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   Chapter 28 No.28

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But Frank and Alfred observed Tschistokjow`s return to the political stage still from the distance, and only visited some smaller meetings of his organization.

At the end of April, Artur Tschistokjow led a rally through the streets of Brest. About 1000 of his followers came and marched through downtown for an hour. There were heavy clashes with the police and two dozen people were killed.

One week later, the men of the freedom movement appeared with about 300 men in Pinsk, in front of a factory, in order to encourage the workers to start a strike. Two spontaneous protest marches followed in Slutsk and Begoml.

The media reported nationwide about the re-appearance of Tschistokjow and the authorities stroke back with arrests, interrogations and even executions. This meant that Artur finally ordered his followers to use violence as well now. In return, two newspaper editors, who had been loyal to the regime, were shot by masked men on open street in Minsk.

Furthermore, a judge who had sentenced several Rus to death, was killed by an unknown hitman a few days later. All in all, many desperate Belarusians were impressed by the courage and resoluteness of Tschistokjow, and the ranks of his movement slowly filled up again. His decision to accept the challenge, to fight a brutal and completely overpowering system, even caused some admiration among a part of the Belarusian policemen. When his men eventually managed to march through three towns simultaneously, the media gave the Rus more attention than ever before. In reverse, the rebel leader publicly shouted out his claims and attacked the Medschenko government with hard words. And this was more than uncomfortable for the regime.

Now, tens of thousands of people got to hear unpleasant truths, the media had always kept under wraps. Medschenko and his politcal staff were openly exposed and their crimes became public. The most Belarusians who heard Tschistokjow`s speeches started to think and in some parts of the country, the television propaganda had more and more problems to convince people of the "evil character of the freedom movement".

Apart from that, the Belarusian industry collapsed in spring 2034, in an dimension, nobody had expected before. Tens of thousands of Belarusian workers lost their jobs, whole factory complexes were closed and outsourced to other countries. In return, the food prices and fees continued to increase. A dark cloud of wrath was subliminally pulsing in the minds of many people, and there was no hope that the social situation would become better in the next years.

Moreover, a growing number of Belarusians had a violent aversion to the non-European foreigners, the Medschenko government had brought into their country. So the tensions between the native Russians and the immigrants increased, especially in the bigger cities. Criminal gangs from the non-Russian parts of the old Soviet Union, Anatolia or even Africa were still flooding the co

untry and became a talking point, because of robbery, murder, drug trafficking and other crimes. Some neighborhoods in the larger cities of Belarus had meanwhile become dangerous ghettos full of poverty, crime and violence. The explosive mood in the country heated up, inching its way towards a big explosion.

"We`re going to demonstrate in every bigger city in the country now", said Tschistokjow and took a sip of tea.

Today they had met in Frank`s house. Wilden was also there and had brought a map of Belarus. Warm sun rays came through the kitchen window and lit up the old, still dilapidated room in a pleasant light.

"And you want to hold a rally here?", asked Frank, pointing his finger at Verkhnedvinsk, a small town near the Lithuanian border.

"Yes, I start in the north of Belarus and then go to the south, till the border of Ukraine", explained the leader of the freedom movement confidently.

"But then, the authorities will always know, where you will appear next...", said B?umer, still puzzled.

"What`s about Minsk?", questioned Frank.

"They shall know it, no more hiding. In the small towns are only a few policemen and we will be more and more people. Then there will be a confrontation! So what?", remarked Artur grimly.

"And Minsk?", returned Kohlhaas.

"In Minsk, we will not demonstrate. It`s too dangerous! Not even in the other very large cities, such as Vitebsk, Gomel and so on..."

Artur furthermore explained some details of his plan. He wanted to callenge the power of the system at first in the rural regions of Belarus. Wilden liked the idea and praised the resoluteness of the young politician. Nevertheless, Frank and Alfred were still not completely convinced of Artur`s ideas.

On 05.03.2034, the Rus started with a first protest march in Verkhnedvinsk, a sleepy little town with barely 15000 inhabitants in the north of Belarus. About 2000 men could be rounded up by Tschistokjow, who delivered a speech which lasted over two hours.

The response of the population was enormous and the politician was welcomed by many people as a liberator, while the small number of policemen abstained from attacking the protesters and just filmed the rally from the distance. This was an initial success.

One week later, the Rus marched through the streets of Disna. Sven and the other young people from Ivas had distributed thousands of leaflets around the town and had earned a lof of sympathies from the farmer`s families who were fighting for their livelihood here. Finally a rally with over 800 people followed. Frank and Alfred were also there this time. Again, everything went smoothly, because the few cops avoided another confrontation with the Rus.

Two weeks later, there were demonstrations in Kobylnik and Dokshitsky in the northwest of the country. The rallies took place simultaneously and one of them was led by Tschistokjow himself, while the other had been organized by Michael Tcherezov from Minsk.

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