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   Chapter 31 No.31

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 5569

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The media reacted immediately and spreaded the news of the planned protest march through Baranovichi to the last corner of the administrative sector "Eastern Europe".

Now, Tschistokjow was expecting a massive police presence and he told his followers to arm themselves and prepare for bloody street fights. Finally, he even proclaimed that the time was ripe for the march on Minsk. But in the end, it all came different.

Already at 13.00 o`clock, almost 5000 demonstrators had gathered in the inner city of Baranovichi and some hundreds of them had guns, rifles and other weapons. A sea of dragon head flags filled the town square, and every minute more protesters came out of the side streets.

Frank, Alfred, Wilden and the others from Ivas had come much earlier to Baranovichi to get an overview of the situation. And what they saw was strange – there were only a few policemen.

"Something is wrong here!", said Wilden, looking at the crumbling, old buildings around him.

"I just hope, that it all doesn`t end in a bloodbath...", answered Kohlhaas and left his friends to search for Artur. B?umer followed him. After a few minutes, they had found the Russian in a throng of mummed people. The leader of the Rus smiled at them and waved them nearer.

"Ah, Frank and Alfred! You can have a window place here", joked Tschistokjow.

Then, the Russian took a long look at the two Germans. Both had shouldered their rifles and were completely clothed after the dress code, gray shirts and black trousers, just as Tschistokjow wanted it.

"This is Olaf, he is head of the group of Baranovichi", said the rebel leader and pointed at a man next to him.

"Hello, I` m Frank!"

"Olaf!", muttered the Russian, staring straight ahead.

"There are just a few cops here. I can`t understand this", remarked B?umer puzzledly and shrugged his shoulders.

"I do not know, maybe they are scared", replied Tschistokjow with a grin and stroked through his sweaty blond hair. Then he shouted an order at some young men and disappeared in the crowd again.

At 15.00 o`clock, the protest march started with loud yelling. Large banners with slogans like "Artur Tschistokjow - Now!" or "Jobs and freedom for all Russians!" were carried by the men in the front row.

Thorsten Wilden and the rest of the rebels from Ivas stayed in the rear of the demonstration, while Sven and his men flanked the march as guardsmen. Frank, who was walking behind Tschistokjow, tried to estimate how many people had come to this city today. About 6000 people, maybe even 8000 or more. It was a very long human worm which was crawling through the streets of Baranovichi.

Behind Kohlhaas, the Russian comrades yelled their slogans at the top of their lungs, Artur was silent, however, because h

e had to spare his voice for the following speech. Frank and Alf remained quiet too, watching out for policemen and other dangers.

"Where are those cops? This isn`t normal. Everyone knows that we are here", mused Kohlhaas and craned his head upwards.

They marched about two kilometers through downtown, passing a lot of cheering citizens and many dilapidated houses. However, not every inhabitant of the city was well-disposed towards them. Some even shouted "Murderer! Murderer!" out the windows and meant Tschistokjow. At a street corner, some young foreigners threw stones at the demonstrators and finally ran away, when they came closer.

Apparently, the incitement of the media against the freedom movement had already born fruits in some parts of the population.

The last rallies, which had exclusively been in rural areas and small towns, had been unspectacular. But here in Baranovichi, the atmosphere was sometimes unpleasant. In the larger cities, especially in Minsk, the Rus had to take into account not only clashes with the police, but even with some incited people or hostile foreigners.

Nevertheless, this demostration looked impressive, because of the great number of protesters, the countless flags and the uniformed guardsmen and members. Finally, the crowd stopped at a large square and Artur Tschistokjow prepared himself for his speech.

Ugly apartment blocks and abandoned stores surrounded them here. Now, several hundred cheering people came out of the side streets and joined the rally. They were quite excited to hear the famous, notorious dissident with their own ears.

"Hey, something is wrong here. Shit! Where the hell are the cops?", whispered Frank, staring at B?umer who stood just a few meters behind Tschistokjow. The beefy German scratched his head and came to him.

"You`re right. This is absolutely strange. I have expected thousands of cops, the full program, anti-riot squads and so on...", returned Alf, looking uneasy.

"I start now with my speech!", said Tschistokjow to them and the crowd formed a giant circle around him, so that the whole square, including the side streets, was completely packed with people.

"Damn! It must be a trap. I just have a very bad vibe about this!", said Frank and was gripped by a wave of nervousness.

"What shall happen? The cops won`t attack us, Frank. Just look at this mass of people!", calmed him B?umer.

Tschistokjow`s voice shook the crowd and a murmur went through it, while his supporters were waving their flags and banners. The tall man, wearing a black leather coat this time, shouted his political passion and all his inner rage into the microphone and began with the usual accusations against the World Government and its political representatives in Belarus.

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