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   Chapter 26 No.26

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Now it was 13.20 o`clock, the display lit up brightly and a ringing ended the expectant silence.

"Hello?", Wilden took the call with the hidden ID.

"Thorsten, it`s me!"

"Ha, ha! You`re alive! Where have you been all the time?"

"I was hiding. I will come to Ivas. Tomorrow!"

"Great! We all look forward to see you. When will you come?"

"About 15.00 o`clock – if it`s okay..."

"Sure! See you tomorrow!"

The elderly man hung up and happily looked at the others, while Frank let out a cry of joy.

"Thank God, he is still alive!", said Kohlhaas with ease and sat down again.

"If they would have caught him, we would already know it from TV. What do you think?", returned Alf.

"That`s certainly true! Damn, I`m just happy!", said Frank who rose his fist like an Olympian.

Artur Tschistokjow bowed politely and winked at Mrs. Wilden who had opened the door. Then he came up the stairs and entered the study of the village boss, where a dozen men welcomed him joyfully.

"I`m among the living. Back from exile!", joked the Russian.

"Where have you been?", asked Frank.

"Near Khoyniki, in southern Belarus. There, the police do not believe that I am. They were searching for me mostly in the north of Belarus!"

"Ha, ha! Peter has organized it again, right?", said Wilden and contentedly leaned back in his chair.

"Yes, he and other friends!"

And now? Will you continue your struggle against the system?", asked Sven.

Tschistokjow paused for some seconds, staring at the men in front of him with a severe look. Then he answered: "Yes, of course! Now harder than ever! Do you understand?"

Artur opened his briefcase and took out a huge stack of papers. He gave them to Wilden.

"What`s that?"

"That is manuscript of my book, which I have written in the last months. It is called in German "The Way of the Rus", my political manifesto. You can read it, if you want. One day I`ll let it make..."

"Print!", added Frank, winking at Tschistokjow.

"Yes, I will let print the book!"

"Seems to be very interesting", murmured Wilden. "Let`s see if my Russian is really that good."

"The crisis of economy is growing in Belarus. It is getting worse", said Tschistokjow.

"Yes, there is probably more potential for us than one year ago", remarked the village boss.

"Right! Even more

poor people, more problems in all the land!"

"But your organization has been destroyed, hasn`t it?", asked a young man in the background.

"It is not broke, many structures are still there, my friends. I will now fight to win. No longer will I hide!", grumbled Tschistokjow full of bitterness.

"They have said on TV that you have committed suicide, some weeks ago. The report about your death has also been on the English-speaking channels", said Sven.

"Oh, I haven`t noticed this...", marveled Alf.

"But it is true. I have seen it!", returned Frank too.

"No, I`m still alive. Suicide? Pah! They lie! They are still lying on television! They have killed my parents and my brother in January. I know it from one of my friends", hissed the blond man and bared his teeth.

Frank inwardly winced, when Tschistokjow told this. He knew too well, how he had to feel now. The same cruel calamity had come over him, a few years ago.

"They have arrested my parents and my brother to get me out of hiding. Do you understand, what I mean?", continued Tschistokjow.

"Yes! I know what you mean!", whispered Frank, feeling the burning hatred inside his mind. "They have done the same to me! Those fucking rats!"

"This is our "disaster" English", said Artur with a cynical smile.

"Fate! This is our fate", answered Frank and nodded approvingly.

"They will pay! If we ever have the power in Belarus, those bastards will pay! I will spill their blood! I swear it!", muttered the Russian with staring eyes.

Meanwhile, the situation had calmed down a bit. At least, concerning the immense pressure that the authorities and the GSA had put on the supporters of the Freedom Movement of the Rus in the last six months.

Apparently, Medschenko and his staff thought that the organization had completely been destroyed, after they had detained or shot thousands of suspects in the whole country. But they had not caught the head of the movement, and that had become an even more radical and resolute fanatic and revolutionary than before. Now, Artur Tschistokjow was ready for anything and was not afraid of the thought to be led to the scaffold one day. He knew, deep inside, that a man like him had to make his peace with God early enough, before he started to walk the path of resistance against an almighty enemy.

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