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   Chapter 22 No.22

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"Yes, I know, but I don`t think that everyone here has taken the same precautions!"

"Don`t worry! The Belarusian cops are just underpaid and listless idiots. This is "Eastern Europe" – not "Central Europe". I`m not afraid of those morons...", remarked Wilden confidently.

After a while, the police helicopters just disappeared and Tschistokjow continued his speech with the usual enthusiasm. He called his supporters up, not to be intimidated and to remain steadfast in the face of "state terror".

For a further hour, he preached his doctrine to the listeners. Then he finally finished the rally. The singing an old patriotic song which Tschistokjow had made to the official anthem of his freedom movement, several weeks ago, ended the event. All Rus waved their flags, cheered and went back home then.

Frank and Alf did not see the politician again for the rest of this day, because he immediately left the place, together with Peter Ulljewsik and some other comrades. When they came back to their car, Julia was already waiting for them – and Viktor stood smiling beside her. The handsome Russian said goodbye to the young woman, kissed her hand and finally departed. Frank gave him a black look and got into the car.

"Where have you been all the time?", grumbled Kohlhaas at Julia.

"I was walking around with Viktor and some of his friends. He is so hilarious. Unfortunately, he can only speak English", she chirped and looked pleased.

"What a pity...", returned Frank.

"Yes, you should get to know him. He is so funny, and soon he wants to visit us in Ivas."

"What?", gasped Frank and almost exploded. He could not believe his ears.

"Well, he wants to become acquainted with all of us..."

"He wants to...? Good for him!", muttered Frank, staring straight ahead through the windshield.

An endless line of cars was clogging the muddy road in front of them, and now they could only drive at snail`s pace.

Wilden decided to use the extended break and explained everyone, even those, who did not want to hear it, the political importance of today`s event. He spoke of the "growing power of Tschistokjow`s movement", the "revolutionary potential" and the "cowardly state authority".

B?umer saw things differently and started to argue with the village boss. He was suspicious enough to be able to guess that the police had just used another strategy today, by filming the rally. The Rus had openly shown themselves and the helicopter had made enough pictures that the police could start a new wave of arrests in the next time.

Frank did not care about all this, for now. He felt deeply offended, because he had waited for Julia the whole day, like a silly boy. Already now, he found Viktor as sympathic as a frostbitten toe. Finally he did not talk with her for the rest of the trip, not a single word, just trying to ignore her

, fuming with rage.

The visitors from Ivas reached their village without any problems, because they had avoided to drive on any freeways or important routes. This had indeed taken a lot of time, but had finally saved them from police checks.

Other participants were less fortunate. Several dozens of cars had been stopped by the police in the area around Schtewatj and soon the frist Rus had found themselves in a giant trap. The officers had never had the intention to attack over 7000 partly violent and armed supporters of the freedom movement directly, and had just waited till the crowd had dissolved again, to catch one Rus after another on the roads. This was much easier for them. Smaller groups of cars had been stopped by the cops, and hundreds of men and women were brought to jail. But this was only the beginning.

While Wilden and the leader of the Rus still believed that they had beaten the often listless appearing authorities once more, the police stroke back now – in a way, they had never expected. Meanwhile, GSA agents, partially flown in from the administrative sectors "Central Europe" and even "North America", propelled the Belarusian police and supported them in their fight against political dissidents.

With the numerous car plates which had been filmed by the police helicopters, many young and inexperienced members of Tschistokjow`s organization could be easily idenitfied in the following days. Shortly afterwards, a wave of house searches and arrests shook whole Belarus. Those who fell into the nets of the system, were confronted with long interrogations and even torture.

Until end of September, about 50 cell and group leaders of the Freedom Movement of the Rus had been arrested by the police. All men, playing major roles in Tschistokjow`s organization, were jailed for a long time or even liquidated.

Because of this unexpected storm, Artur Tschistokjow fell into a deep hole of depression and anxiety. He no longer left his small two-room apartment in Pinsk and avoided any contact to other members of his organization, except for his best friend Peter Ulljewski who occasionally visited him in the middle of the night. Now, the freedom movement had to face a brutal attack and seemed to be totally overwhelmed with the ruthless counterstrike of the system. Tschistokjow was soon isolated and his organization started to crumble without his leadership.

It Could Always be Worse...

The media in the entire administrative sector "Eastern Europe" reported almost daily about the new successes in the "war on terror" against Artur Tschistokjow and his followers. In the first week of October, it became even more unpleasant. Apparently, informers had found out much more about the structure of the freedom movement, as its leader had believed. Finally, the police even located his secret printing office.

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