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   Chapter 30 No.30

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"Fuck you, idiot! I don`t want to talk to this arrogant slut and her new lover. She can kiss my ass! I don`t care about her anymore!"

"Sounds different...", said Alf.

"Shut up!", hissed his friend.

"You haven`t given Julia the time of the day in the last months. Maybe this has been a mistake", remarked B?umer and raised his forefinger.

"What was a damn mistake? I won`t run after her!", ranted Kohlhaas, clutching to the tablecloth.

"Maybe it would have been better, if you have done it, Frank!"

"Maybe what? Maybe women are stupid? Yes, could be right!"

Julia and Viktor were walking past them, waving their hands happily. Then they disappeared behind the old church. Kohlhaas called Steffen deVries and paid the price for three baguettes and two glasses of lemonade with his fake Scanchip. Alf paid too, and followed his angry friend. Now, even the comforting warm August sun could not exhilarate Frank anymore.

A few days later, Frank and Alf decided to spend more time with supporting Tschistokjow`s movement. They even promised Wilden to take part in all protest marches, rallies and meetings – from now on.

Furthermore, Frank made the village boss the suggestion to renovate the old church to make it to some kind of meeting place for the village community. The former businessman agreed to the idea and several dozen men and women started to clean up the little square and to remove the abundant weed. Finally, they even restored the dilapidated church. They piled up a big mountain of rubble and rubbish in front of the building and repaired the broken roof. At the end of the month, they had done a lot of renovation work and eventually started to face the walls of the church with wooden panels. The old pictures and sculptures inside were cleaned and freed from dust, and Frank was always taken by a tang of awe, when he looked at them.

In September, they were visited by Tschistokjow and his friend Peter again. Wilden had told the Russians in a long conversation that Frank and Alfred had meanwhile decided to serve the freedom movement as full members. Shortly afterwards, Tschistokjow immediately asked to talk to them in person.

Kohlhaas opened the door with surprise and let Tschistokjow and his brawny companion into the house. Today, the blond Russian was grinning from ear to ear, while Frank was puzzled. Even Peter Ulljewski could not resist a small grin. Then Alf appeared in the hallway and welcomed the two guests from Belarus.

"You two also want to become really active in our movement now?", asked Tschistokjow and sat down on the old couch.

"Yes, we want!", answered Frank, looking at Artu

r who still had this stupid grin on his face.

"You two...", said the Russian, winking at them.

"What`s up?" Alf shook his head blankly.

"Special Forces Frank and Special Forces Alfred, ha, ha!", laughted Tschistokjow, slapping his thighs.


"We can use you good!", Artur winked at them again, while Peter nudged him with his elbow.

"Special Forces...?"

"Ha, ha! Yes, I know everything. You have killed Wechsler and that GCF general on Okinawa. Great!", shouted Tschistokjow with utter enthusiasm.

Frank rolled his eyes and moaned: "Why can`t Wilden just shut up, just one time!"

"Thorsten has told me everything. Damn! You are true heroes!", said the Russian full of excitement.

"Damn! We have told Wilden to keep his mouth shut. It`s always the same with him...", grouched B?umer.

"You can trust me, don`t worry!", laughed Tschistokjow.

"I know, but nevertheless, we asked Wilden not to talk about all these things", grumbled Frank.

"Well, I have asked him about you and he has told me. You are heroes to us all! Heroes!", answered the blond Russian reverently, stood up and clapped Frank and Alf on the shoulders.

Finally, the two "heroes" reacted a little embarrassed and Frank proudly smiled to himself.

"You could lead my guardsmen! What do you think?", suggested Tschistokjow. "That`s the right job for you!"

"We will think about your offer, Artur. Anyhow, thanks!", muttered B?umer.

The blond Russian did not give up and tried to convince them at any cost. Soon he behaved like Wilden, when he was in top form. Frank and Alfred finally agreed and were internally quite flattered by this offer too. Then they talked with Tschistokjow about the details and were more than amazed, when the Russian explained that he had already built up an impressing force of armed guardsmen.

He had meanwhile planned another rally in Baranovichi. Tschistokjow expected about 6000 people. However, clashes with the police were also realistic, because Baranovichi was no more small town in a rural area and not far from Minsk. This was a real provocation for the Medschenko government!

In this city, a lot of factories and production complexes stood before their closure and accordingly, there was a great potential of dissatisfied men and women. The rally should be a similar show of force like the march through Nowopolozk, as the Rus thought. Tschistokjow did not even try to keep any secrecy and called the people up to join the demonstration on 28.09.2034 at 15.00 o`clock at the town square in the city center. Even Wilden had no good feeling in view of a provocation of the authorities like this.

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