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   Chapter 29 No.29

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A total of about 3000 people had come to both events. In Kobylink, it finally came to a first clash with two squadrons of the regional police. An officer and three demonstrators were shot, dozens of protesters and policemen were wounded. Furthermore, some Rus were arrested this time.

At the beginning of June, Artur Tschistokjow made a last demonstration in Lepel, a rundown town in the south of Vitebsk. Frank and Alfred accompanied the march of about 1000 men and women as armed guardsmen. It all went quiet and the Rus earned much sympathy from the inhabitants of the city.

After that final event for this month, the leader of the freedom movement disappeared for some weeks and continued to work on the inner structure of his organization.

Occasionally, he came to Ivas and discussed various things with Wilden. Meanwhile, the restless Russian dissident had found a new, secret printing office for his newspaper and published the paper, with Wilden`s financial assistance, in an increasing circulation.

Apart from that, his movement had recovered during the last months and was growing again. All new members were now definitely obliged to appear at meetings and rallies with gray shirts and black trousers - to demonstrate the unity of the Rus. Finally, Tschistokjow even published his book "The Way of the Rus" which he had written during the winter months.

He sold it not only to his followers who were eager to read it, but also sent it anonymously, in printed form or as electronic file, to thousands of senior officials, police chiefs and high rank administrators to give them a closer look on his worldview.

The media immediately reacted on the campaign and warned the people about Tschistokjow`s "delusions" and his "poor piece of workmanship, full of hatespeech and deceitful propaganda".

Nevertheless, he had some success. During the next rally in the small border town of Surazh, some of the few police officers, who observed the march of over 4000 demonstrators, were unusually friendly and behaved conspicuously courteous. Even Frank and Alfred were impressed by the bold appearance of their Russian comrades and flanked the crowd this time again as armed guardsmen. One day, as they hoped, also a part of the underpaid and frustrated Belarusian policemen would join their movement. This would really be a great thing.

Special Forces Frank

"Slowly the whole thing takes shape", said Frank with a smile and turned to Alf. B?umer gleefully took another sip of ice cold lemonade, agreed without saying a word and looked across the square in the middle of Ivas.

"Do you want to have another baguette?", they heard from behind.

"Yes, please!", answered Frank.

It wa

s Steffen de Vries, the Belgian. Today, the two men had sat down in the new and only cafe of their little village. Steffen de Vries, the sprightly Fleming, had opened it last month. The chubby, cheerful man had converted one of the old, empty shops in the center of the village into a makeshift cafe. Next to them, there was another shop, in which the Belgian with the reddish beard and the broad cheeks sold all sorts of useful odds and ends.

Steffen gave Frank a small plate with a steaming salami baguette on it, and Kohlhaas expectantly opened his eyes. Then he almost devoured the delicious food like a hungry python.

"You have become a real entrepreneur, right?", he said, loudly smacking.

"Yes, the cafe has been a good idea, hasn`t it?", answered de Vries.

"Does it run?", joked Alf.

"Well, the Dreher family has already been here today. With their four children", retorted the Fleming and grinned.

"Better than nothing!", remarked Frank.

"I won`t become a millionaire, but I like my job...", added Steffen and disappeared again.

Frank`s eyes wandered across the squalid village square. Between the cobblestones, weed was sprouting out of every crack. The old church, opposite the cafe, had still more fallen into ruin in the last years and the memorial stone in the middle of the square was still overgrown with all sorts of scrub.

"We should clean up a little bit here, and whip our village into shape", said Frank.

"Yes, you can suggest it to Wilden", replied Alf.

"Too bad, that the church is just crumbling, actually it`s a nice building. Perhaps we should restore it", commented Kohlhaas.

"Hardly anyone in Ivas needs an old church!"

"We could make a nice meeting room of it. What do you think?"

"Okay, if you like..."

"I will speak with Thorsten. It hurts me somehow, if an old building is just rotting in front of us. The church dosen`t deserve such a fate..."

B?umer looked puzzled. "Church? Fate? You probably become a bit sentimental at once, dude!"

"No, but I respect old buildings!", Frank replied sullenly, feeling misunderstood.

"Wow! Look at this!", Alf suddenly pointed towards the other end of the village square. Julia and another person approached.

A few moments later, Frank could recognize who held the hand of the pretty daughter of the village boss, walking across the square with a big smile. It was Viktor, the handsome Russian from Grodno.

"What is that guy doing here?", growled Kohlhaas.

"Can`t you see it, my friend? He seems to have visited Miss Wilden", replied Alf and watched Frank`s scowl.

"Bloody hell!", muttered Kohlhaas quietly. "Do you think they are a couple now?"

"You can go and ask them..."

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