarus or Lithuania. The Lodge Brothers had other interests than caring for poor, tiny regions like the sector "Belarus-Baltic" with its barely 14 million inhabitants.

Finally, the demonstration on February 15th was a great success. The local police remained passive and some of the officers even greeted the demonstrators friendly. Over 800 members of the movement marched through the streets for three hours, almost looking like a civil war army. Frank and Alfred were thrilled.

Slowly but surely, the authorities of the sub-sector "Belarus-Baltic" had more and more problems to suppress Tschistokjow`s organization, especially in the small towns and rural areas. In some villages, the Rus even ruled the streets now.


, who worked for the World Government and implanted the new Scanchips were declared to "enemies of the Russian nation" by the Rus, and Tschistokjow`s men threatened to kill them, if they would not immediately stop the registrations in Belarus. Some of them were finally shot by masked men in the open street, after they had ignored the warnings of the rebels. The mass registration in Belarus stopped before it had really begun, because the most physicians had no interest to risk their lives anymore. In the meantime, the young men from Ivas were untiringly active, above all in the smaller towns. They distributed flyers and stickers, hung up placards, and supported the freedom movement as good as they could.

In the rural regions, the conflicts with the police were meanwhile less frequent. Sven proudly told his comrades that he had given some leaftlets to a group of policemen who had read them with great interest – in broad daylight!

The cops had just smiled at him and finally said that Tschistokjow was right. Medschenko and his staff feared such things more than everything else, and police officers who were caught ignoring the orders of their superiors were immediately dismissed. Nevertheless, more and more ordinary Belarusian policemen had sympathies for the Freedom Movement of the Rus.

"Look at that!", Frank`s eyes seemed to fall out of their orbits. In front of him was a sea of people and flags. They all had distributed thousands of leaflets in the last days, day and night, almost without any breaks. Moreover, Tschistokjow`s illegal radio stations and websites had supported the big publicity campaign for today`s rally. And it had not been in vain.

More than 20000 people had come to the outskirts of Gomel, and the large crowd was still growing.

"It is unbelievable!", exclaimed Sven enthusiastically. "What a giant mass of people! This is the biggest rally in the history of our movement!"

"Here we go again!", remarked Wilden, grinning from ear to ear.

Soon, the crowd started to move. Slowly, accompanied by loud screaming and chanting. Step by step, they marched towards the inner city. Who would dare to stand in their way today, would feel the power of an angry mass, ready for everything – as Frank thought.

"This is our first rally in a real big city. I`m curious to see what`s going on today", said Alf with a faint tang of uncertainty.

"Don`t worry!", remarked Kohlhaas confidently. "They don`t want to fuck with a crowd like that!"

The protesters unwaveringly marched towards the city center. Huge banners showed the numerous spectators of the rally slogans like "Freedom is near!" or "Security and Work for all Russians!".

More and more desperate men and women wanted to hear things like that, and Tschistokjow shunned no danger to carry his political claims now even into the larger cities of Belarus.

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