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   Chapter 27 No.27

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In the first week of March, Artur and Peter made their way to Minsk. In a suburb in the west of the city, they had rounded up about hundred members of the organization. It was Tschistokjow`s first attempt since months, to gather the disoriented men under the banner of the dragon head again.

Many had been beside themselves with joy, when they heard that the rebel leader was active again, and would visit them in Minsk. Finally, they met in an empty sports hall in the outskirts of the city.

About a dozen men had rifles. They stared through a dirty window at the rain-wet parking lot in front of the building. If the police would dare to show up today, then some people would die. Tschistokjow had already said this to his men, because the new way should be the violent one.

The politician briefly talked with some of the group leaders from the largest city of the sub-sector "Belarus-Baltic", then Michael Tcherezow, one of the section commanders, went to the speaker`s desk at the and of the hall. After he had welcomed the activists, it was Tschistokjow`s turn. The blond man paused of some minutes, and stared at his followers with a black look, feeling how a fanatical will began to grip his heart. Finally he started his speech and his pervasive voice slowly became louder.

"My comrades! My friends!

When we started with our struggle, a few years ago, we were nothing but a tiny band of barely 300 men across the whole country, despaired of the present and driven by sorrows, frustration and distress. We came from all parts of society with one common aim: We wanted to safe the future of our nation, and make it free and independent!

Now we are almost destroyed. We have almost been wiped out from history - they have just made us anonymous. The system has fought us with all its weapons, arrested and murdered our men, inundated us with lies and propaganda. They have tried a lot to destroy us – and obviously our name and our symbol have already been enough, that the system had to use such desperate measures.

In our helplessness, we stand up again now. We defend, what is perhaps already fallen, and then we go from the defense to a new impetuous attack!

Give us back our freedom! Give us back our country! We will not rest until the world system is dead or we are!

We have nothing to regret and we will not give up! We will continue our fight! Even with more fanaticism and selflessness as our enemies can imagine!

Their terror just makes us hard. And one day, we will not forgive! We won`t give them mercy, as they have never given mercy to us - to us, our entire nation and also the rest of the world! It will be a brutal fight till death, and we are ready to carry th

is burden till the end! The time for compromises is over!

I have spoken with many of our comrades in the last days. Some had been imprisoned, others had been tortured, in order to disclose more informations about me.

However, some of our brothers had not even had the pleasure to be detained at all, they had been killed immediately. We will see them again, one day in heaven, and then we can hopefully tell them: "We have finally won this endless fight, down on earth. Now, our children grow up as free men and women, in a country that belongs to them!

Who is not ready to join this fight to the last bullet, shall go now, and may never come back! Who loves his own life more than the life of our nation, shall disappear forever!

All the others may come with me, follow me. Even if I have to lead you through hell. But I know, that at the end of this terrible way, a new day is waiting for us!

We will not surrender! We will not give up! They have to kill all of us to silence us again! And we will kill them all too, if the balance of power will change one day! There are no more compromises to make, my brothers! All that remains, is one single way: Victory or death!"

Thunderous applause followed. These were exactly the words, Tschistokjow`s men wanted to hear. At least, most of them. A few of his comrades, however, were disturbed, because Tschistokjow radiated an uncanny resoluteness and a fanatical willpower on this day. His words seemed to sound pathetic and exaggerated, at first sight, but he meant them deadly serious.

The leader of the Rus spent the rest of the month with a tireless journey through all major cities of the country, where he summoned his followers, hammering the principles of the new phase of his struggle into their heads.

Many of his former comrades had left the organization, but those who had remained loyal to him, were sworn to the new, hard way with almost insane stubbornness. Now Tschistokjow wanted to take the gloves off, and make his organization to a mass movement. Meanwhile, the economic situation had dramatically deteriorated and now it was time to harvest. However, this harvest should become bloody.

In Ivas, life went on as always. Artur`s visit had built up the morale of the villagers and Wilden stayed in close contact with the Russians. The group of young men under the leadership of Sven, which had supported the Freedom Movement of the Rus in the last months, became once more active and soon all were enthusiastic again. In the rainy April, they started a new publicity campaign for the Rus with feverish eagerness in Lithuania and Belarus. Sven`s group left Ivas for weeks, to help the Russian comardes in several cities.

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