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   Chapter 33 No.33

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Only now, when he was lying in bed, after Alf had put the TV in his bedroom, sweeping and scary activities became aware in the distance. The approximately 700 channels from around the world which Frank could receive here, gave him more or less an idea, how the future in "Eastern Europe" would look like.

The World Government was already trying to register the population of North America with the new implantation Scanchips since one year. Meanwhile, the old Scanchip had been replaced by tiny electronic implants, that could fulfill all its functions. These new markers were the final step towards the total control of the masses, and the media enthusiastically praised the new improved implantation Scanchip as "the greatest technical achievement of the 21th century".

In "Central Europe", the first mass registrations had also begun several months ago and the global media machinery had started a huge publicity campaign to get the consent and the goodwill of the people.

But the cunning propaganda did not always have the desired effect. Large parts of the population of North America and Western Europe did not join the registrations voluntarily and there were some riots and protests in the bigger cities. Moreover, the World Government did not want to take too drastic measures against the protesters and tried to "convince" the population of the new, improved Scanchip.

The worldwide registration process could last many years – step by step, piece by piece, as the Lodge Brothers had planned it.

Nevertheless, during the first half of the year 2034 over 73 million people in North America had already been registered with implanted Scanchips. The first registrations with the new medium in the administrative sector "Eastern Europe" were planned for January 2035. Then, also the population of Russia, Belarus and all the other countries should become a flock of marked lambs - under the command of the "chosen few".

Occasionally, the first propaganda reports came on television, to psychologically prepare the population for the coming registration. And it would come. The Lodge Brothers tolerated no dissent.

Meanwhile, Artur Tschistokjow continued with his activities, holding further rallies, for example in Pastavy, with about 1500 participants. This time, the police was well prepared and attacked the protesters with hundreds of armored men and even three anti-riot tanks. Finally, the Rus had to cancel the demonstration, before it came to serious conflicts with the security forces. Nevertheless, several activists died on that day, before they could leave the town again. Pastavy sank into chaos for several hours.

Tschistokjow`s bodyguards and guardsmen, including Alf and Sven, had to shoot their way through a large number of policemen, while the leader of the Rus escaped from the city in a breakneck action. Afte

r this rally, another wave of arrests shook the whole country and Tschistokjow had to hide again. But the young fanatic did not stop his fight and still planned further marches and rallies.

Meanwhile, Frank was able to walk again and was eager to be active for the freedom movement as soon as possible. Soon, the next demonstration followed.

"In one week, we`ll be in Krychaw. Do you really want to come with us? I mean, your leg...", said B?umer and gave Frank some painkillers.

"Yeah, I think so...", moaned Kohlhaas and straightened up.

Then he limped to the secondary room and sat down at the kitchen table.

"Drink something!", said Alf, giving him a cup of hot herbal tea.

"The rally in Pastavy was a mess, wasn`t it?", remarked Frank, holding his lower leg.

"Damn! Yes, it was a disaster. After we had gathered in the center of the town, the cops immediately attacked us. They came from everywhere and didn`t hesitate to gun us down. They even had three of these anti-riot tanks with heavy machine guns!"

"This just shows that they take us serious now. Tschistokjow is still alive, and now they try to stop us with sheer brutality", returned Kohlhaas.

"Remember that sniper! It was the GSA! It wasn`t the ordinary Belarusian police, I`m sure about that!"

"We will never know it, Alf. Anyhow, I have seen a report on ANN yesterday, this American channel. Millions of people in North America have already been registered with the new implanted Scanchips. Wilden says, there are hidden nano poison capsules inside these fucking things. Those who have been registered with this crap, can be "switched off". The poision capsule can be activated with radio waves or something like that!"

"Nobody will ever implant me such a chip! Over my dead body!", growled Alf and clenched his fists in rage.

"But a great number of people has already been chipped. They just believe the lies of the media, stupid lambs..."

"What`s about "Eastern Europe"?", asked B?umer full of sorrow.

"Probably the first registrations will start here next year!", explained Kohlhaas.

"If they ever register us with these fucking things, we are all finished!"

"Well, we still have some time, Alf. At first, they only register all these idiots who accept this measure voluntarily. All others, who refuse the "chipping" will be forced to do it – in the long term. But this will last some years."

Alfred`s eyes betrayed boundless anger. "They mark us like pigs! I pray to God, that I will still witness the day, when that parasite Lodge Brother scum pays for all these crimes with its own blood!"

"I think that they plan to kill a large part of the population with these new Scanchips. Damn! I`m sure! Then the media will tell us, it was a plague or something. The ideal way to solve the alleged overpopulation problem", lectured Frank.

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