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   Chapter 32 No.32

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Meanwhile, Frank searched the area around him for possible clues of hidden dangers with the instinct of a hunter. But he could not see very much, because he was surrounded by countless people. So his only chance was to look up.

On the one hand, the constant peering was his job as an armed guardsman, and on the other hand his instinct told him that something unexpected would still happen today.

The young rebel from Ivas narrowed his eyes to slits and beheld the roofs of the houses which surrounded the square. Again and again, he turned around, although he did not really know what he was looking for.

"What are you doing, buddy?", asked B?umer and shook his head.

"Oh, I`m just looking around, Alf!"

"Are you waiting for some Skydragons? That`s just ridiculous...", said Alf sardonically.

Meanwhile, Tschistokjow seemed to be in extasy and was hammering his political claims into the heads of his followers. Frank could understand a lot of the Russian speech. His continuous lessons with Wilden had not been in vain, beyond all doubt.

He turned his gaze back to the houses that surrounded the square, while some evil forebodings rumbled in his belly. Frank was sure that something was wrong.

"They have set a trap for us. I feel it...", he said quietly to himself.

"What?", shouted Alf into his ear.

"Nothing, forget it!"

Then, Tschistokjow`s impassioned speech finally came to an end and screams and clapping came from everywhere. The leader of the Rus traditionally intoned the song "My Russia", which was always sung at the end of a rally.

A loud singing resounded out of the throats of thousands of moved people. At that moment, the mass floated on a wave of emotions and even the most guardsmen were completely lost in thoughts, singing this lovely old folk song.

Only Frank seemed to worry and stared at the roofs of the houses, again and again. Suddenly he recognized something strange in the corner of his eye. A small, dark spot had moved on a rooftop and had then disappeared behind a long chimney. Kohlhaas gaze had followed the spot and was now trying to find it again. Shortly afterwards, he could see a tiny, black line next to the chimney.

"A barrel of a rifle!", it flashed through his mind.

Now the dark spot was moving again. It was a man who was lurking there on the roof. The adrenaline rushed through Frank`s body and he knew instinctively what to do.

With a long leap, he jumped on Tschistokjow and pushed him aside. Just at that moment, a bullet hissed only a few centimeters past the head of the Russian. The tall, blond man fell to the ground, because of Frank`s massive impetus, while some Russians jumped sidewards.

Two more bullets followed and hit the asphalt behind Tschistokjow. A third projectile hit Frank in the left lower leg and he screamed in pain

. With a distorted face, he crawled behind the human wall to find cover. The people around him scattered in sheer panic.

"There`s a sniper! Sniper! Sniper!", yelled Frank, pointing at the sky.

Meanwhile, some guardsmen had also noticed the man on the roof and fired with their assault rifles in the direction of the house. But the sniper disappeared in a flash and soon he was too far away to be pursued anymore.

B?umer made a beeline for Frank: "Are you okay?"

"All right, I have been hit in the lower leg. Don`t worry...", moaned Kohlhaas.

Tschistokjow slowly stood up again. He looked like being struck by lightning and was completely speechless with terror. He was just snatched from the jaws of death.

Wilden, Sven, Peter Ulljewski and other confidants of the politician struggled through the crowd and were totally confused. Only because of Frank`s wariness, the Russian dissident had survived this assassination attempt.

The rebel leader had always foreseen an incident like this, but when it happened, he had been completely stunned, as he later admitted. It had been the worst shock of his whole life yet. During the rest of the day, there were heavy riots in Baranovichi. Several hundred young Belarusians thought that they had to avenge the assassination attempt on their leader. So they started a witch-hunt on the few policemen in the city, killing two of them and throwing Molotov cocktails into an administration building.

The men from Ivas left Baranovichi as fast as they could and reached their home village unharmed - except for Frank who had a bullet deep in the flesh of his lower leg. The young man could not be brought to a regular hospital and had to be doctored with primitive means. Finally, Alf cut out the projectile with a knife and disinfected the wound with alcohol.

Limping and Hoping

Frank Kohlhaas had to rest for the next weeks. At the end of October, he could finally leave the sickbed and was more or less able to walk again. During this time he was visited by most of the villagers who congratulated him on his latest achievement. Of course, also Artur Tschistokjow, who had slowly overcome the shock, came to Ivas and thanked Frank wholeheartedly that he had saved his life. From now on, the two men had a special friendship.

Julia Wilden visited Frank too, and seemed to be very concerned about him. She brought him flowers, books and once even a homemade cake. The injured man was inwardly pleased about her care, but he tried to show not too much of his happyness, because he was still huffy and Julia should know it. So he remained sober and taciturn. Moreover, he had the wildest theories on his mind about her and Viktor. Frank had focused his thoughts only on the political struggle in Lithuania and Belarus, and had just forgotten the world beyond policy.

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